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  1. Summer fans
  2. Canada DIY aquarium tank?
  3. Raspberry Pi for RGB accent LED???
  4. Diy co2
  5. Arduino based 5 head dosing pump
  6. DIY Sponge filter does it work?
  7. CLR is safe for cleaning aquariums?
  8. Replacement Tube for Fluval Spec Tanks
  9. Tank rebuild advice
  10. Irregularly-shaped rimless acrylic tank build
  11. Cheap mod for cooling fan?
  12. DIY w/ Bridgelux and some "parts"
  13. Water transfer --> garage to aquarium on other room
  14. 90G double tank stand - tank too tight on the bottom
  15. 20L stand
  16. Question on CO2 regulator types
  17. diy co2
  18. Co2 reactor design
  19. CO2 Question
  20. floaters guard
  21. Rakazaa's DIY Sand waterfall in a planted tank
  22. DIY filter???
  23. Corner overflow - Bean Animal
  24. Can I use tree roots ?
  25. DIY driftwood
  26. What GPH/max head water pump do I need?
  27. Perfecto SHO strip light
  28. TC420 to control fish room lighting
  29. Thinking about Cerges reactor for a 10 gallon tank
  30. Which pump?
  31. Building cinder block shelving - question about supporting tanks
  32. $6 DIY dosing containers
  33. DIY Reactor Size Suggestions
  34. Safe paint for use inside the aquarium?
  35. How to make BUCE carpet?
  36. How to make Carbon Dioxide (The Old-Fashioned Way)
  37. Meanwell HLG and LEDS
  38. stainless steel mesh ledge?
  39. Easiest Live food to culture/keep
  40. 10 Gallon Sump Divisions
  41. Stand: Formica or not ?
  42. Remove glued fitting from bulkhead?
  43. DIY Aquarium planter
  44. Citric acid directly into the tank
  45. Need List of Materials for DIY Dual Stage Co2 Regulator
  46. DIY LED Flood Lights
  47. Airgas HPT270D - First build, need some guidance.
  48. Safe brush on paint for overflow
  49. Sump: tall or short?
  50. Finding/DIYing a 40B stand that works for me
  51. Aeroponics - Bringing the future to our hobby
  52. Brainstorming Fishroom Lighting
  53. Splitting diy co2 system
  54. Auto Dosing Dry Ferts
  55. diy surface skimmer
  56. DIY surface skimmer
  57. Fry/growout rack
  58. Type of Wood
  59. Custom Build Steel Frame 75 Gallon
  60. Cerges DIY CO2 reactor Big Gas Bubble forming at top
  61. Different type of heat sink
  62. Mod Killer Ehiem 350 Skimmer for CO2
  63. AQTemp Water Change
  64. wire moss tree
  65. plumbing a 5 gallon jug for bbs hatchery
  66. Energy monitors
  67. Big tank, old house
  68. 75 Gallon Sump Build
  69. Stands!
  70. The FatFrank: A DIY HOB airpowered filter.
  71. Diy sump redo. Give me all your IMO and 2 cents :)
  72. Metal frame DIY?
  73. Suspended LED Panel Light
  74. Check out what I built over my tank yesterday.
  75. Need help painting the wood trim
  76. Pump into a powerhead?
  77. 180 gallon custom build, initial planning
  78. Need Advice on LED Mix Ratio
  79. DIY LED setups, what do you mount your LEDs to?
  80. Bulbs for clamp utility lights
  81. Another Rex Grigg's Reactor Thread - 60 Gallon
  82. Need advice with picking the right ph probe and module
  83. Help with BRS RO/DI Filter
  84. New to the Site: Help Needed Choosing Vero 29 Gen 7
  85. Tank Equipment Organization
  86. Mod the PH pen?
  87. How to DIY a LED chip series
  88. Hey All
  89. Wood strength
  90. External UV light (inside hood)
  91. Odd shaped acrylic build; is 1/4 enough?
  92. Guiadance & Direction for usage of a Co2 system
  93. Tank reseal question
  94. Gap in tank top
  95. Retaining Heat
  96. Help, leaking filter :(
  97. LEXAN vs Glass
  98. [HELP] DIY CO2 for 12 gallon Fluval Edge
  99. [Help] LED build for 90P
  100. Cheap DIY light for 75 gallon
  101. Step By Step How To: De-Rim an Aquarium *Update* how to add a lid
  102. Filling behind 3D Aquarium background - expanding foam?
  103. Tank drilling question?
  104. Here we go!
  105. Question about wire or cable used to suspend lights
  106. Diy inline diffuser
  107. Shoving tank temperatures down sans chiller
  108. Check out this large tank build
  109. Oak Board in Aquarium
  110. The rise and fall of...
  111. Someone build this light
  112. DIY Arduino meter for Apogee SQ-120 Sensor
  113. Scaffolding pipe aquarium stand.
  114. Terrarium Half Water Half Land Seperation
  115. Uneven floor
  116. Java Moss Pre Filter?
  117. Bending PVC for intake and output lines
  118. CO2 needle valve...opinions?
  119. A couple questions concerning an LED build
  120. Using Apogee PAR Sensor and mVMeter
  121. Aquasky-style light riser for Finnex Planted+
  122. new member - wanted 'the_deeb' to read this
  123. 4dkh recipe
  124. Hardscape and stagnant water
  125. Acceptable Silicone?
  126. Retrofitting Light-Glo Hood. Is it worth it?
  127. Underwater Waterfall Build and test
  128. I want to DIY a LOW light LED for a 5 gall
  129. Diy co2 mix?
  130. Custom Acrylic Overflow (bean animal)
  131. The Ultimate DIY Aquarium LED Build
  132. external drop checker
  133. DIY CO2 Experiment
  134. Need help mounting LED fixture!
  135. Using prefilter as CO2 reactor
  136. DIY LED fixture for 20g long!!
  137. Hardwood Iroko stand build with 3D door panels
  138. DIY pine stand build
  139. CO2 Reactor: How do you control CO2 dosing rates
  140. DIY LED Pendants brainstorming. Multichip? Vero18? help me!
  141. Cerges or Griggs Reactor?
  142. PORETaqua
  143. Can I control a dosing pump flow using a fan control?
  144. Need help driving 70 1W Cree SMD LEDs
  145. Underground air bubble cave
  146. Help in manually dimming ldd
  147. DIY Stand Dilemma
  148. Help wanted modifying tank brace to fit hob filter
  149. Question On Custom Build
  150. A Large Canister Filter
  151. Creating a filter for a 10 gallon tank, on back..
  152. Thermal management
  153. Can you add a pump to the outflow line of a canister filter to increase flow?
  154. DIY Brine Shrimp Hatchery
  155. 75 gallon aquarium stand -- ok?
  156. Using brown sugar in CO2 reactor
  157. Does anyone use a "Delay on Break timer" for feeding?
  158. Silicone safe curing time for thick pieces
  159. High Efficiency Rex Griggs/ Cerges Reactor
  160. Suction Cup alternative?
  161. DIY CO2 reactor
  162. does anyone one DIY fish tank stand for sell?
  163. humming noise from the LDD-350h when fed by lower voltage source
  164. I want to make my own LED strip light
  165. How thick is the bottom of 10 gallon tanks, 1/4"?
  166. Metering and dosing pumps from coffee and dish washer machines
  167. Succesful DIY CO2?
  168. Dirt in your sump?
  169. DIY ADA-style stand: 60p tank
  170. Need a lid for a DIY canister filter
  171. safe paint for painting rocks
  172. DIY Aquarium chiller
  173. your opinion on this CoČ solution
  174. Need Help w/ DIY Sump
  175. 20mm pipe flow rate
  176. Mangrove Tank - Tidal Retrofit
  177. DIY foam?
  178. DIY C02 Reactor
  179. Did co2
  180. How to drill Oval shaped holes on aquarium stand
  181. DIY Ombre Sky Aquarium Background
  182. I just set up my diy co2. Will this diffusion work?
  183. A workaround to hot solenoids
  184. First time dosing Co2. Would like some help
  185. Setting up my diy co2 system tomorrow, need alittle help
  186. Amounts of citric acid and baking soda for diy co2
  187. Can lumber be used as driftwood?
  188. Meanwell power supplies and drivers
  189. DIY Purigen Mesh Bag
  190. Sanding Driftwood for Tank
  191. Some plumbing help/ideas needed. Let's see yours.
  192. DIY Co2 generator
  193. Citric acid and baking soda diy co2
  194. HOW TO Make A Glass Fish Bowl
  195. Not a pot pot- version two
  196. Plant weights
  197. How can I run my diy co2 system
  198. Rgb controller
  199. My Own Driftwood
  200. Please delete this threa
  201. Driftwood Treatment
  202. Polishing Aquarium Trim
  203. DIY Root Tab Recipe
  204. Simple CO2 Diffuser
  205. What glue for airline?
  206. Potassium Permanganate
  207. Mesh Canvas
  208. Purigen reactor
  209. DIY Spray Bars
  210. Full tank automation system
  211. How to cut filter media into a cylinder?
  212. Full specrrrum led diy light
  213. Saw this, and had to share....
  214. DIY Moss attaching tool
  215. Build Journal - Moss Wall (Large) *Updated 2016-10-20*
  216. Building my own rimless tank
  217. Need help setting up my 65g aquarium
  218. DIY CO2 Reactor, Diffuser Using Sponge Pre-Filter
  219. What's your top "hack" for making your tank easier to maintain?
  220. Water bottle feeding station- is it ok?
  221. Testing an excel replacement!
  222. Powerhead needed for 25'?
  223. Boiling alder cones
  224. Stand strength
  225. Inkbird ITC-1000 build
  226. DIY CO2 and diffusers
  227. How to build an aquarium hanging light fixture :)
  228. Water Cooling LEDs in confined space
  229. over head sump idea
  230. [WIP] Automated Aquarium - Raspberry Pi (Web, Live Data, Data Log)
  231. Self built stand questions
  232. Weld On question
  233. Surface Skimmer
  234. Help with DIY led fixture
  235. DIY Old School Fluorescent Custom Suggestions
  236. Broken Meanwell LDD driver
  237. caves
  238. Anyone MODify their GRIGGS or CERGES CO2 Reactors?
  239. Where to buy Whole House Water Filter housing LOCALLY? Cerges Reactor
  240. Painting a background on a set up tank; or "I did a thing"
  241. Help in Understanding LED Driver
  242. Is this enough led light for a high tech 100l planted tank
  243. Cooking my wood
  244. Slow ramp up and down led
  245. diy glass marbles filter media
  246. Need Help With a DIY Water Change System
  247. A bit different DiY CO2 System
  248. DIY Urethane Foam Filter Dividers
  249. DIY Hood with Cooling
  250. BEST canister fliter DIY?