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: Fertilizers and Water Parameters

  1. dry ferts vs comprehensive or leaf zone
  2. Fert Dosing with Drip Water Change?
  3. Does Flourish Advance work?
  4. How often do I replace Osmocote?
  5. GH climbing again...thoughts?
  6. When to dose Mg and Ca
  7. Help with with fertilizer please
  8. Most Effective Method of Nitrate Reduction--Methanol Dosing
  9. Help with water parameters
  10. New Tank Water Parameter Help
  11. Best RO/DI additives?
  12. Gh/kh and C02 levels
  13. Quick questions about EI dosing from a newbie
  14. Ammonia in tap water?
  15. I want to start dosing ferts but have a few questions.
  16. 190g...no nh4/no2 for 2 weeks... add ferts?
  17. Fert and Schedule Suggestions
  18. What fertilizer????
  19. Amonia spike... water change enough?
  20. Perplexing water parameters....
  21. Dosing & Nutrients... straight dope?
  22. Seachem Advance Review is in
  23. Well water or switch to RO
  24. Cloudy water from ferts?
  25. dKH pushing 30!
  26. How to differentiate API NO3 chart colors?
  27. Miller Microplex Toxicity--PLEASE READ
  28. Bad juju? Plants melting, fish and snails dying.
  29. Chlorine Deficiency?
  30. Low PH in 8 year old tank?
  31. Increasing Potassium for Hydrocotyle pinnatifida???
  32. Lazulu-Aquatics-NE-ULTRA-Aquatic-Aquarium-Plant-Fertilizer
  33. Going out of town, should I add extra Excel?
  34. Water parameters help
  35. Trying to find the right balance for my 20 long..its getting irritating
  36. Help me understand PH testing? (photo enclosed)
  37. Low ph help
  38. Calculating water parameters using rain water?
  39. [Help] Got extremely sick, didn't dose for a week, algae took over
  40. Thrive Vs. Thrive+
  41. blue wizard
  42. PPS Pro- Can I dose at night?
  43. How to balance dosing seachem liquid ferts
  44. Drip system questions
  45. partial ro water changes?
  46. phosphate reactor in planted tank
  47. High phosphate
  48. Cheap co2 system for tank?
  49. Toxicity of Ammonia in acidic and basic water
  50. Help devising a fert regiment for a new set up
  51. Do dry ferts expire?
  52. chunks in my micros
  53. Miller Microplex, CSM+B--EDTA
  54. API Leaf Zone Liquid Fert.
  55. DSM with ferts
  56. Aquasoil buffering and plant deficiency
  57. New Tank: pH, KH, GH with API Kits
  58. KH Zero GH 4 Hightech New tank
  59. Is This a Good Fertilizer?
  60. Some questions unclear about EI
  61. never buying another api test again
  62. Deciding on what Fert Method
  63. Dry fertilizer
  64. Measuring Spoons
  65. Osmcate plus root tabs
  66. Multiple doses a day
  67. Odd parameters in 6 week old 40g
  68. Help me switch from PPS-PRO to EI
  69. Plant deficiency
  70. Where to buy potassium nitrate and how pure should it be?
  71. Crushed coral to stabilize pH?
  72. Need help with incredibly high KH and PH
  73. Help with fert dosing (nitrates)
  74. How to lower GH/ tank issues
  75. Low KH High GH?
  76. Nitrate Level
  77. Types of fertilizers that require dirt and not aquarium substrate?
  78. KH2PO4 not detected by Sera Phosphate Test Kit
  79. Anyone ever use crushed coral to raise KH
  80. Raising nitrates and Phosphates safely
  81. 900 planted gallons H2O: Fish waste have everything my plants need?
  82. Really dumb question about EI Ferts..
  83. Low Tech Newbie Setup
  84. nitrates from the tap
  85. Phosphate test strips
  86. Did I make a mistake using Mg or do I need to add Ca??
  87. In the middle of cycling....
  88. How much Ferts should I buy, EI dosing ?
  89. How do you dose EI without doing a water change every week?
  90. Seachem Trace daily
  91. tap water is like pure poison for frogs.
  92. PPS-PRO Water change question KNO3
  93. Check these paremeters
  94. How to lower ammonia levels
  95. PH parameters and shrimp deaths
  96. Would this be a good fertilizing plan?
  97. Help with nitrates
  98. TDS 1000+! Tap water 97, please help!
  99. Low Tech: LeafZone vs. Seachem Flourish + Potassium
  100. Aponogeton sp.
  101. Macro Nutrients in a stocked Tank
  102. Ei dosing question
  103. Too Much Maintenance? Want To Reduce...
  104. Diy root tabs help needed.
  105. ph issues .. trouble shoot?
  106. CO2, green drop checker only if CO2 on overnight
  107. What am I missing?
  108. pH and kH confusion
  109. N vs NO3
  110. Puzzling about pearl and oxygen
  111. Fertilizer Schedule and Water Test Help
  112. What to use for base layer nutrients
  113. Medium CO2 levels. Algae?
  114. C/Mg Deficiency Questions
  115. Should I Switch to Dry Fertilizers
  116. Confirm Ideas to Improve KH, GH, and pH values
  117. Additive question/advice
  118. Where to place root tabs?
  119. Sword plant macro fertilization
  120. fertz
  121. Is it possible to not need C02 based on your PH and KH readings?
  122. Has my tank lost its cycle?
  123. Using the eheim oxygen diffuser for co2
  124. crusshed oyster shells to harden water?
  125. Fine tuning my dosing, need input.
  126. Interrelated parameters confusing
  127. Oversized your Filter
  128. Seachem Excel question
  129. ph .. is it too high?
  130. low pH
  131. Nitrite test tube changes overnight.
  132. Buffering and pH
  133. Any low nitrogen root tabs?
  134. KH really low and GH depleting over the week. Remedies
  135. EI and the importance of the "rest day"
  136. I'm confused. What's going on with my cycle?
  137. Best way to provide CO2 for a large tank.
  138. Is it okay to dose ferts while medicating?
  139. Dosing regime and traveling
  140. EI dosing question
  141. Overdose of ferts
  142. K2SO4 (potassium) question
  143. Newbie and Fertilizers
  144. Rotalabutterfly.com down?
  145. Please help me add PO4 to mt tank.
  146. How should i mix these ferts to create a good mix?
  147. Help with RO water please!!
  148. PPS Method: I screwed up big time!
  149. New location, new water regimen
  150. Rodi
  151. Cycling Question: Time for a Water Change?
  152. Anyone used a 2-stage filter to remove nitrates from well water like this?
  153. Help with fixing tank parameters
  154. Gh Booster problem
  155. What do you use for your trace fert?
  156. How is my tap water?
  157. Can high phosphates kill fish? What the heck is going on with my tank.
  158. Liquid dosing with nutrient rich substrate
  159. How do I switch from tap to RO water?
  160. Newbie doesn't know where to start!
  161. Cycling, Ferts, Plants, and Fish (yes, I'm a Newbie)
  162. Dwarf sags melting
  163. Tropica fertiliser
  164. What Nutrient is lacking?
  165. Silicate
  166. Dosing Dry Ferts
  167. EI dosing connundrum
  168. 'Seeding' distilled water with trophs?
  169. Understanding ph/kh and co2 levels
  170. New to ferts: questions about 50% water changes and parameters
  171. What is this cycling thing doing.
  172. Completely Over My Head
  173. Totally lost with dosing...
  174. High Nitrates
  175. Calcium deposits on leaves
  176. Raising KH
  177. EI Dosing and High Nitrate Levels
  178. Free Chlorine?
  179. Increase CO2 by lowering pH?
  180. Using needle to inject liquid ferts into substrate. Does it work?
  181. What is the new EI dosing?
  182. What could be causing these deposits?
  183. PPS PRO Has been changed?
  184. Fertilizers with Aquasoil Amazonia
  185. Rotala Butterfly Nutrient Calculator
  186. Storing liquid PPS Pro Fertilizers
  187. Potash or osmocote
  188. What is it? and what's wrong with it?!
  189. Should I dose iron?
  190. Does activated carbon remove IRON EDTA ???
  191. Fertilizer composition
  192. Plants yellowing in my Fluval edge
  193. DSM ferts and dry ice
  194. what causes this?
  195. change to rotalabutterfly nutrient calculator regarding csm+b and Miller
  196. Micro nutrient deficiency - yes it can happen!
  197. Quick Q on making EI solution
  198. What does this say about my water quality?
  199. Seachem Flourish FULL analysis
  200. Bored of drop tests
  201. High nitrates and diatoms
  202. Potassium Ferts
  203. Close, but not quite where I want it to be with dosing and growth
  204. Chemists! What can be dosed through a water replacement sump?
  205. DIY Auto Dosing System
  206. Excel and Algaefix at the same time?!?!
  207. A miracle that needs to be explained...
  208. Water parameters and algae and change...
  209. Dry fert. check list
  210. Could someone help me with a dosing schedule for my tank.
  211. 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, 0 nitrate - What's Going On?!
  212. Help for noob dosing
  213. Just had my well water tested
  214. What deficiency so I have
  215. Whats causes this on my Anubias and sword plant
  216. New home, new water. How am I looking?
  217. Dosing Iron and Phosphate at same time?
  218. C02 24/7?
  219. HELP! Super nitrite spikes, worried fish won't make the night
  220. Low pH and Ammonium
  221. What is causing pale new growth?
  222. high nitrates
  223. Foliar Sprays for DSM/Yogurt method
  224. Types of Ferts for 10 gallon tank
  225. Co2 during Light siesta?
  226. New planted tank cloudy water
  227. Help with PH crash?
  228. csm+b vs tropica fertiliser
  229. Phosphate trouble (i think)
  230. Water Parameters
  231. New Member
  232. EI and Dosing Calculators
  233. fert estimates
  234. General Fert Questions
  235. Purigen Bag
  236. Am I dosing properly?....should i add k2so4 to my regime?
  237. Seachem Purigen - Should I replace?
  238. Balancing pH, KH, plant and fish requirements
  239. Seachem Ammonia Alert
  240. Adjusting Hardness
  241. PPS-Pro micros
  242. Aquarium Note Application
  243. Zerowater filter as a replacement for RO
  244. Help - Small and narrow new leaves - deficiency?
  245. My Tab water analysis .. Any advise is welcomed
  246. pH too low and how to raise it
  247. Help rock for aquascape
  248. Questions about EI dosing
  249. Upgrading Tank
  250. 30 ppm of Natural Co2 in my tank