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  1. Substrate/Ph advice?
  2. Couple Substrate questions
  3. Eco Complete red
  4. black beauty sand
  5. Ditching aquasoil's buffering capacity?
  6. good substrate/background combos
  7. ADA Amazonia questions
  8. Depth of dirt
  9. Can mulm and filter sludge be recycled?
  10. If it was yours what would you do
  11. adding new eco complete substrate to existing
  12. Substrate planning for new tank - capping soil with gravel & sand
  13. ADA aquasoil amazonia (amonia spike)
  14. just winging it here
  15. how deep is to deep
  16. ADA aqua soil, how long does it last?
  17. sand over top of substrate
  18. where can i buy aqua soil amazonia light in the uk?
  19. So many different types of sand, which to use?
  20. Nutrients in ADA aqua soil and garden soil
  21. Chinese substrate
  22. Reusing sand from another tank ... good idea or bad idea?
  23. Covering my Substrate with pea gravel?
  24. Sand vs Eco-complete cap over soil
  25. New scape how to cycle
  26. Need help with substrate for a walstad style tank
  27. Cal Aqua black earth vs aquasoil amazonia
  28. Changing substrate?
  29. Best Dirt Substrate Cap for Glossostigma
  30. Out with the crushed coral
  31. Soil Planted 10 gallon
  32. How much inches?
  33. I think my substrate needs a deep clean
  34. Substrate ideas
  35. Help Please! BDBS Grade and Bottom Dwellers Question
  36. Starting planted shrimp tank with Fluval Stratum - Questions.
  37. Dennerle scrapers soil or Mr Aqua soil for shrimp
  38. Canadians using Black Shot II
  39. Experimenting in my new 50g
  40. Garnet, Silicates and Algae
  41. Perlite in soil
  42. Substrate Support Advice For Banking
  43. chocolate milk tank
  44. Do you, or have you, used ControSoil
  45. Expanded clay media
  46. Lambert Organic Potting Mix
  47. Soil Additives
  48. Pool guy freaked about sand :/
  49. aquasoil PH drop and water changes?
  50. Sloping with blasting sand?
  51. Preventing anaerobic gas bubbles in a Biotope
  52. Silica sand?
  53. New soil substrate, do I have to wait?
  54. Fluval Stratum
  55. Hiding soil substrate around edge of tank?
  56. Best Light/Natural colored top for soil substrate?
  57. Miracle Grow Organic Potting mix discontinued?
  58. Mini Gravel /Large Sand?
  59. Questions on starting a 29gal planted tank
  60. Aquasoil Water Changes New Tank?
  61. Best Topping for Soil Substrate?
  62. Amazonia or Amazonia Light
  63. samurai soil
  64. sand/cycling issues
  65. experiences with mts in substrate?
  66. do you dirt?
  67. Mixing with gravel
  68. soil depth
  69. Which should I choose?
  70. what use in dirt tank
  71. ADA Amazonia Light?
  72. Changing a gravel tank to a dirted tank?
  73. Cheap Base Substrate ?
  74. Big bubbles coming up from the subtrate
  75. Organic Potting Soil
  76. Which one to use for
  77. Amazonia and detritus?
  78. Carpetting Substrate
  79. Something that matches the color of Amazonia soil
  80. Walstadd method... or another substrate
  81. Base Fert/Chem Under Substrate?
  82. Caribsea instant aquarium substrates?
  83. Black Diamond blasting sand - Need some help finding equivalent in Norway
  84. Replacing Substrate- Tips/Suggestions?
  85. Blending MGOCPM+MTS for DSM and long-term low maintenance/ferts?
  86. Planted tank substrate
  87. What do you think of this for substrate?
  88. Controsoil with laterite?
  89. Good black substrate for plants
  90. Black Diamond Blasting Sand and Malaysian Trumpet Snails?
  91. Aquasoil Amazonia Light or regular?
  92. Looking for advice on a dirted tank with sand cap.
  93. Substrate types and combinations
  94. Eco Complete Issues?
  95. Can I add sand to gravel to help with planting?
  96. Can I cycle ADA Amazonia with tap war?
  97. Aquasoil uk?
  98. Is it normal for U.P Aquasand to breakdown after 3 weeks?
  99. ADA aquasoil
  100. I'm sure this was a dumb move
  101. Rocks with regular substrate
  102. Fluval Stratum Shrimp
  103. Earthworm Castings for Substrate
  104. Black Diamond Sand or Soft Belly Soil?
  105. Tropica substrate for 12 gallon long?
  106. Advice on Changing Substrate and Introducing Live Plants to an Established Aquarium
  107. Rejuvenate Substrate?
  108. Too acidic soil for cycling?
  109. Partial dirted tank
  110. Will changing my substrate make my plants melt?
  111. I'm getting stinky what?
  112. ADA Amazonia vs Inert Black Sand?
  113. Small bags of substrate??
  114. Eco Complete Question about compatibility with other substrates.
  115. Can I sprinkle Osmocote+?
  116. NJ search for Black Diamond
  117. Flourite substrate
  118. Eco-Complete Question
  119. Replacing old gravel with a new substrate
  120. Another Substrate question
  121. Hardscape for substrate ala Amano's Lisbon Oceanarium Tank
  122. Caribsea Blue Ridge
  123. What's in my black diamond blasting sand?
  124. How much dirt to use ?
  125. Foolproof Method for Cycling ADA Aquasoil Amazonia?
  126. Dirt tank questions.
  127. Changing substrate in an established tank
  128. Substrates like Flora Base?
  129. Will this clay benefit my soil substrate?
  130. New Guy Has a Question About Substrate
  131. The Perfect Substrate
  132. Soil question
  133. How much do buffering substrates buffer?
  134. Sand Substrate + Fert Questions
  135. Why do we need to use soil type substrates.
  136. Choosing sand
  137. Aquascape slope quesstion
  138. Can't find Aquasoil Amazonia Powder in the US
  139. Caribsea Eco-Complete
  140. How much amazonia Normal?
  141. Pool Filter Sand
  142. Potting soil with sand cap?
  143. Adding a little bit of Aquasoil in established tank
  144. Soil question.
  145. Where to get ADA Aqua Soil Amazonia?
  146. What do you think of this substrate?
  147. Black Diamond question
  148. Natural river colored sand
  149. ADA Amazonia cloudy water after 2 weeks.
  150. Soil Depth Question
  151. Sand Substrate
  152. Black blasting sand
  153. Mystery fish deaths
  154. Fluorite: is this a good choice to balance maintenance and plants requirement?
  155. Adding soil and need advice!
  156. ADA aquasoil with high pH, KH water
  157. Sand question.
  158. Adding nutrient substrate to existing tank
  159. Quick question on dry start
  160. ADA Aquasoil Powder in 75 Gallon
  161. ADA Aquasoil Amazonia exessive nutrients!
  162. Miracle grow organic potting mix
  163. Help advise needed I am confused!
  164. Dark Brown Sandy Look? Please help
  165. Freshwater Deep Sand Bed
  166. Are these ok as a subsrate?
  167. Quick ADA Question
  168. Coral sand or river sand
  169. Anything new?
  170. Seachem Flourite Brown Sand
  171. Flourite + Fluval Stratum?
  172. Adding more substrate?
  173. Eco-Complete "black" vs. Activ-Flora "black"
  174. alternative for black diamond sand
  175. MGOCPM alternate source
  176. Using miracle grow moisuture control
  177. ADA Amazonia
  178. Using akadama in the filter
  179. How to Fill a Tank with ADA?
  180. Can I safely store unused but rinsed Fluval (FSS)
  181. ADA AS ammonia spike?
  182. help me find decorative sand
  183. ADA Aqua Soil how to decide what type?
  184. ADA Aquasoil “Amazonia” how much do I need?
  185. Fluval Flex 15G
  186. Crushed root tabs instead of dirt
  187. Visible substrate divider
  188. Not sure which substrate...
  189. substrate question from a newbie
  190. Gravel to flourite
  191. Orange color in white gravel
  192. Alternative ADA substrate additives
  193. Substrate for Rhizoid tank...
  194. Substrate for Dutch style aquarium
  195. Best Substrate for plants and RCS?
  196. Regretting MTS
  197. Looking for sand, gravel, and plant substrate
  198. Root tabs or fertilized substrated for carpet plants?
  199. Potting mix need inputs...
  200. Root tabs or fertilized substrated for carpet plants?
  201. Sakrete Multi-Purpose Sand
  202. substrate for umbrella plant/ficus
  203. Beginner substrate question please help!!!
  204. Aquasoil Question
  205. 40 gallon Dirted tank Help
  206. 3L aqua soil in 5.5 gallon (standard)
  207. Lava Rock with clay as substrate base layer
  208. ADA Amazonia - How much do I need and WHERE?
  209. Help! What type/size of Sand/gravel for 20gal Walstad tank?
  210. Dirt and sand ratio?
  211. Baking Amazonia: What temp?
  212. Blasting Sands
  213. substrate caps?
  214. Substrate for Corys
  215. has anyone heard of Grow-Pro substrate?
  216. What substrate you using?
  217. Azoo Plant Grower Bed Substrate - ph, TDS question
  218. Substrate for CRS
  219. Dirted tank help
  220. ProdiBio Aquagrowth Soil
  221. Speciality Substrate Comparison w/ Pictures
  222. Planting in Fluval Stratum.
  223. Ada aquasoil water changes
  224. Where are people buying cheap PFS?
  225. Substrate layering itself?
  226. Help With Surprise Christmas Tank!
  227. Thoughts on mixing substrates to make it look more natural.
  228. Dirted Tanks (the good and the bad?) - show me yours
  229. Dirted slopes and depths
  230. CaribSea Substrate for planted Betta Tank?
  231. I think I may have a problem.
  232. Experience with aquavitro black humate
  233. Aqausoil leeching ammonia
  234. Inert Sand To Mix Into Gravel?
  235. Too much substrate?
  236. Root tabs for soil?
  237. does ADA soil expire? -lowtech-
  238. APA Aqual Soil
  239. Black diamond blasting sand?
  240. Disturbing substrate
  241. Does fluval stratum need to be capped
  242. Need help substrate problems getting in way
  243. Substrate ph issues
  244. NEED HELP pH in tank keeps raising
  245. Anyone know where I can find laterite or something similar?
  246. Inert Option to Mix with Aquasoil
  247. Does white sand get dirty?
  248. Adding fertilizer to ECO Complete substrate
  249. Sand Becoming Black
  250. Miracle Gro Organic Choice potting mix problem?