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  1. Activ Flora on Sale and in Stock
  2. Dolomite and Muriate of Potash important?
  3. How does black diamond sand look in person? Any cheap, lighter alternatives?
  4. Need help on a dirt tank
  5. Shrimp Tank Substrate?
  6. Choosing Topsoil to Mineralize
  7. Sand substrate what's your PH?
  8. Need advise on mineralising soil plz
  9. About to give up on ECO
  10. Activated Carbon and Peat Moss
  11. advice opinions and expertise please
  12. Adding Eco complete to tank
  13. Substrate and circulation ?
  14. Eco-Complete for Planted Aquariums black sand being fazed out...
  15. ESTES Brand Sand
  16. Question about egg crate material
  17. Total beginner looking for help with cheap substrate
  18. storing substrate
  19. Afew questions before converting from gravel to sand
  20. Ada Amazonia
  21. changing dirt. bad idea?
  22. Mineralized top soil (experiment)
  23. Gravel?
  24. Dirt?
  25. What to use? Hard water, plants, shrimp
  26. Starting breeding tank--need new substrate
  27. Mr aqua soil
  28. mineralizing premium organic soil
  29. Sloping with sand do's and don'ts
  30. Halp! New plant tank / Eco complete issue
  31. What's a good innert sand to use?
  32. JBL Manado
  33. new sand question
  34. Red Flint sand
  35. Does Seachem fluorite black gravel lose nutrients?
  36. Substrate Depth
  37. need to offgass soil after 6months
  38. question like an onion, or my substrate, layered
  39. Tell me why I shouldn't...
  40. CaribSea Flora Max vs. Eco-Complete
  41. Some questions about activflora.
  42. Is dirt worth it?
  43. Future 100g dirted tank.
  44. Is Flourite what I'm looking for?
  45. Azoo soil vs ADA soil
  46. Can I mix Eco Complete with my gravel?? Converting to Planted!!!
  47. Why not mix up different types of substrate?
  48. anyone using active-flora lake gem?
  49. Root tabs + organic or only one
  50. Plant substrate + play sand question
  51. Just can't seem to get my water clear/clean
  52. Best starter substate to encourage rooting
  53. Varying top coat over soil?
  54. What kind of Sand for a planted tank?
  55. Which Do you prefer, light color or dark color sub ?
  56. gravel and a restart
  57. Cleanable or Do-over?
  58. Soil Substrate and PH
  59. API Laterite
  60. OK if disturbed?
  61. Which of these substrates?
  62. Differences between the ADA aqua soil types?
  63. Aqua soil question
  64. vacuum amazonia
  65. Baked Clay substrates
  66. Just set up my first planted tank.
  67. MGOPS Cloudiness
  68. Removed dirt from gravel (Image heavy)
  69. Substrate for padularuim
  70. Overkill or logical???
  71. Disturbing 2 year old dirt
  72. Substrate Help Please
  73. adding ferts to aquasoil
  74. Question regarding Turface black
  75. Help me pick a dirt!
  76. Mr. Aqua Soil or Fluval shrimp stratum
  77. L>Amazonia
  78. how much kelp meal
  79. Separating miracle grow from cap
  80. can you add more sand to an established tank?
  81. worms tearing up my substrate. please help!
  82. Looking for some Beginner Pre-Setup Substrate advice
  83. Miracle Gro and root tabs?
  84. Kitty Litter Substrate
  85. Substrate source substrates
  86. Moving to a new place, should I switch to Aquasoil?
  87. How do You clean Black Diamond for aquarium use
  88. Where to get ADA aquasoil?
  89. replacing substrate soon- advice much appreciated
  90. Caribe Sea Eco Complete and Leslie's Pool Filter Sand Question
  91. aquasoil query/ established tank changeover
  92. Oppinions on CaribSea Flora Max?
  93. Anyone else had success with Fox Farms Organic Ocean Forrest?
  94. MGOPM + EC = brown water?
  95. Floramax help
  96. Amending ancient substrate...
  97. [Anyone tried it?] National Geographic Aquarium Sand
  98. How to bank a rock hill in tank
  99. Injected Nutrient Substrate
  100. Cichlid tank to planted. Replace or mix substrate?
  101. Changing gravel in a dirted tank
  102. Eco Complete: Odor and Cloudy Water
  103. substrate supports
  104. Cichlids 'n Substrate
  105. Substrate micro injection
  106. Substrate for Burrowers?
  107. does sand need a cap?
  108. Should/could I cap active flora with black sand?
  109. New tank coming....
  110. Experience with the different types of Activ-Flora media? Floracor, Floralite, gems..
  111. What will the effect of limestone be in already hard water?
  112. Fluval Stratrum and UP shrimp soil
  113. Switching substrates - Eco Complete/Flourite Sand for iwagumi carpeting
  114. Fluval Shrimp Stratum=BAD
  115. what kind of clay for dirted?
  116. where do i put old aquarium sand
  117. Does MGOCPM Need Microferts??
  118. Do I need to mineralize MGOCPM?
  119. Pre use clean black diamond.. oily water still
  120. safeTsorb + Pool filter sand?
  121. Cleaning Sand (Mostly Sand/Gravel mix)
  122. Pleco sand substrate
  123. Larger gravel and plants/scaping ideas
  124. How many qt's miracle gro?
  125. Oil Dri and similar products reduce TDS, KH, etc?
  126. HC substrate
  127. Collecting Substrate
  128. Mixing sand with something else as substrate?
  129. Eco Complete Blend and Sand? HELP
  130. ferti soil
  131. Mr. Aqua Soil and Nitrates
  132. How useful is aquarium sand/gravel mix
  133. How much area does a root tab effect
  134. Adding nutrients to Turface?
  135. Is there a difference between Flora Max and Eco Complete?
  136. black diamond question
  137. Seachem Flourite and phosphate levels?
  138. Do I need to add anything before using Activ Flora
  139. Fluval flora/ebi strata
  140. reusing aqua soil but it has algae on it...
  141. To dirt, or not to dirt?
  142. Gravel vs. Safe t Sorb
  143. Target Organic Potting Soil
  144. soilless potting mix
  145. Beach sand?
  146. Do you really need to mineralize soil?
  147. Scaping With ADA Aqua Soil... HELP
  148. What substrate to use for new planted tank
  149. Dirt with sand cap checklist
  150. what are max and min depths for substrates in planted tanks?!?! i am using safe
  151. Bad to Rinse ADA Aqua Soil?
  152. Do you wash your substrate before you in the tank or not?
  153. Quikrete Commercial Grade Medium Sand
  154. I want to go dirted but...
  155. Any thoughts on red fluorite substrate
  156. anaerobic substrate?
  157. does thatpetplace give free shipping over $100?
  158. Staurolite mineral breakdown?
  159. Do dirted tanks run out of nutrients?
  160. what is the ideal substrate depth for planted tanks?! (Safe-T-Sorb)
  161. Cheapest Substrate for HEAVILY Planted Tanks?
  162. Sand options
  163. Flourite in 10 gallon planted tank
  164. How much substrate do I need
  165. Layering Substrate for Cliffs
  166. Flourite Black Substrate
  167. How much aquasoil in a mr. Aqua 17 gallon?
  168. Anyone use Florite Black Sand
  169. how many is good to cap off substrate base?
  170. White Sand as Substrate
  171. I've searched...
  172. Kitty litter cap or not
  173. Substrate advice
  174. Is Amano Penac a must?
  175. Does soil need a cap?
  176. First dirted tank
  177. Best "Red" Natural Substrate
  178. Aquasoil for 25 gallon tall?
  179. Dirt capped with sand and gravel?
  180. best substraight for carpeting hc
  181. ADA Soil (stinks)
  182. My plan, and a few questions on dirted tank
  183. Dirted, is this sand fine?
  184. need advice on cloudy water condition in new 55 gallon dirt tank
  185. Black Diamond Blasting Sand Question
  186. New 75g, Need advice selecting proper / best substrate.
  187. Mineralize Drit ??
  188. Substrate changeover
  189. Two nearly identical tanks, completely different water parameters, why?
  190. Activ-Flora and HC?
  191. Dirt?
  192. Malaysian Trumpet Snails and Sand Cap
  193. HC Carpet Substrate Depth
  194. Couple of dirt questions...
  195. New to planted- got a substrate question
  196. How do you build a "hill"
  197. Yellow balls in top soil
  198. Dirted tank and shrimp
  199. Can this be done?
  200. Gass bubbles.
  201. Converting to aquasoil?
  202. Layering of Substrate!
  203. What's the least amount?
  204. Dirted tank questions
  205. MGOCPM: Do I Keep On Dosing Comprehensive
  206. what is the best type of sand?
  207. Moray Eel and Plants... I'm scared
  208. Eco-Complete "Fine"
  209. Mixing ADA and ECO soil?
  210. Black Diamond over Miracle Gro, or Eco complete?
  211. Brown water
  212. Deciding on how many bags floramax vs eco complete
  213. Is this mineralized?
  214. Question about sand substrate
  215. best grain size to use of black beauty sand blasting sand??
  216. Best substrate??
  217. Setting up 125G how much BDBS?
  218. Flourite or not
  219. Black Diamond and Laterite
  220. Plant Substrate?
  221. New substrate ideas
  222. substrate question - confused!
  223. Sand over Saf T Sorb?
  224. Starting over
  225. Flourite substrate
  226. ADA substrate + Bactor, is it needed? Convince me its worth it.
  227. Substrate Cleaning
  228. Enriching my flourite
  229. Substratius overwhelmingus
  230. Will this substrate Mix work? Need Advise!
  231. Non-painted black gravel source?
  232. Akadama
  233. Clay
  234. Miracle gro organic
  235. Re-doing substrate need suggestions, please
  236. Mineralized soil, top substrate, cory cat fish
  237. Potting Mix, Gravel Cap in a Small Pot
  238. Mixing Morillite Clay into MGOCPM??
  239. Adding new substrate: is it ok to add it over old one?
  240. Starting a 75g Dirted Plant tank
  241. flourite black sand, hate it so much.
  242. Problems with fluval shrimp stratum?
  243. Help With Shallow Substrate
  244. caribsea sand info
  245. Mr. Aqua Shrimp Soil and UP Aqua Shrimp Soil
  246. Substrate change out risk
  247. how long can i store eco-complete if not open
  248. ADA aquasoil thick greese on surface
  249. Seachem Flourite + ????
  250. 180 gallon build