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  1. hey cerges reactor users... i need a suggestion
  2. CO2 reactor from Hades
  3. Would this glue be aquarium safe?
  4. painting decor wood and such
  5. Shimmer/Moon Lighting?
  6. CO2 Injection "UP Aqua Simple Regulator" needle valve help
  7. DIY ornaments
  8. 12V LED dimmer wiring question
  9. Extremely cheap peristalic pumps
  10. CO2 generator Yuri-TPV.
  11. DIY micro gravel vaccuum
  12. Does anyone know if this would be aquarium safe?
  13. First post and first DIY LED project
  14. Really simple DIY (probably), sponge to cover filter intake
  15. Moss Squares?
  16. Over-engineered inline heater/controller
  17. LOW power LED's - from solar lights
  18. BackGround DIY - easy
  19. I need aquarium-safe two-part epoxy paint
  20. My DIY inline heater
  21. Co2 control valve help?
  22. Rex Griggs Reactor + Venturi?
  23. 20 Long Homemade LED Fixture
  24. Wanted to raise my lights a little...
  25. DIY inline heater!
  26. DIY 4kdh solution without a scale?
  27. New DIY Stand for 30 gal
  28. Super cheapo DIY LED lighting - overkill style
  29. Overflow glass question
  30. Building a glass nano
  31. LED Heatsink Advice
  32. moss wall to surround/cover Fluval Ebi filter
  33. Light cooling question
  34. pvc cement
  35. WTBuild 20L/29 stand
  36. DIY driftwood/branches?
  37. Disassemblable aquarium stand?
  38. pliable material to form a frame
  39. filter intake screen
  40. Information for DYI CO2
  41. Diy chiller with heatsink and peltier for small tank questions. Electrician needed
  42. sealing pipe threads on co2 regulator
  43. Paintball co2: what do i need to replace when im refilling?
  44. How to get DIY CO2 to work?
  45. 3-D backgrounds
  46. DYI CO2 Flop!
  47. Help Me Solve..!
  48. DIY t5HO "hood"/reflector
  49. Formica color for ADA stand
  50. Needle valve
  51. Conduit Light Hanger for Finnex Ray 2
  52. beginnings of a new outlet for Fluval canisters with the black ribbed tubing
  53. Paint for EMT Conduit
  54. Quick and easy DIY CO2 question
  55. needed to raise light a couple inches...
  56. can you seal sandstone for use in an aquarium?
  57. The ultimate DIY spray bar, your opinion please
  58. DIY Acrylic Lily Pipes
  59. DIY siphon water change system.
  60. Regulator question
  61. First try at DIY CO2 questions
  62. DIY general purpose 5g
  63. quick question diy co2
  64. Modding a Finnex Fugeray to fit in a one-tube fixture
  65. Bracing a store-bought stand
  66. DIY CO2 Placement
  67. DIY Background-Faux Stained Glass
  68. Concerns on a DIY background
  69. Got myself a "Diy" accident.
  70. magnetic holder
  71. Need help finding parts for my XP2
  72. Show off your home built tank stand!
  73. 1/2" clear cap for Lee rigid tubing
  74. sump and plumbing ideas
  75. Looking For DIY Decoration Ideas!
  76. Diffuser for DIY (yeast) CO2
  77. Raising the HOB
  78. DIY CO2 Diffusion
  79. T8 fixture build
  80. Hanging lighting system
  81. How does this diy co2 recipe sound?
  82. DIY Co2, how much do you use on your tank?
  83. DIY Internal Power Filter with Bio
  84. Glass to Glass, What Do I Use?
  85. Disappointed with my cerges
  86. hanging a light
  87. Anyone wanna help a gal with a 60-P stand build?
  88. How To: DIY LED Fixture Housing
  89. Cree XML LED - Still the most efficient led out there?
  90. DIY stand for 15g with 2x2
  91. Phytoplankton Fertilizer Question
  92. My DIY rimless hood
  93. DIY articles and FAQ
  94. Lighting a 210g - DIY not worth it?
  95. co2 diy
  96. DIY lighting for 125g
  97. Anyone using gu10 leds on planted tanks?
  98. Looking for any suggestions for this.....
  99. Need help wiring retrofit T5HO lighting
  100. Cooling fan rigs. DIY cost vs. premade...?
  101. Question for Rex type reactor
  102. any ideas for a super small air pump filter?
  103. questions! :D
  104. New setup, new stand
  105. DIY CO2 - will this work?
  106. DIY LED with MakersLED Heat Sink
  107. DIY clamp lamp attachment
  108. How do you hang your light fixtures?
  109. LED fixture for 2G Fluval Spec
  110. Too Much CO2 ?
  111. LED tech coming closer?
  112. Old HOB filter diffuser
  113. Installing LEDs in a MetaFrame hood?
  114. tanks in series for filteration: Progress Pictures
  115. Distiller's yeast for DIY Co2?
  116. Anyone knowledgeable enough and brave enough to hack a dimmer onto a Ray2?
  117. Copper pipe light frame
  118. Strange adapter
  119. Retrofit of an Aqua One 620 with LEDs
  120. DIY Internal Backwall Biofilter
  121. Soda Stream co2 Bottles
  122. Modifying a Milwaukee CO2 Reg ??
  123. What is inside a LED bulb
  124. diy driftwood
  125. Quick DIY diffuser for PB CO2?
  126. My little 10W led build (a lot of pics)
  127. Purigen Reactor with co2? - Can it be?
  128. Calling all DIY LED "Junkies" - Your opinions wanted!
  129. DIY Reactor Heater Combo
  130. DIY Aquarium Glass Cleaner?
  131. DIY CO2 - where does the seperator fit in!?
  132. How much co2 for a 130g with medium amount of plants?
  133. Control freak LED fixture
  134. Moss Backround
  135. how to divided or section off tank
  136. how to build a dual T8 light fixure
  137. 55 Gallon Hood
  138. Temperature Controller
  139. DIY idea, Outdoor pond cooling system
  140. Internal Sump...with Plywood?
  141. advice for a DIY Fluval Edge style tank
  142. DIY LED FAQ - Where to begin?
  143. yeast CO2 question
  144. DIY inline heater build
  145. DIY co2 with champagne yeast?
  146. DIY LED for 120P: questions for the experts!
  147. Un-even floor 20g Long.
  148. walnut stand for a 220g
  149. Does anyone have mangroves suspended at the top of their tank?
  150. Automated water change
  151. DIY fertilizer for rooted plants
  152. DIY CO2 gassing fish at night?
  153. attaching an aquarium background with oil
  154. Teflon Tape?
  155. DIY LED for 60-P advice sought
  156. Any used airline valves to control flow on autodoser (fountain pump method)?
  157. Thinking about a dual container reactor
  158. My 75gal Canopy
  159. What driver to use with Typhon LED Controller Kit
  160. Cutting down a tank?
  161. 6 gallon LED lighting...need help with the basics to decide if I will proceed
  162. Tank build
  163. DIY stand question
  164. DIY CO2 compression fitting leaks
  165. Led driver and arduino help needed
  166. DIY driftwood terrace (lots of pics)
  167. Does anyone have any ideas for....
  168. Level Switch Mounting
  169. adjustable feet for DIY stand
  170. FINALLYYYYY I DIYed mine :-) - Its up and running now :-))))
  171. DIY Aquarium Tree Request
  172. My small DIY projects.
  173. DIY 5g seamless plexi canopy
  174. Driftwood for Aquarium
  175. Tank divider to hold floating plants
  176. Canister filter with built in heater, co2 reactor
  177. DIY Difuser
  178. where to get acrylic tubes?
  179. no mouth-to-hose water changes!
  180. Suction cup/holder for 1/2' and 3/4' PVC ?
  181. What thickness of bottom glass for a 5 gallon?
  182. Too much CO2 from DIY CO2 injector
  183. My 75 gal DIY stand
  184. As simple as it gets - My DIY canister filter
  185. DIY CO2 no longer working
  186. Sponge/Foam filtering
  187. 5g DIY canister filter
  188. DIY 3D Background - Drylok Question
  189. Convert Lux meter to PAR meter?
  190. Hybrid Cerges/Purigen Reactor. Is it possible?
  191. Free Driftwood collecting
  192. trying to make a water pump
  193. plasti-dip or other rubber dips
  194. DIY canister filter with built in heater.
  195. acrylic sheet links?
  196. Odyssea CFS 500
  197. DIY acrylic?
  198. Cerges reactor work at 1000gph?
  199. Auto water change hiccup
  200. DIY led cannon idea
  201. Is it possible to make a spray bar for HOB filter output
  202. Help on Hanging Light, S-Shaped Conduit?
  203. how to screw acrylic and not yourself
  204. silicone?
  205. Concept Filter Design! Need input :P
  206. CO2 Reactor
  207. DIY Co2 not starting?
  208. DIY Co2 not starting?
  209. Minute DIY C02 bubbles
  210. Just to put my soul at rest - adding another DIY cantainer of co2 won't...
  211. I built my own rimless 7.5g
  212. DIY canister filter from household filter
  213. New DIY CO2 - worried about too much co2
  214. Weipro PH-2010 Controller
  215. DIY CO2 System - How to do it
  216. Another DIY 4*dkh Solution
  217. LED Help
  218. DIY spray bar cost
  219. Is it possible to permanently seal a used 5 gallon bucket with standard lid?
  220. Summers around the corner
  221. Tank stand for 20g long breeder tank
  222. First tank rack
  223. Built my first pleco caves
  224. question about the diy co2 system- distribution / location
  225. MaXimize your aquarium Light With Reflectors
  226. PVC plumbing that looks like wood
  227. Surface Skimmer
  228. Is this normal for diy co2?
  229. High power DIY led multichip build
  230. Will krazy glue seal DIY CO2 bottles properly
  231. modifying light fixture in hood
  232. Anyone try this with pressurized CO2
  233. DIY overflow not keeping up with pump
  234. Removing trim on my 30g
  235. Diy light hanger. Need some ideas
  236. In the process of doing DIY co2, a questions
  237. Converting TV stand into a tank stand
  238. Constructing a fish trap?????
  239. DIY LED kit for a heavily planted 20L (solderless?)
  240. Help with multistage co2 regulator.
  241. Any truth to this
  242. DIY Vuppa - Surface protein remover
  243. Anyone made their own Na2S2O35H2O dechlor? Need numbers here...
  244. Sandfall/Underwater waterfall
  245. Is this stand strong enough? SOLVED! Thanks for all of your input!
  246. Aquarium safe Cement/Epoxy
  247. Gelcap suppliers?
  248. DIY Co2 and dispersion
  249. My DIY 36" LED light
  250. I'm having DIY CO2 Difficulties.