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: Fertilizers and Water Parameters

  1. CO2 tablets
  2. What els can I use
  3. Balance Still Not Right
  4. Lowering Nitrate Levels
  5. Do EI dosing solutions need to be mixed or shaken occasionally?
  6. Potassium sulphate only during cycle
  7. Fertz in new tank.
  8. Nitrate--Better to Have Too Little or Too Much?
  9. Is this nitrogen deficiency?
  10. gH vs. kH (Drifting Apart)
  11. Wonky pH/GH/KH readings: Help me troubleshoot.
  12. Good water test kit
  13. Holes in new growth
  14. Causes of pH increase?
  15. Putting Osmocote+ in Substrate (BDBS)
  16. Need to increase KH and have a few questions
  17. Hard Water Blues
  18. I can't seem to keep my nitrates down. Need help please
  19. Zorfox's Calculator and EI Dosing
  20. Help with new plants in an old tank
  21. O2 at night?
  22. Sulfate Levels?
  23. Please check my EI dosing. Do I need to boost GH?
  24. Well water with water softener
  25. Individual Nutrient Roles in Plant Growth?
  26. Rotting Spiderwood
  27. Iron sand and adding fertilisers
  28. PH and calculating CO2 concentration
  29. Blue Green Algae
  30. RO Water Help!!!
  31. Niloc Thrive fert and shrimp
  32. Ramping auto dosing fertilizers based on plant density
  33. Starting a new planted tank - Help on fertilization
  34. H2O2 causing bubbles everywhere?
  35. issues getting drop checker green
  36. Nitrate inhibited (not uptaken by plants)
  37. 10g dosing suggestions
  38. Gh Kh PH test
  39. EI Stock Solution?
  40. EI daily
  41. Why are my nitrates so high?
  42. Potassium reference solution
  43. Macro/Micro mix dosing.
  44. Mono Potassium Phosphate to lower Nitrates
  45. Persistent Ammonia at 2.0
  46. Why is my pH rising?
  47. Pps pro with frequent water changes
  48. pH situation + Crushed Coral
  49. Questions on osmocote tabs
  50. New to C02 - Advise needed for 75 gal
  51. Help me pinpoint what is wrong with my tank?
  52. Need input on my fert levels ! 450L & 110L (Estimative Index Dosing)
  53. CO2 issue
  54. How much can you change nitrate per day
  55. [SOLVED]HELP hygrophilia deficiency!
  56. Reaction when mixing Macro
  57. Favorite Root Tabs? And other questions.
  58. CO2 - How much is needed?
  59. Seachem Excel Question
  60. Nutrient Deficiency ?
  61. how long will it last
  62. Excessive CO2 Symptoms
  63. Co2.. Plant killers?
  64. Fertilizer for 180 Gallon Tank, plus 65 gallon sump
  65. How long to degass using a pump
  66. Flourish Iron without Seachem
  67. Film on drop checker?
  68. Does CO2 chemically react with Brass? Copper and Zinc
  69. Topping off with distilled (store bought) water?
  70. The Triple Exchange Water Change
  71. Excel without Seachem.
  72. Help with deficiencies of plants and GSA
  73. Roy’s Dolomite Adventure
  74. Is CaCO3 a Good Source of Calcium?
  75. Co2 Booster or the real thing
  76. Water parameters new tank
  77. Help me with AR mini, what's happening, toxicity?
  78. Mixing Dry Ferts for auto EI Dosing with Jebao Pump
  79. Good commercial test kit
  80. Problem Tap Water/Other Chemistry Questions.
  81. DIY Barr's GH Booster?
  82. How do you count Nitrogen level (for fish vs plants)?
  83. Aquasoil that has absorbed toxic amounts of micros
  84. KNO3 with dechlorinator
  85. Osmocote under Black Diamond Media?
  86. Which ferts would work best for this setup?
  87. Tetra Aqua Safe, Seachem Prime?
  88. Is my tank cycled?
  89. Need a SIMPLE, general fertilizer regime
  90. Unsure about fertilizer choice for beginner 10 gallon
  91. On the stability of prime when heated
  92. Potassium Bicarbonate Measure Needed
  93. Help with my plants please!
  94. How much muriatic acid for liquid ferts?
  95. Very slight ammonia spikes
  96. Csm+b at 7.6ph
  97. K Only Dosing for Low Tech,Low Light,No CO2 Planted Tank ?
  98. pH meter recommendations
  99. API Testing Questions - Help?
  100. pH question
  101. Cloudy water.
  102. Should I go full ei or reduced ei?
  103. Nitrates: To dose or not to dose
  104. RO Water Nutrients
  105. Seachem Advance
  106. Dosing for medium light co2
  107. Osmocote and Air Bubbles on Surface
  108. Help me with dosing
  109. Follow the Directions?
  110. Good Gel Caps?
  111. Daily water changes <15%
  112. Making Clay Tabs
  113. tank volume
  114. Could I me dosing too much?
  115. pps-pro and dry fert mixing with GLA GH booster
  116. Lousy water conditions
  117. "no fertilizers" for me too
  118. Question about iron supplementation
  119. Metricide 14 Quart Price
  120. 3 water changes compared to 50%
  121. Flourish
  122. Dolomite as a source of Ca and Mg
  123. Potassium Test Kit
  124. Your Stance On Water Changes?
  125. Nitrates. What levels are safe?
  126. Fertilizers for Sand
  127. What buffer for de-ionized water for soft water?
  128. going back to using the water softner
  129. k2so4 noob question
  130. EI Ferts & viability
  131. Help please. GSA Algae growth rampant.
  132. PMDD Ratio..HELP
  133. Nitrates 0 ppm
  134. Purigen Regeneration Observation
  135. Stunted rotala macrandras.
  136. Made ferts with tap water (hard)
  137. PH Level High
  138. Shrimp dying
  139. Color bleeding leaves falling off
  140. question about flourish excel
  141. Water Hardness and GH Booster Question?
  142. Looking to start using co2
  143. Drop checker blue not turning green
  144. 320 milligrams of seachem "safe"?
  145. Droupsy in tank
  146. Fert Advice
  147. Sudden spike in Nitrites
  148. Fert link ?
  149. Using Dolomite
  150. Cycle question with seeded media
  151. Brighty K Replication
  152. "No fertilizers" - pictures of extremely healthy plants
  153. Drinking tank water
  154. How many fish provide enough Nitrate and Phosphate
  155. Test kits??
  156. Tank recovering after years of increasing water hardness
  157. Way to calculate GH and Kh?
  158. blasting co2 and no change drop checker
  159. Water Parameters [Please, help me out!]
  160. EI Calculator for Android Phone
  161. CO2 bell vacation questions...need help within 2hours!
  162. Metricide dosing?
  163. Anyone else dose Excel with CO2?
  164. Questions about Excel dosage time and vacation! ANY TIPS ARE WELCOME!
  165. Question on EI
  166. Help needed with cryptocorene parva
  167. Being given a tank and fish, not sure of parameters of old tank
  168. CO2 and airstone?
  169. Is SEQUESTAR Iron Aquarium Safe?
  170. Will this Iron work for an Aquarium?
  171. Need dosing advice
  172. API Testing Kits. Grrr!
  173. EI Dosing low/med light with co2
  174. Need help with white cloudy water
  175. My tap water KH and GH is about 11 is that enough ?
  176. Thrive All In One Liquid Fertilizer? Yay or Nay?
  177. Dissolved CO2 calculator in freshwater tanks
  178. Algae bloom + snails near top
  179. Rising nitrates
  180. Liquid EI dosing
  181. EI Suggestions
  182. PurFiltrum VS Purigen
  183. Leaving Ferts Out?
  184. Some Excel Questions
  185. gh/kh/ph tank vs tap questions
  186. High Nitrites vs Seachem Stability
  187. Starting EI dosing
  188. RO water tests at 4° kh?
  189. question about ferts
  190. pH Issue
  191. Snail population explosion raises pH level?
  192. Api unreliable? ?
  193. Alternative to Metricide 14?
  194. Liquid KH dosing
  195. GH and KH - My Soft Water Issue
  196. Good info on EI method?
  197. Question about dry ferts
  198. Nitrates in tap?
  199. Does Manzanita NEED to be presented?
  200. Water testing
  201. Copper and silicone
  202. What to do????
  203. My cycling levels...
  204. Are nitrates really that bad?
  205. Meaning behind "poor water quality"
  206. PH questions.
  207. High Nitrate problem.
  208. FeEDDHA Made a Difference
  209. pps pro water changes
  210. Fertilizing "Medium" Tech Nano Tank
  211. What am I lacking nutrient wise?
  212. Cheapest Website for Ferts?
  213. Puzzling Nitrite in fishless cycle.
  214. 0 nitrates...what should I do?
  215. pH way too low?
  216. how to dose ferts in my 20 gallon low tech?
  217. Out of the tap, your city water?
  218. dosing for larger tank
  219. pH, GH, KH increasing?
  220. Anyone else?
  221. Miracle-Gro?
  222. EI dosing with water change twice a week
  223. co2 manzanita, chart and dc
  224. Dosing Flourish comp and API Leaf Zone?
  225. Make your own: All-In-One plant food
  226. Stainless steel container for iron solution
  227. Metricide 14 vs Flourish Excel
  228. Is my CO2 set too high?
  229. Low test results high tds?
  230. My water parameters
  231. KH , GH question
  232. The best fert auto-dosing question ever to be asked on this forum
  233. Newbie to the planted tank...algae & brown leaf disaster, help needed
  234. Calculating CO2
  235. Please help me figure this one out.....
  236. Rocks Affecting Water Parameters
  237. Mixing RO and TAP 50/50. Now my aquarium KH is almost nonexistent
  238. EI and short vacation
  239. Please help a complete noob
  240. CO2 and new tank cycle
  241. Refrigerating ALL SeaChem Products?
  242. When to dose liquid fertilizers
  243. Dosing KH2PO4 without KNO3 and EI?
  244. EDTA only delivers 1/10th(loses 90% effect) at PH 7.2
  245. Fertilizer and algae issue
  246. Switching out TNC Trace / CSM-B to what?
  247. Does this mix look right to you?
  248. Need Advice on using RO filter
  249. Alkalinity in Freshwater
  250. How much ammonia is needed to cause problems?