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  1. Manual PWM dimmer and LDD-h
  2. Fan ideas for a DIY Digital Temp Controller
  3. burnt driftwood
  4. Cheap PVC Lighting Fixture
  5. Beefing up a stand
  6. New LED Build 126 watt
  7. Where to get glass?
  8. dimmer and relay wiring
  9. What's a good round heatsink?
  10. sch 80 bulkheads
  11. DIY Fishtank Status Website
  12. Heat Sink Temps
  13. Backdrop problems
  14. Is this a OK CO2 setup?
  15. diy co2 help
  16. Gorilla glue in sump
  17. Improving Flow in 5.5g
  18. DIY Timer/Dimer
  19. 40 Breeder build - DIY Red Oak Stand
  20. Constant Cloudy water.
  21. Regulator Nipple ID
  22. getting closer to finally completing my stand!
  23. How do you create a sustainable ecosystem?
  24. Shimming a tank?....
  25. Questionable tank stand
  26. PVC glue drying time
  27. DIY CO2 with Sera Flore 500 reactor?
  28. Chilling Terrarium Substrate with Peltier Water Cooling Block
  29. Safe Epoxy Resin Coating..?
  30. Inject air into CO2 reactor. Opinion?
  31. Custom Intake and Outlet for Fluval FX6 is it worth the work?
  32. Filter Housing for Cerges?
  33. 40g breeder on top floor?
  34. DIY Tank planning
  35. Cerges Reactor pump suggestions?
  36. Tank not sitting flush in middle
  37. NEED FEEDBACK for breeding setup
  38. Thoughts on this system?
  39. Glass Thickness For DIY Cover
  40. Hand Made Betta Bowl
  41. DIY Sump Design
  42. Question about in-line CO2 reactors?
  43. Question on strength of glass for 115G
  44. Sump sugestions for my 125g
  45. Scratches in All-Glass-Aquarium - Any way to hide them?
  46. Type of silicone to use?
  47. Is this crack fixable??
  48. 5730 SMD help.
  49. Alternatives to USPlastics? (Tygon+Clear/White Elbows)
  50. Splitting flow from return pump?
  51. Grigg reactor
  52. 20 Long Build - Stand to Final Setup
  53. Bucketless water change system.. first attempt
  54. Drop checker quiestion
  55. Salvaging glass
  56. Question about what silicone to use for 90 gallon
  57. Dark, Flying or others .. Some CO2 build questions.
  58. DIY CO2 nightly shutoff
  59. Need ideas for auto feeder
  60. The stand build for my 125
  61. Finally drilled my tank (while stocked) and ditched the HOB
  62. Cutting 1/4" acrylic with dremel
  63. Crack in bottom rim? Replacable?
  64. big box unfinished base cabinet
  65. How to use TC-420 to control Ldd drivers
  66. Krisbow Led Strip used in hurried conversion; or Tell me how I screwed this up...
  67. Glass cut failure, anyone with plastics experience?
  68. Attention API Master Test Kit Users
  69. Micro bubbles?
  70. got some spare glass.. any idea's?
  71. 3D Printing and tanks
  72. Overflow and Sump questions
  73. NEEDED: Heyco Cord Grip
  74. Reactor: To Buy or To Build
  75. Diy 3dkh solution?
  76. Anyone diy a fluidized sand canister?
  77. Cerges Reactor
  78. CO2 in jar underwater?
  79. Acrylic Risers
  80. Any TANKLESS WATER HEATER professionals/installers? Help please!
  81. Mini Griggs reactor
  82. Making storage bin tanks last longer
  83. Where to buy: Colored Acrylic for DIY in tank sump walls? + Silicone question
  84. LED driver help
  85. Underwater sealant
  86. Removing rim from 40 breeder safe?
  87. Need faucet adaptor
  88. Augmented reality interface for your devices
  89. Looking for a did solution to mounting mangroves
  90. DIY internal canister
  91. A brewers thoughts on diy co2
  92. Fleischmann's Bread Machine Yeast DIY c02
  93. Sump return line for internal water movement
  94. Sump Design
  95. question about my DIY concrete/foam background
  96. Great video; making your own food
  97. Cerges vs Griggs Reactor
  98. very Unique Auto Top Off Build (With pictures)
  99. Fabricating stainless canister (for fun)
  100. White vinegar as a CO2 source?
  101. DIY LED 80G Light Build
  102. Led lighting for fluval chi
  103. Silicate Removal - Parts list needed
  104. large tank diy led ideas.
  105. Cerges reactor with inline heater
  106. 1st attempt at DIY co2
  107. Water detection cable
  108. Diy lumia build
  109. Rgb cob led
  110. Will this valve work for a DIY CO2 system?
  111. Rules of thumb for LED heat sink size?
  112. what do you think? diy stand dual tank
  113. Diy co2
  114. Bubble Counter for DIY co2
  115. Arduino Programmable Timer
  116. Electrical Question. Rigging up 50W LED's. Voltage?
  117. moss trees DIY
  118. 3 Watt Full Spectrum LED's
  119. Cinder block tank rack?
  120. 1st DIY lily pipe attempt out of acrylic wine glass
  121. advice needed on diy stand
  122. Did ai hydra 52 layout
  123. CO2 sensor
  124. Asking for help/opinions on first time CO2
  125. Half Emersed Plywood tank idea?
  126. Cascading and drilling 20 long tanks - reality check/help needed
  127. What size CO2 Reactor for my set up?
  128. DIY light dimmer
  129. Seeking to create an automated water change system for 4/5 tanks
  130. DIY Co2 Water Bottle Necessary?
  131. In-Line Water Change Valve
  132. diy aquarium build bracing?
  133. Obsessing over CO2
  134. DIY filter (Check it out!)
  135. Anyway to generate CO2 and fill your own pressurized tanks?
  136. Pointing filter outflow towards back glass. Issues?
  137. DIY Bicycle Pump Co2 Reactor
  138. Fish Food
  139. Peristaltic pumps into the Co2 reactor?
  140. Arduino coding and pinouts 2560?
  141. 9w Diy led for nano
  142. Help with co2
  143. Help! Need Eheim 350 Modification
  144. Tank stand idea
  145. Purigen reactor help
  146. DIY CO2 for 2.5g Help?
  147. Dimming pre-built LEDs
  148. Something wrong with my tank, i think it might be too much CO2?
  149. Leveling a tank after up and going.
  150. trying to finish that stand!
  151. Under tank lighting
  152. 6 foot 90 gal rimless
  153. DIY Reflector....sorta
  154. Water flow meter anyone?
  155. Rock experts please help
  156. Cerges Reactor to Fluval 406
  157. DIY CO2 system bottles exploded.....
  158. help please diy inline defuser on fluval 405
  159. O+ injection
  160. Is it possible to create an overflow with only a few inches difference in water level
  161. Co2 reactor size
  162. Cerges reactor with eheim 2217 question
  163. What do I need to know about DIY C02?
  164. DIY: Compact Florescent upgrade to LED
  165. aquarium trim sizes
  166. DIY stand for a 55g and 20H
  167. Ideas for custom cube like tank w/ internal filter?
  168. Need co2 reactor help!
  169. Help me create a contraption to mount CPU 120mm fans on a rimless tank.
  170. Interesting Ebay lighting item
  171. 5 Gallon CO2 Generator
  172. Cerges Reactor + In-Line Diffuser?
  173. constant current drivers and arduino?
  174. Shrimp-proof Fluval Spec V 5 gallon
  175. 20 Gallon AIO
  176. Frustrating! DIY Co2 leak after switching to 2 bottles.
  177. Sponge Filter CO2 Reactor?
  178. Metals in the aquarium
  179. 2x6s cut to level tank, attach or not attach?
  180. Citric acid and baking soda.
  181. Co2 recipe for 2.5gal
  182. Help: Getting to the 5th channle on the TC420
  183. Order of DIY CO2
  184. Question about joining pvc with cement
  185. Co2 manifold opinions
  186. CO2 not entering the housing of Cerges reactor
  187. A filter without electricity?
  188. Rex grigg reactor questions.
  189. Looking for diy moss net idea
  190. "no equipment seen" Challenge
  191. What happened to the DIY 5" or7" Arduino All-In-One Aquarium Controller thread? 2nd!!
  192. Diy fruit fly media
  193. TC420 Time - compatablity with Meanwell and other drivers?
  194. Diy co2
  195. First rex reactor, any thoughts?
  196. Does this Co2 diffusion look good enough for DHG?
  197. Suggestions please
  198. Diy led builds with pics
  199. 40b Center Brace
  200. Hungry hungry crayfish
  201. Feeding dish?
  202. Cerges reactor housing?
  203. Why am I not building my own Kessel Tuna Sun or similiar
  204. Setting up my Shrimp Tanks.
  205. Building stacking sliding door help
  206. Drift wood
  207. Inside the Cerges Reactor
  208. Fake hollow log
  209. Pleco breeding cave try 1
  210. Lessen the flow on those 7 dollar sunsun powerheads
  211. Leveling an 80g on an incredibly uneven floor
  212. Wanting to build something to contain floating plants
  213. Flexible CO2 system
  214. Moss Wall
  215. Indicator Solution
  216. Cerges Reactor questions!
  217. What happened to the DIY 5" or7" Arduino All-In-One Aquarium Controller thread?
  218. Derimmed 10G AGA seams separating. Run it, junk it, or reseal it?
  219. Help me plan my next tank
  220. I would like to divert an Aquaclear 30 water output
  221. DIY Simple automatic water change system.
  222. I want to build a clear tank stand out of acrylic. Advice on load?
  223. Valve for 3/16" CO2 tube
  224. looking for an easier way to do water changes
  225. Easy live foods for small adult fish?
  226. Smaller tank DIY Stand Height
  227. Drilling into laminate
  228. DIY root tab planter
  229. DIY CO2 Setup Only Works Well Sometimes
  230. Diy, high light, led set up
  231. Silicone cure time
  232. My DIY co2 works too well
  233. DIY Co2 Generator D-301 or D-501
  234. DIY CO2 diffuser
  235. Is this wood safe for aquarium?
  236. ADA Inspired Hardwood Stand Build
  237. Suggestions for a small refugium
  238. DIY Riparium?
  239. Is glass really that expensive?
  240. (Another) DIY idea for lighting 40B advice from LED gurus humbly sought
  241. Led build for planted tank with pics
  242. Stingray dimmer (warranty voiding, picture heavy)
  243. how stable can CO2 be without a pH controller?
  244. Bathroom vanity as stand?
  245. Need help identifying CO2 fitting
  246. New member with a diy 30gal long stand
  247. DIY Aquarium Stand (29 gallon)
  248. Fake rock question(s)
  249. Lava rock back drop aquascape
  250. Acrylic Question