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: Fertilizers and Water Parameters

  1. Need Opinions With My Co2 Setup
  2. Cycling New Tank
  3. How to get dirt-like growth with sand/gravel and DIY ferts?
  4. Nitrate Consumption by Plants
  5. Using RODI water?
  6. What ferts can I stack and which ones need to be separate
  7. No nitrates or ammonia
  8. CSM+B light sensitivity?
  9. Decaying sword leaves
  10. High ammonia problem
  11. C02/ph/kh
  12. remineralize ro water
  13. Remove tannins - Purigen?
  14. Seachem Advance
  15. How to measure/track micros?
  16. pH wont go down
  17. Is CSM+B necessary with this regiment ?
  18. Rolling my own - can't find suitable CSM+B
  19. What plants might miss?
  20. StockSolPro Resurrected
  21. Speeding up Tank Cycling
  22. Nitrates and ug/L and PPM
  23. Saltwater API Calcium test question
  24. CO2 Issue
  25. Share your experience with Glosso Factory Ferts!
  26. Iron level question.
  27. TDS Reading Conundrum
  28. Salty shrimp gh+ or ghbooster...whats the difference?
  29. Do I have sufficient flow?
  30. EI dosing schedule
  31. All-In-One Fert Recommendations?
  32. Pet urine smell and freshwater tanks
  33. Nothing against parameters
  34. EI daily dosing Fe - Rotala Butterfly
  35. Magnesium test kit
  36. Freshwater parameter measuring
  37. Boron from borax?
  38. Looking for Fert Advice
  39. 71ppm CO2 but only 0.65 drop in pH?
  40. Newb query on Fertilizers
  41. Anyone DIY CSM+B or use a DRY stock copper free micros?
  42. Dennis Wong's APT Complete
  43. Deficiencies Galore?
  44. Check my math, starting EI.
  45. Help Increasing Nitrates
  46. PH changes when mixing tap+RO
  47. What deficiency in R macrandra?
  48. Help WiWater Parameters
  49. wondering about RO water and pH
  50. Seachem line of ferts and my 10 gallon shrimp tank
  51. Most accurate CO2 test?
  52. Timing of fertilizer application with dosing pump?
  53. Ca/Mg Dosing Ratio
  54. CO2 Kit recommendation
  55. Solubility of Ferts in Stock Solution
  56. EI Dosing Contradiction using Rotal Butterfly
  57. Deficiency after starting EI with dry ferts
  58. Floating plants slowing dying - too low nitrate?
  59. K2S04 Needed ?
  60. Seachem Shelf-life
  61. Just got Equilibrium..... Lost
  62. Flourish Excel vs. Metricide
  63. Shift to EI dosing
  64. Wierd issue with a Nitrate test
  65. High nitrates from tap?
  66. Thrive+ vs dry ferts?
  67. Dosing Ca & Mg with Rotala Butterfly
  68. Rotala butterfly dosing confusion
  69. Rotala butterfly K dosing confusion
  70. New at ferts
  71. Central Houston Tapwater and Iron
  72. ph/hardness relationship
  73. Acidic water, co2, acid neutralizers and KH
  74. What KH level is toxic? Signs of KH poisoning?
  75. yet another EI dosing thread.
  76. Liquid fertilizers have secret benefits?
  77. Flourish as micros?
  78. Struggling -- Trying everything to succeed (Looking for some advice)
  79. What deficiency am I experiencing?
  80. Who's eating my PO4?!
  81. Check my math please
  82. Calcite and Corosex for remineralization
  83. Seachem Potassium Crystal Chunks
  84. Should I add Seachem Equalibrium?
  85. Had an oops with ferts need advice
  86. Thrive Dosing - GH levels
  87. Freshly cut spiderwood and Low PH crash
  88. Tapwater pH 7.8, otos require 7.5 or less
  89. Methods of Tannin removal?
  90. R/O, Tap, or a mix?
  91. My initial dosing plans
  92. Ca Gluconate Calculation Error
  93. Without adding CO2, how to have med-low kH and neutral pH
  94. Nirate Test Results
  95. Weird pH crashes and spikes?
  96. Weird pH crashes and spikes?
  97. dosing iron and phosphate
  98. Nitrate Consumption Rates
  99. EI dosing nitrate question
  100. Water Change Frequency?
  101. Purigen or Clarity
  102. No NO3 how to raise them on ADA fertilization?
  103. Too high content of NO2
  104. Fishless cycle stuck in place?
  105. Nitrate testing
  106. CO2/pH Balance for this Dummy
  107. Help me start dosing please - staghorn beginning!
  108. EI Daily Calculation Help
  109. Fertilizer dosing calculation help
  110. Raising GH
  111. Nitrie spike after waterchane
  112. Rodi re mineralization with SEAchem
  113. Osmocote Plus DIY Root Tabs Vs. Regular Root Tabs
  114. Monopotassium Phosphate (GSA) question?
  115. ADA Brighty Line Ferts Yay or Nay?
  116. pH
  117. Complete Fertiliser for Aquarium?
  118. QT PH crash
  119. How often do I dose ammonia in a fishless cycle?
  120. Options for Fertilizing a 450L?
  121. Switching to RO/DI water. Tips please.
  122. Too Much of Some Fert?
  123. PO4 Dosing Frequency
  124. Basic question about prime/dechlorinators
  125. How much nilocg per water change
  126. Easylife products
  127. Multiple buffers at the same time? (different pH)
  128. Highly corrected pH bad for fish?
  129. Hard water with very low pH?
  130. Buffers vs pH adjusters?
  131. New to TDS
  132. Thrive or Thrive+
  133. Thrive vs seachem
  134. A quick answer needed for a quick question
  135. Water change /tank maintenence day
  136. Osmocote plus alternatives
  137. activated carbon and fertilizers?
  138. Confused by Fishless Cycle Readings
  139. Fish dying. Not enough oxygen?
  140. Need help with my calculations dosing experts
  141. Low pH stalling my cycle?
  142. what difency is this?
  143. PPS-Pro dry dosing?
  144. How to raise GH and KH in water
  145. 40b crash
  146. prodibio biodigest and seachem fluorish advance
  147. From one extreme to the other
  148. What Deficiency?
  149. Verifying I don't need to add fertilizer...
  150. Substrate dosing question
  151. jbl proscape test kit any good??
  152. Cycle questions
  153. Problem putting Magnesium in EI macro mix
  154. In need of some fertilizer advice
  155. R/O Systems
  156. Dosing schedule and prime questions
  157. Dosing Nitrate when your water source is already high in Nitrate
  158. Filtering chloramine
  159. Plants could be better but what’s wrong
  160. Food and water cloudiness - the saga continues!
  161. Calcium on rocks
  162. Nitrogen cycle stuck?
  163. Heavy metals in aquarium? Best way to remove?
  164. Storing RO water help please.
  165. Quick question
  166. How to calculate fertilizer ppm ?
  167. New tank with ADA Aquasoil and ferts
  168. High phosphate & low nitrate: lighting related?
  169. Nitrate spike
  170. Remineralizing RO water
  171. pH Theory from a Biologist
  172. Fishless cycle
  173. Dwarf Baby Tears Fertilizing Questions
  174. easylife nitro dosing
  175. Low Tech, Soft Water: Flourish or Equilibrium?
  176. New 20G Planted tank, fertilizer questions
  177. Seachem equalibrium and the affects on pH
  178. Crystal Pure Salt product
  179. Co2 and ph controller during cycling a tank
  180. Chlorine test recommendation
  181. High Tech Shrimp Tank (RODI / Remineralization)
  182. Re mineralizing RO Water
  183. Fluvial stratum or RODI
  184. Potassium, Potassium, Potassium
  185. Dosage amounts for eco complete tank?
  186. RO/DI High pH after Remineralization.
  187. effects of aquasoil on phosphate levels
  188. Extremely high GH. Tap water is super hard
  189. All-in-one Fertilizer comparison
  190. Kent Blackwater Expert
  191. Needles
  192. advice on my dosing
  193. GH and seachem equilibrium
  194. Well... I'm stumped. Fish are not stressed?
  195. Ammonia showing up even in treated water?
  196. Major deficiency problem, please help!
  197. Dosing Seachem Iron....help!
  198. Dosing with Aquavitro
  199. How much salt?
  200. Dry ferts recipe
  201. plants wilting
  202. EI Dosing on my 180G tank - reducing chemicals required
  203. What deficiency is this?
  204. Orchid Food and aquariums.
  205. KH too low?
  206. Cycling with Fish
  207. Water temps of a planted tank
  208. 500 galllon co2 and fertilizing
  209. Easy fert dosing?
  210. Does Seachem Flourish go bad?
  211. Seachem Stability And Tds?
  212. Need help with Nitrates
  213. Water testing
  214. What happens if you have a good balance of light, co2, ferts and...
  215. Cycling 75 gallon without fish - week 3 [ammonia]
  216. Hanna CO2 Test kit
  217. A silly question about water evaporation
  218. EI Fertilizer - Dilute With Water?
  219. Macro / Micro Dosing With Osmocote And Seachem Flourish
  220. RO or tap water?
  221. How to automate E.I. dosing?
  222. Maybe stupid question
  223. Nitrate at 5PPM, too low for planted tank?
  224. Rotala Calculator EI question
  225. Root tab placement
  226. DIY root tabs
  227. High PH help!
  228. Seachem Stability
  229. potassium defficiency
  230. Plant deficiency
  231. Co2 Pressure Drop & Leakage?
  232. Measuring dissolved oxygen in aquarium
  233. How to increase phosphate levels
  234. DIY Root tabs dissolves too soon?
  235. Ferrous sulfate
  236. Consistently High Nitrate
  237. Water Testing Questions, Feedback requested for next steps
  238. Mature Tank-Nitrates Out Of Control!
  239. What are the factors that promote or inhibit photosynthesis?
  240. First time doing co2. Tips please.
  241. K2SO4 diy liquid fert is green?
  242. Kh and gh super high, what does it mean??
  243. Oxygenation in Planted Tank
  244. Thrive and the KH level
  245. Which of these EI fertilizers seems better for a beginner?
  246. Planed only tank with no substrate fertilizer
  247. Consistent dosing?
  248. MgSO4 Dose Timing
  249. Testing Water Params
  250. Low kH and gH question