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  1. Flourite Dark- still being made?
  2. Cheap black sand in bulk?
  3. Amazonia breaking down?
  4. Substrate cleaning
  5. How long does Flourite take to settle?
  6. Finding Cream Color Pool Filter Sand?
  7. Substrate for a planted nano shrimp tank?
  8. Gravel
  9. Aquasoil price change?
  10. MTS w/ Dirt & Sand
  11. Source for oak leaf mulch?
  12. When an inert substrate matures...
  13. organic compost
  14. Eco-complete & fluval plant stratum - What to expect?
  15. Can't Decide on what to get
  16. What is the point of organic potting soil for mts??
  17. Additives for substrate
  18. How much Miracle Grow?
  19. eco complete?
  20. Frozen mud balls, any experience?
  21. 20 Long tank substrate help
  22. no clue what substrates to use. new to planted tanks
  23.'s own: Freshwater Planted Aquarium Substrate
  24. how long does miracle grow last?
  25. Can I use this dirt?
  26. New Fluorite
  27. Need personal experiences with substrate to help me make my decision
  28. Silica sand content help please
  29. Black diamond blasting media?
  30. 90G eco complete and fluorite planted tank
  31. Easy questions
  32. what topsoil to use
  33. Switching from gravel to sand in a planted tank
  34. New Amazonia 0 ammonia after just a week?
  35. Tabs or base layer?
  36. Switching from dirt capped with gravel to dirt capped with sand?
  37. Is this good top soil?
  38. PFS sized equivelant
  39. 72 gallon make over
  40. Has anyone tried Coir brick coconut husk fiber
  41. MGOCPS Depth questions
  42. flourite black sand
  43. Sand to mineralized topsoil swap
  44. Adding Substrate Question
  45. Washing PFS advice.
  46. caribsea floramax
  47. will this work for my first dirt substrate tank?
  48. Helping a friend switch over from fish only to planted tank
  49. Substrate help
  50. Used Eco-Complete Question
  51. Simple question ..Is Dolomite the same thing as lime?
  52. How much?
  53. wasting money on speciality substrate?
  54. High CEC + Ferts = ?
  55. Anyone use CaribSea Super Naturals sand?
  56. Easier way to mineralize top soil..
  57. Mineralized top soil?? Low tech tank
  58. Red Soil & Green Sand -A Question for Aussies and Hawaiians
  59. Substrate advice
  60. Seachem Flourite
  61. Play sand substrate questions
  62. Eco Complete with root tabs
  63. Best Sand to use?
  64. New Substrate
  65. Organic Miracle Grow Substrate Questions - Haze
  66. Totally new to substrate set up. Thoughts?
  67. ColorQuartz and SpectraQuartz
  68. Substrate mix on a budget
  69. MTS in tank along with Sand
  70. Amano substrates, where nr. Chicago?
  71. Making a substrate for EMERSED Crypts.
  72. Cycling a tank with brand new Ada soil!!!
  73. Small amounts of AS
  74. What is the best way to clean pool sand?
  75. Can I replace substrate in a running tank
  76. what substrate to use for my twenty five gal
  77. eco complete
  78. Cloudy tank from sand making fish breathe hard?
  79. can I use substrate from my establized tank to upgrade to a bigger one.
  80. Miracle Gro top soil capped with 3M Colorquartz T-Grade Black Sand
  81. What Substrate?
  82. Turface with a cap
  83. Is there mineralized top soil for sale
  84. Need advice on changing substrate
  85. Seriously confused -- need help choosing substrate
  86. JBL Manado with Shrimp?
  87. CaribSea Instant Aquarium Tahitian Moon Gravel, Ok with dirt tank?
  88. Lightweight substrate suitable for plants?
  89. stoney river black sand
  90. Is White Sand Problematic??
  91. Black Diamond Safe For Cherries ?
  92. Post your Pool Filter Sand tanks!
  93. How much Clay?
  94. ADA Aquasoils
  95. Super deep substrates: How does Amano do it?
  96. Is it worth the hassle to change my substrate?
  97. Preload substrate
  98. Fluval Stratum or Dirt?
  99. peat moss ??
  100. oil dry
  101. Miracle Grow Organic Topsoil
  102. Newbie - Please judge my substrate idea!
  103. Deadly Substrate?
  104. Black Diamond or Petco Sand?
  105. Can I plant in pea stone?
  106. ohhh the mess I made this weekend with my tank
  107. Anyway to make white sand work in planted tank
  108. Carpeting with Flourite v Eco-Complete
  109. Is this AT ALL possible???
  110. Sand over Miracle Grow (noob)
  111. Home made Power Sand
  112. Jumpstart substrate cycle?
  113. setup of the substrate
  114. How Does This Substrate Sound?
  115. How do I make my soil acidic while keeping it clean?
  116. Sand that is colored like Fluorite
  117. Are Cory Cats okay with Eco Complete?
  118. Any Mr. Aqua soil users
  119. This substrate will be enough?
  120. Kitty litter, FloraMax, Pool Filter Sand
  121. The elusive aquasoil
  122. Help With My Tank
  123. Capping regular aquarium gravel?
  124. How much soilmaster select charcoal?
  125. Last chance on cat litter substrate
  126. Help with substrate
  127. How to clean the side of substrate without messing with carpet
  128. How much Fluval Stratum for 29g Tall?
  129. Whats the deal with dirt?
  130. Pond soil instead of garden soil?
  131. Storing used Aquasoil
  132. Sand over Gravel
  133. driftwood help
  134. Best substrate for capping dirt?
  135. Brown and sticky (Pic included)
  136. Pics of Flourite types in a tank?
  137. Sphagnum peat moss
  138. ada amazonia???
  139. Switching to a high tech soil substrate, what should I do/know?
  140. ASA vs MTS with cap
  141. Fluorite Red vs. Black
  142. flourite with pfs cap
  143. ADA has Amazonia in stock
  144. Stream Bed Appearance
  145. Working with sand and ADA Aquasoil
  146. Green haze in bag of Seachem Flourite Black
  147. Different types of substrate in pots?
  148. First tank with Oil Dri...
  149. What's the difference
  150. Substrate question
  151. how important is plant specific substrate
  152. Composted horse manure?
  153. ADA Africana?
  154. MTS capped with eco-complete vs flourite?
  155. Multi-Purpose sand
  156. Almighty Akadama Double Red Line Pimp Club
  157. Switching to Sand
  158. Finest Sand available
  159. topsoil
  160. Would fluorite be a good cap for soil?
  161. Pool filter sand - still cloudy
  162. Benefits of used aquasoil?
  163. NEW!!! Cal Aqua Labs Black Earth Soil Substrate
  164. Ecocomplete vs Flourite
  165. Flourite Cloduy Water
  166. Flourite Q, moving 29g -> 80g
  167. What order for the ada system
  168. substrate for 20L
  169. Cycling with new aquasoil
  170. Substrate blends and experimenting
  171. Switching substrates in established tank
  172. How clean should I keep sand substrate?
  173. Garden Soil?
  174. What to add to Safe T Sorb
  175. Smaller bag of eco complete?
  176. is there a formula to calculate how much soil to use?
  177. New dirted tank and when to put fish in?
  178. Will this work?
  179. Black Diamond
  180. Advice from the experienced would be much appreciated
  181. What are some good substrates??
  182. Mixing Eco Complete w/Ada Aqua soil
  183. ADA Aquasoil tannins
  184. About clay using
  185. Miracle grow/ Co2
  186. ADA Aqua Soil Question
  187. 2 options of Substrate
  188. DiamondPro Substrate for planted tank?
  189. Best Substrate that doesn't buffer pH?
  190. Moving ADA substrate?
  191. Substrate?
  192. HC Emersed, is Seachem Black Onyx Sand Enough?
  193. MGOPS and ph
  194. Mts: dolomite replacement?
  195. The Akadama situation
  196. Sand vs. Eco-complete
  197. MTS vs. Osmocote plus
  198. ADA vs. Eco Complete
  199. Does Fuorite and similar ever get "used up?"
  200. substrate question
  201. ADA Sub System
  202. pool filter sand pic request
  203. Fluval Shrimp Stratum
  204. Glass or quartz bits in Amazonia Aquasoil?
  205. Aquasoil?
  206. Different Setup Method for Sand
  207. How much Clay is to much
  208. MGOPS - Is this the right stuff?
  209. How much gravel should i have?
  210. Changing substrate
  211. Reusing Aquasoil
  212. Netlea Lambo?
  213. Substrate switch in established tank
  214. What are the bubbles coming from my sand substrate?
  215. cap question
  216. How many bags of flourite for a 80g? Wheres the best price?
  217. Is Akadama, Akadama not matter the brand
  218. TurfAce
  219. Good cap for Miracle grow organic potting mix
  220. Fluval stratum with gravel
  221. Sacramento CA AKADAMA, where to buy
  222. Organic Substrate vs. CO2: Another Debacle?
  223. Good soil cover?
  224. Flourite....what is in it?
  225. please post pictures of natural colored gravel
  226. 80g planted, noob to planted, what substrate?
  227. Jiffy Seed Starting Mix (yellow/gold bag)
  228. black gravel
  229. MTS soil ingredients?
  230. need some final input
  231. Akadama alternative
  232. Question about mircle grow organic potting mix
  233. Switching From PFS to Fertilized Substrate. Advice?
  234. Gravel advice
  235. What is a CEC rating?
  236. 2 year old Amazonia
  237. Adding Plants to Tank...What do I need?
  238. substrate mixed with MGOPS capped with black diamond
  239. Here is a really odd gravel / substrate question.....
  240. Play Ground Sand
  241. How to change substrate on existing tank ?
  242. found ada aquasoil amazonia for sale
  243. DSM, hc turning yellow?
  244. MGOCP + Sand + Gravel?
  245. Substrate color
  246. ADA Amazonia
  247. has anyone tried sandblasting sand made of copper slag?
  248. Fluval Shrimp Stratum
  249. Pool Filter Sand
  250. changing substrate with shrimp