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  1. Dry Powersand
  2. 120 gal substrate, miracle grow with aqua soil
  3. Idea on switching/adding substrate?
  4. Using sand from landscape yard or from home depot. Non planted
  5. Substrate help for 40 gallon
  6. where to get ada amazonia powder
  7. Osmocote tabs
  8. Laterite and Sand causing algae (pics)
  9. Flourite and root tabs?
  10. Aquarium Soil Brands?
  11. Storing Substrate?
  12. Finally a use for old shoplight parts.. ;)
  13. Why wash it? (Flourite and other clay substates)v
  14. Inert sand with heavily planted tank?
  15. Cheapest active substrate?
  16. Which turface? or none
  17. Mineralized Top Soil from Screened Soil at Nursery
  18. High CEC Substrate worse than low CEC inert? Cation Exchange Capacity
  19. Substrate change
  20. First Layer Pure Laterite Aquarium Plant Substrate What is it and is it worth it?
  21. Should I add a nutrient layer under my moler clay and if so, what ?
  22. Anyone ever used UP Aqua substrate
  23. dirt substrate and under gravel filter
  24. Sloping a Dirt Tank?
  25. Recommended Sand substrate
  26. favorite diy substrate
  27. Fluval Stratum
  28. Miarcle Gro soil problem, please help!!!
  29. New 55g MGOCPM having some water clarity issues.
  30. Does substrate choice affect algal growth
  31. Brightwell Aquatics Florin Volcanit
  32. Replace 10 year-old Fluorite??
  33. noobie question
  34. How much and what - 210 gal tank
  35. Can Eco-Complete or UP Aqua Sand get "Anaerobic soil"?
  36. Struggling for an answer, need opinions please!!
  37. Question on substrate for a newbie
  38. Anyone ever tried this substrate?
  39. Peat and Eco Complete
  40. New Substrate Help
  41. Next Best Dirt?
  42. miracle grow organic garden soil - fish twitching
  43. Favorite substrates ?
  44. Crushing Eco-complete
  45. Best way to get rid of old substrate and add new -- in your experiences
  46. New Setup - Need advice on substrate
  47. Not happy with my sub, what else to use?
  48. Restarting tank, substrate question
  49. Cat litter
  50. Nano Nature Aquarium
  51. Electric vacuuming a dirted
  52. caribsea coraline aquarium gravel
  53. Pool fiter sand
  54. Best substrate or substrate combos--your experiences?
  55. Minimum Substrate Depth for carpet plant?
  56. Mixing BDBS Mesh Sizes
  57. Using Dirt
  58. Where do you find good decorative sands?
  59. Mixing Fluval Stratum and Eco Complete
  60. Is sand not a good substrate?
  61. Using regular gravel
  62. JBL AquaBasis Plus
  63. Safe-T-Sorb/Fullers Earth and KH
  64. ADA Powder soil vs TROPICA powder
  65. How deep substrate for tank with no plants?
  66. Setting up my first planted aquarium
  67. Best White Sand?
  68. Ferts after disturbing Aquasoil
  69. Substrate Suggestions 180g
  70. Tropica soil
  71. substrate removal while tank is full
  72. Florite sand making a mess!!! is this normal?
  73. Substrate suggestions?
  74. Need some ideas on fixing substrate
  75. Flourite Black sand help please
  76. First planted tank
  77. Pool filter sand
  78. Mr. Aqua Aquarium Soil?
  79. Substrate Hybrid
  80. What to do about soil on top of cap?
  81. Need Advice On Substrate For Pearl Danio Tank
  82. Is dolomite necessary in Dirt?
  83. Detritus Worms
  84. Activ-Flora
  85. Do Active Substrates Remove Ca/Mg?
  86. Source for dark brown sand? PFS too light!
  87. CO2 Generating Substrate
  88. Looking for light-colored decent substrate - suggestions?
  89. Made the switch to sand...
  90. MTS - Is Muriate of Potash damaging?
  91. UP Aqua Sand?
  92. Ada soil
  93. Substrate help planted tank
  94. Ideal substrate for a 55 gallon? Fluorite sand and EcoComplete?
  95. Newbie confusion: shrimp tank substrate
  96. I have a leak! Reusing old sand?
  97. Eco-complete vs. Fluval stratum
  98. Substrate
  99. Stratum cap over dirt
  100. Which substrate...?
  101. I have some used aquasoil.
  102. What do different substrates look like in the aquarium?
  103. Eco complete ph swing
  104. Idea on making "aquasoil"
  105. Substrate Gas Burping
  106. Low tech beginner.
  107. Can an ammonia spike kill my filter?
  108. Can I used non-organic potting soil for a plant only tank?
  109. Plant substrate vs. root tabs
  110. Substrate dilemma on existing tank
  111. Aquasoil questions
  112. Is Marfield Controsoil still available
  113. Substrate Questions for Mini M (Also adding fert question here)
  114. Replacing and adding plant substrate
  115. Substrate for discus: an age-old dilemma
  116. Changing Amazonia help
  117. Help!
  118. ADA Amazonia or Sand?!
  119. My plan for substrate
  120. Sand cap for Walstad method
  121. aquasoil as a cap ?
  122. Using BDBS
  123. Can you get sick from mineralizing soil?
  124. flourite black and eco-complete as far as plants go?
  125. Reusing black (blasting?) sand as "filler" substrate?
  126. Changing substrates?
  127. Dirting a 20 gallon long
  128. Can different aquasoils be layered?
  129. Need emergency help
  130. Mineralized Topsoil Q
  131. I need help identifying the substrate
  132. Layering Substrates?
  133. pool sand AND black diamond?
  134. Starting a Tank & I have floating substrate
  135. Dead Fish Epidemic HELP!!!
  136. Options on soil vs inert substrate
  137. ph buffering substrate for shrimp and betta
  138. Miracle Grow Vs. Aquasoil
  139. Reuse Flourite
  140. Can you use cleaned beach sand for sparkling gourami?
  141. just a thought on foreground carpet
  142. Substrate options for 90gallon
  143. Substrate Question
  144. new and have questions
  145. Aquasoil and gravel?
  146. Eco complete? Miracle gro organic choice potting mix?
  147. First Dirted Tank
  148. Using sand as a substrate
  149. What should a bag of Eco Complete look like
  150. Plant substrate
  151. Do I need a cap on dirted tank
  152. Tear down/Restart.
  153. Loam as substrate
  154. Sifting through substrate = permanent contamination?
  155. dark grained sand?
  156. Crushed Coral
  157. Mix settled...I think ;)
  158. How Long Will it Take to Bake Soil at 700+ F?
  159. Switching from gravel to dirt?
  160. Need advice on substrate
  161. Should I replace my AquaSoil after 7 years?
  162. Turface pro league champ brown
  163. suggestion for choosing substrate
  164. Aquavitro Aquasolum
  165. What substrate for planted 40 breeder?
  166. Is it ok to mix eco complete with floramax?
  167. Ideal Substrate for Shrimp and Plants
  168. New soil in old tank/amonia spike
  169. How much Amazonia Aqua Soil?
  170. Substrate Thickness: Dirt vs Aqua Soil
  171. Substrate Question
  172. plain gravel
  173. Control soil
  174. Layering Substrates
  175. Is ADA Aquasoil good if been out of bag?
  176. Iwagumi Style - Troubles of having thick substrate
  177. Starting a 55 gal planted
  178. Is My Logic Sound?
  179. Compacted substrate? How to fix? MTS?
  180. help with substrate
  181. Different colored sands and fish behavior?
  182. Sand as substrate
  183. Rescape, substrate tips needed!
  184. i need a substrate...
  185. Adding substrate = new cycle?
  186. EcoComplete plus what?
  187. does CEC matter in an aqueous environment?
  188. does Fluorite loose its ability to grow plants?
  189. Seachem Onyx Sand vs. Flourite Black Sand
  190. what lives in the deep? Soil sub question.
  191. Why should i cap with sand?
  192. ada amazonia questions
  193. Question for those Experienced with Aquasoil
  194. Capping MTS
  195. substrate for bigger fish/planted tank?
  196. Dry start method with ADA substrate system?
  197. Controsoil, pH and CO2
  198. Tannin Aquatics Unboxing - Natural Substrates
  199. Petco black sand vs Caribsea sand for Cories?
  200. Basalt sand cloudy water
  201. Eco complete and gravel
  202. Dirt In Water and Filter Question
  203. Started soaking mgopm no way to dry.
  204. Mixed topsoil and sand?
  205. ADA soil stopped buffering
  206. Tank Break Down
  207. Sand smells strange
  208. Anyone used tropica plant growth?
  209. Black Diamond Blasting Sand Oil Slick
  210. Help with Substrate Decison
  211. Dirt and Laterite
  212. Why Pay for Nutrient Rich Substrate?
  213. Does anyone here use nepheline syenite pool filter sand?
  214. Flourite black online?
  215. I wanna be dirty
  216. Inexpensive maroon aquarium sand
  217. Best all in one substrate?
  218. Is there a enriched substrate that looks like regular sand?
  219. Found some old dirt, can I use it?
  220. What Substrate?
  221. Disrupted sand cap during water change...
  222. Is there any dirt sold at Home depot acceptable for a dirt aquarium?
  223. Sand: Should I MIX it or use it as a top layer?
  224. Pre soaking aquasoil before adding to existing tank
  225. Best Long Lasting Substrate
  226. Mega Dirt Substrate Brainstorm: Need Help!
  227. Eco-Complete with Cory catfish?
  228. ADA Aquasoil question(s)
  229. Dirt Capped with ADA, good idea?
  230. How long do the Trace elements in Eco-complete last before running out?
  231. 1g Bowl
  232. How much mr.aqua soil
  233. MGOCPM, Kitty Litter, Clay, AND Top Soil?
  234. Dirted tank questions
  235. To Egg Crate Or Not To Egg Crate
  236. How do you rescape your sub?
  237. Adding more aqua soil to a 7 weeks old tank
  238. Replacing dirt/sand with Eco Complete
  239. Miracle Gro and Kitty Litter
  240. Substrate/Soil for Emersed Grow?
  241. Tropica soil
  242. Aquasoil for a 45p?
  243. New aquarist, question on substrate for 'hills'
  244. couple questions about dirt?
  245. Substrate Aeration
  246. Dirted Tank Peeps!
  247. Switching Substrates
  248. Redo or what?
  249. Uprooting and re-planting with aquasoil
  250. How to Clean Tanks with Soil Substrate