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: Fertilizers and Water Parameters

  1. Steal on Eheim pro\other cannisters
  2. Is my tank cycled?
  3. Safe CO2 level for livestock
  4. Fertilizers and Co2: How necessary are they?
  5. Looking for advice
  6. Under Substrate Feeding
  7. nutrient deficiency issues, help!!!
  8. Confused about PPS dosing and NO3 levels
  9. Importance of Water Flow?
  10. Best way to raise kh/gh/ph?
  11. Water analysis
  12. EI + demanding plants
  13. Iron Tablets
  14. Ugh.. cycling help pls
  15. RO vs. Distilled for replacing evaporation
  16. high tds
  17. GH absolutely through the roof 1400+ppm!
  18. Premixing SeaChem Ferts
  19. Weird test results
  20. Test kit shows perfect results with no water change
  21. Persistant Ich, Acid water, potting soil
  22. Whats the best 6.6 PH Buffer
  23. Need Help Acclimating Corys - LFS TDS 950ppm! My tank TDS 187ppm
  24. Fertilizer Absorption
  25. CO2 vs. Dry Ferts
  26. Ammonia with PH 5.9
  27. Seiryu Stone Increasing GH & KH
  28. Confused about PH KH & CO2
  29. PPS Pro dosing
  30. Higher KH to save CO2?
  31. NilocG Help Deciding
  32. Ferts/algae
  33. How's my dosing math?
  34. Aquarium PH Lower than tap?!
  35. How long do fertilizers stay in the water?
  36. Ca and Mg levels from Rotala Calculator
  37. is there any fertilizer that has equal amounts of every nutrient
  38. UPDATE phosphate, Kh/gh test
  39. Effect of iron
  40. Storing/using water softener pillow
  41. RO water and remineralization
  42. Low nitrate
  43. Tds, kh/gh, phosphate
  44. Red Sea Foundation
  45. Water change max
  46. question aobut KH and pH
  47. TDS Dilution - Brain block
  48. Help with Eco-complete and fertilization
  49. What do you think?
  50. Limnophilia aromatica help
  51. 0 ppm nitrates in nano aquarium
  52. 0 Amonia - 0 Nitrites - 0 Nitrates from pet store.
  53. kh higher than my gh??
  54. Tap water phosphates 0.4. Too high?
  55. Used aqua soil rescape water changes
  56. Florida coral rock
  57. Light for jungle Val question
  58. Osmocote plus root tabs safe for cichlids?
  59. Measuring kh
  60. TDS Reading
  61. HIGH ph
  62. Bio-Chem Zorb
  63. pH of 9 in fluval stratum 4.5 gallon
  64. Is this soft, moderate, or hard water?
  65. Do liquid ferts go bad?
  66. Cycling: Ammonia and Nitrites very high
  67. Looking to change Ferts.
  68. Looking for dry ferts to dose nitrates/phosphates/potassium individually
  69. Tank cycling nitrite peak and ammocarb
  70. Nilocg Enhance
  71. Testing tap water hardness, chlorine/chloramines/fluoride?
  72. API Ca+ test kit
  73. How to double (or more) the uses out of your API test kits
  74. Flourish and Water Chemistry
  75. New to EI - hydroponics fertilizers?
  76. Elos Mg test
  77. Switching to thrive but not sure which one
  78. Purigen causing cloudiness??m
  79. WHITE Downoi growth
  80. PH problems
  81. Help overdose sechem iron
  82. MicroBurr
  83. Soft Water and CO2 Dosing
  84. Pumice Stone CEC and Ferts
  85. Best Nitrate Tesk Kit?
  86. Cycling my tank
  87. Does osmocote+ have to be in gel caps?
  88. Saltwater guy needs help with this fertilizer thing
  89. Help adjust my ferts
  90. I NEED HELP with FISHLESS cycling my tank
  91. Just got a bottle of Thrive
  92. RODI and Equilibrium
  93. Why is my water cloudy?
  94. CO2 injection in RODI?
  95. Mircale Grow Plant Food
  96. GLA GH Booster Composition
  97. hazy water
  98. Fishless Cycle Help and Question
  99. Fe EDTA 11% - Need help
  100. Dosing Non C02 Dirted Tank
  101. pH Help
  102. Flourish or Excel?
  103. High Ammonia in tank?
  104. EI Dosing: How Many PPM Nitrate Before WC?
  105. How to test for NPK, any complete npk test kit? Root tabs?
  106. RO water with higher pH?
  107. Tap water with iron
  108. Are these sea rocks safe for my freshwater tank?
  109. Revitalising my tank, help with water parameters
  110. Blending Tap and RO
  111. Do liquid ferts go bad?
  112. First tank(24hrs old), making sense of parameters.
  113. Iron & plantex csm-b
  114. Excel timing
  115. GH Booster's
  116. Ammonia In Planted Tank
  117. E.I. dosing really works !
  118. Can you really put off water changes?
  119. Sparkling water?
  120. pfertz questions
  121. Issues with Seachem Flourish
  122. Questions about my ongoing cycling
  123. Water chemistry help. In need of solutions.
  124. Good line of ready made fertilizers
  125. Canister Filter Cleaning
  126. Water parameters?
  127. Potassium Question
  128. Do I need any more micros?
  129. Pre-Mixed EI Solutions, Refrigerate?
  130. Emergency: possible damage control! Need advice.
  131. RO H2O in Large Rubbermaid Trash Cans with lids on
  132. Would this work for DIY root tabs
  133. Quick Cycle Shrimp Tank
  134. Algae problems-hair-help
  135. seachem and ro
  136. RO Reconstitution
  137. If it sounds to good etc
  138. Low Traces, Different Sources, Bad Results
  139. Water help please
  140. GLA Micros/Macros pack
  141. Is this aquarium safe?
  142. Fertilization during cycling a high tech panted tank
  143. I've been using Equilibrium to raise GH, do I need another source for micros?
  144. Cheapest source for EI ferts?
  145. Leaf Curl and Twisting
  146. Mixing fertz
  147. I can't lower the ammonia
  148. Hard water quality questions
  149. Deficiency Opinions???
  150. False Positive Ammonia readings?
  151. 40 ppm NO3 too high?
  152. Aluminum and Iron oxide in Freshwater
  153. Using De-ionized Water to Lower pH
  154. Osmacote plus and crazy parameters
  155. Root Tabs not going in substrate!!!!
  156. RO storage container sediment
  157. Phosphate and nitrate levels
  158. Prime, Stability and "Fish In" Cycling
  159. Talk to me about low KH...
  160. EI Dosing Regimen
  161. Salty Shrimp Mineral GH/KH+
  162. PPS Pro and Finnex 24/7 mode
  163. EI Fert Dosing Schedule
  164. Should I dose Flourish Comp. daily vs. weekly?
  165. Need opinion on fertilizer with Mycorrhizae
  166. Losing gain
  167. Crushed coral for RO water?
  168. Question with API gh and kh test kit
  169. Need some good assistance!
  170. Aquarium Info CO2 Calc?
  171. Recommendations for my water parameters
  172. PH dropping too low at night.
  173. r/o remineralize
  174. Water Test Results
  175. Do these parameter values seem reasonable?
  176. How do you know if a dry fert is safe?
  177. Checkup
  178. What nutrient am I lacking?
  179. Need assistance deciphering my water parameters with the API master test kit
  180. Parameter testing
  181. What is causing my GH and KH to rise substantially during the week?
  182. We're to but dry ferts ?
  183. The Iron Fish Test: Fe+ Feh Foe Fum...
  184. Is NilocG Thrive suitable for low tech planted tank?
  185. polyethylene In aquarium.
  186. Are the Nilocg dosing instructions correct?
  187. GH / Nitrate Ratio Relationship To Stunted Plants
  188. pH drop via CO2 speed?
  189. EI Water Change - 0 nitrate PPM
  190. Lowering KH by Boiling Water
  191. Frequent Water Changes and EI Dosing
  192. Does this make sense? Very low alkalinity with good parameters otherwise
  193. Either I can't read a test kit properly...
  194. API KH test kit
  195. Thrive +
  196. Low nitrates
  197. CO2 Calculation from 5-in-1 API Test Strip
  198. First batch of 100% RO/DI
  199. Another RO thread but I did read the others first!
  200. Flourish, Flourish Tabs, and Flourish Excel questions
  201. Dosing calculator confusion?
  202. Ammonia question
  203. How long to correct a deficiency?
  204. Mid cycle, high nitrite, tea bag with fish food.
  205. Fresh Ada Amazonia Soil
  206. Water parameters test kits and types
  207. Has anyone ordered from Aquarium fertilizer dot com
  208. Need help reconstituting RO
  209. Need help reconstituting RO (and introduction)
  210. Keeping QT tank cycled
  211. xtra fertilizer added to soil
  212. Noob Fert Questions...
  213. Is this a K deficiency?
  214. How do I do better??
  215. Ortho phosphate added to tap water
  216. Easy-Life Filter Medium
  217. Weekend trips with EI dosing
  218. Remineralize RO Water Question
  219. Problem with cloudy water. UV Sterilizer, purigen, no ammonia.
  220. back in after years off amateur
  221. Do I need fertilizer?
  222. Hardness GH/KH
  223. Are fertilizers needed with a Bio-Home filtration system?
  224. PH, KH and GH from my tap
  225. Need experienced eyes and minds. Am I cycled?
  226. pH off the chart
  227. high phosphate?
  228. CSM+B Mixed in blender
  229. Adjusting K for Hygrophila
  230. KNO3 and K2SO4 Combined Solubility
  231. Green leaf ferts.
  232. Tap Water Hardness & pH
  233. RO System for Aquariums
  234. High Tech KH help needed
  235. Killing fish
  236. Seachem Dosing Calendar
  237. First GH & KH test, help with results please
  238. Seachem Safe Dosing?
  239. Beginner testing water schedule
  240. Should I mix with rain water
  241. Questions about Nitrogen and Nitrates
  242. New to plants, what should I dose first?
  243. Solution color for drop checker fluid
  244. Green Water
  245. Fertilization Problems (I think)
  246. wanting to switch to RO water
  247. Dosing Thrive+ for 12 gallon?
  248. Are scale inhibitors aquaria-safe?
  249. GH is 21! How do I lower?
  250. K2SO4 (PPS Pro) vs K2O (Seachem Potassium)