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  1. Co2 Mixture
  2. replacing an aquarium brace.
  3. My water distiller
  4. building a tank hood and wiring from scratch
  5. DIY HOB overflow/sump/filter who wants to see it?
  6. How to drill a tank?
  7. DIY Light Stand for a Metal Tube Aquarium Setup
  8. Filtration on a budget
  9. Rimless Acrylic tank
  10. which bulkhead?
  11. Test tube holder.
  12. DIY Co2 diffusor out of a Bubble wall
  13. Rust-Oleum Multicolor Textured Spray Paint
  14. sumps and planted tanks
  15. Diy yeast on 55g?
  16. Pressurized CO2 diffusion?
  17. Show me your DIY light fixture stand
  18. Need help finding a video
  19. DIY CO2 Production With Beer Fermenting Off Gas
  20. Water going into co2 line? can someone help?
  21. Paintball co2 tank setup question
  22. anyone interested in a DIY canister filter thread?
  23. DIY ADA Style Aquarium Stand Video
  24. 2 filters and external pump connected together?
  25. One way to make a Drop Checker
  26. Can you join 1/2" tubing to 5/8" intake and output pieces?
  27. where can i buy.....?
  28. DIY LED lights for Hex
  29. bulkhead help
  30. LED light - problem with heatsink
  31. Eheim intake into spray bar?
  32. Making a black background?
  33. Best in-line-diffused-reactor ever made
  34. Can this tank go rimless?
  35. Diy sump ~post plz~
  36. wiring cpu fans to hood
  37. Redily available aluminum "heat sink" for LEDs
  38. fans blow onto heat sink or suck air off?
  39. My DIY 36" LED ADA Fixture and Stand for my 48G Rimless
  40. how hard is it to make a tank rimless?
  41. DIY CO2 formula
  42. DIY Co2 reactor
  43. Where to get replacement parts for glass tops?
  44. Fire extinguisher?
  45. Using PC heat sinks for LED lighting?
  46. DIY Drop Checker
  47. DIY Bubble Counter
  48. A DIY canopy swing, A "get out of my way" widget.
  49. Any SUCCESSFUL DIY canister filters
  50. Post pics of your DIY nano tank stands.
  51. How to hang a light?
  52. DIY 5 gallon tank, what about rims?
  53. In line current meter (ammeter) for LED arrays.... geek time!
  54. Automated Controller for DIY LEDs
  55. Cheap DIY Light Fixture for 10 Gallon Tank
  56. DIY cheapest CREE XPG LED fixture for 55 g
  57. Diy PALUDARIUM ...
  58. Old fixture as a retrofit vessel
  59. DIY Options for 20 gallon long
  60. DIY lights for a 110g(tall)
  61. DIY drop checker solution
  62. DIY co2
  63. 3 watt LEDs are Bright !!
  64. Project Idea DIY "waterwall"
  65. Did You Ground Your Heatsink?
  66. Need advice on bulkhead use and placement in 57g rimless
  67. HID lighting?
  68. Negative Pressure Diffuser for Yeast CO2
  69. problems with my DIY CO2 system
  70. Could you use a camera as a PAR meter?
  71. DIY LED for 90cm/36 inch 48 gallon tank -FINISHED! Pics/PAR levels on page 2
  72. cheap lights
  73. Elite mini vs. regular diffuser in 75g
  74. How to make your own DIY CO2 generator
  75. Anyone using IKEA LED's for moon lights
  76. DIY LED for 60g Tank (56K Warning!)
  77. What is the ABSOLUTE CHEAPEST you could ever set up a paintball CO2 system for???
  78. Questions on DIY CO2
  79. Wood knots
  80. Semi-DIY Moonlights
  81. How much moss for my wall
  82. Rock Cleaning
  83. Drawer Slide Light Support
  84. Auto Dosing Ferts - Need Device to Prevent Kink at top of Tank
  85. is there any DIY for small pond
  86. Wiring CF Plastic GY10q Square Pin Endcap
  87. Video of my DIY Co2 being fed into Koralia
  88. eek! cracked stand
  89. Wasser-Controller 2.0 - COMPLETE Aquarium controller
  90. Derimming a 20L
  91. Co2 DIY check valve with filter
  92. DIY Plywood Aquarium Question
  93. Planted Tank Aquaponics
  94. Co2 reactor with glass bottle?
  95. Is this diffuser good?
  96. Will This Regulator Work with Paintball Bottles?
  97. contractor building my tank!!
  98. Help with DIY canister filter.
  99. Best DIY cO2 Diffuser
  100. Rain barrel tap?
  101. DIY Moonlights! 15$ Check it out! Video on post 8, ignore sound
  102. DIY CO2 Reactor
  103. Bulkheads w/plugs OR Cut Glass/Silicone combo to seal?
  104. I just cant get enough of autodosers
  105. How to remove the rims?
  106. Converting T12 VHO to T5 HO with same ballast?
  107. Steel stand for 120 gallon aquarium
  108. DIY Peristaltic - Again
  109. aquarium stand wood joint question
  110. Majstors lab: housing of peristaltics
  111. Computerized Nano, Mark II (LED Dimming 2-27-11)
  112. 5 gallon hood mods
  113. How to make co2 reactor/difusser out of canister filter?
  114. Epoxy for Plywood Tank?
  115. Paranoid Question
  116. Hot Melt Glue as Wire Clamp?
  117. Building your own custom tank....
  118. LED Conversion - Eclipse 5
  119. DIY Fry refuge
  120. This DIY CFL OK?
  121. UGF powered by CO2
  122. Blue LED night light for under $6
  123. DIY CO2, how to make?
  124. Took the plunge on LED lighting
  125. Dry Ice DIY co2 any chance work?
  126. Yet ANOTHER DIY CO2
  127. LED guys -- need your help
  128. simple ( yet not pretty ) CO2 diffusion assistant
  129. Diffuse CO2 through spray bar?
  130. Newbie to Planted Tanks here
  131. What is this part on my "CO2" tank?
  132. Should I use teflon tape?
  133. diy surface skimmer for eclipse system 3
  134. Paintball co2 system help?
  135. DIY Canister Filter Pump?
  136. Central Filtration Advice?
  137. diy canister filter
  138. Macquarium!
  139. Making a prettier DIY CO2 system
  140. ***Help!!! Gorilla Glue With Shrimp?***
  141. What am I doing wrong? DIY CO2
  142. Majstors lab:Advance Technique Of Sensing The Spill OR How To Anger Floor Repairers
  143. Will this work for emersed setup?
  144. Turning off the diy c02 at night?
  145. Hanging aquarium ligths?
  146. A DIY LED light for a 45 Gallon Tank
  147. Problems converting regulator to CGA 320
  148. Metal Screen and RCS?
  149. DIY c02 kit
  150. DIY CO2 For Fluval Ebi Nano Filter Impeller?
  151. Is Fimo polymer "clay" fish safe
  152. PSU requirements for LED array
  153. Aquarium safe self hardening clay for Yoda's hut?
  154. DIY 40 gallon breeder stand and canopy
  155. Wood/branches for the aquarium?
  156. Will this on/off valve and gauge work?
  157. Stream pump as prefilter
  158. troubleshooting cerge reactor?
  159. Dirt cheap PAR meter (kind of)
  160. Custom Light (T5HO + LED)
  161. De-rimming question
  162. CO2 through RUGF ????
  163. waterproofing plywood
  164. a new project, enclosing both filter intakes
  165. How to make DIY yeast reactor
  166. BIG external DIY filter
  167. Fan in canopy?
  168. forum I need your help.
  169. Hanging light diy
  170. DIY Frozen Food Feeder
  171. going to be ordering XP-G Outdoors.
  172. DIY CO2- Fish gasping???
  173. Truly Simulating Rain
  174. how do i kno wwhat kind of yeast to buy to many to choose from
  175. Drilling tank help?
  176. DIY reactor
  177. Noob question about C02 reactor
  178. CO2 plunbing question
  179. How long to let ABS glue dry?
  180. DIY C02 reactor question
  181. LED wireing?
  182. DIY reactor is not working anymore
  183. Best LED mix for freshwater
  184. DIY canopy with closed fixture inside...
  185. My Sweet Streetside Find
  186. DIY CO2 and light
  187. possible major co2 issue and tank
  188. Syringe dosing setup
  189. Thoughts on improving blow by in RG reactors
  190. Vinyl Background
  191. Found cheap LEDs for moon light.
  192. Majstor's lab: dosing two liquids with one peristaltic
  193. Cave
  194. My DIY Drop checker........
  195. Plumbing 101
  196. need advice for DIY stand
  197. DIY Moss Wall?
  198. Paintball connection to standard regulator
  199. Diffusing Co2 into a Aquaclear HOB
  200. Connecting aquarium tubing
  201. co2 reactor help - 5 gal hex
  202. hagen system good for co2?
  203. for those diyers out there that want more co2 out of your setup
  204. Rocks
  205. seal for pressurized Co2- help
  206. increase diy co2 output?
  207. Inline Heater
  208. DIY CO2 Diffuser, need some advice.
  209. Need help for a DIY nano
  210. My "Awesome to Me" DIY LED setup
  211. diy spray bar
  212. Acrylic tank with overflow, Good idea or bad idea?
  213. Help me DIY a nice tank
  214. is there DIY for eggs laying fish
  215. DIY CO2 Diffuser question (Glass Nano Diffuser vs Chopstick)
  216. Google sketchup is amazing
  217. DIY UV Possible?
  218. DIY Manzanita Aquatic Wood???
  219. 4dkh Solution
  220. 4dkh Solution Warning on eBay
  221. Help Co2 Solenoid Regulator?
  222. looking for help...
  223. My sick $20 Do it your self CO2 Generator
  224. DIY PAR meter, Yeah you heard me
  225. Basic pattern fabrication
  226. Basic acrylic fabrication
  227. Bonding Acrlyic to Glass?
  228. DIY CO2 Help please:)
  229. Diffuser for 10 gallon?
  230. diy co2...overkill?
  231. DIY CO2 Drop Checker
  232. kombucha co2??
  233. Window Tint background?
  234. How to make your cheap black-rimmed tank look more seamless
  235. Got a regulator now what?
  236. how to drill hole
  237. Another Way to Hang a Light
  238. I need some DIY genious !
  239. What heater for DIY external heater?
  240. Needle Valve Knob Improvement
  241. Sump Design - 65 gal Planted Tank
  242. DIY LED for small tank problem.
  243. I think this will diffuse my DIY Co2...!
  244. Post your canopies
  245. Ive searched and cant find to diffuse a DIY Co2?
  246. DIY CO2 w/BROWN Sugar. Oiy! :)
  247. DIY CO2 Help
  248. DIY CO2 Diffuser
  249. CO2 and Sponge filter
  250. My take on a DIY stand