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: Fertilizers and Water Parameters

  1. 4PPM Ammonia and Plants
  2. understanding test readings. please help.
  3. Mold
  4. Quick Dosing Question
  5. red clay tabs
  6. Digital thermometer fell into tank and released rust(?) into water. Please help!
  7. Dosing larger tanks
  8. Dosing ferts in my tank?
  9. Don't Do This!
  10. TDS Understanding. I am confused.
  11. Gh of water and how to increase. please help
  12. C02 help
  13. Moving to an RO mix
  14. Both KH & GH reduced since planting up
  15. Good pH/kH parameters in a high tech planted setup?
  16. Dialing in Co2
  17. Mixing Thrive and Flourish
  18. Help with trace elements.
  19. Osmocote+ and Nitrates
  20. This may be the craziest thing I have ever read
  21. Ph spike?? Help?
  22. Fert guidance - Water Quality report
  23. Topping off a tank mid cycle
  24. Explain GH and KH to me?
  25. EI Dosing help with no KNO3
  26. holy smokes
  27. Brown Algae/Diatoms will not go away
  28. Thrive Plus dosing questions
  29. Ferts and growth.
  30. Tap = Gh2 / Kh4... keeping green neons... should I be adding hardness booster?
  31. pH Target for CO2 Injection
  32. Making a nitrate test standard ?
  33. Plants fert uptake & deficiency
  34. 3 day old Tank, ADA soil, no ammonia yet?
  35. Thrive Shrimp safe formula
  36. why the water column?
  37. Cycling substrate before putting it in tank?
  38. Did my tank really cycle in 4 days?
  39. Dry Fertz Help
  40. Fixing Parameters
  41. Cloudy Water
  42. New Tank; intro and questions-Betta!
  43. Kevin Novak: Anoxic Filtration
  44. Nutrient Defficiency?
  45. Fertilizing with Amazonia substrate
  46. Opinion: How many water changes are necessary - it depends
  47. Parameters of water in aquarium on ADA
  48. API plus Thrive, yes or no?
  49. Grape vine mold?
  50. Meds in water
  51. EI dosing Questions and concerns with plants & algae
  52. I can’t tell which deficiencies this is… Ma, K, PO4, idk?
  53. Successfully lower pH without CO2 or chemicals?
  54. Thinking about switching to Thrive+ any thoughts?
  55. Excel timing...
  56. How do correctly Dos seachem flourish
  57. rookie question about hardness
  58. Are these Vallisneria Asiatica?
  59. Phosphate Minimums
  60. I hate to ask this but…
  61. Ludwigia repens deficiency
  62. Weird Cycle Issue
  63. Shrimp turning white all of a sudden
  64. Interesting Article by Karen Randall Comparing Excel with Gluteraldehyde
  65. Crushed coral
  66. API GH & KH test
  67. Seachem equilibrium
  68. Will a mL of vinegar 3x/week wreck my tank?
  69. Salty Shrimp GH/KH Raising PH?
  70. 6g tank, high nitrates. Need advice.
  71. Unstable Parameters?
  72. TDS meter instead of GH strips
  73. The PH mystery..
  74. TDS for Neo's using Seachem Equilibrium
  75. Well water hardness, extreme?
  76. Low pH
  77. You Can Have Success With Hardwater By Using CO2 | Aquascaping | Planted Aquarium
  78. Please help - plants suddenly stunted - how to adjust our dosing?
  79. High nitrates in my well water...
  80. Nitrites high from the tap
  81. PH levels rise between water changes
  82. Co2 surface bubbles and diffuser question
  83. Tank crashed...how to jump start cycle?
  84. 3 Test Kits 3 Results
  85. Co2 and 0 kh
  86. Where can I buy dry ferts?
  87. Good on Nitrates, low on Phosphorous
  88. K1 Without air pump in High Tech Tank
  89. Ph and nitrate troubles.
  90. Water Changes/Nitrate levels
  91. Low Nitrate Seachem dosing
  92. 4dKH Fluid Accuracy?
  93. Test Kits
  94. Making my own RO salt mix
  95. KH? GH? IDK... Co2 injection, ph levels.. Need help
  96. 20 - 40 ppm nitrate is it safe
  97. Potassium Nitrate/Sulfate Dosing EI
  98. Electrolysis and NO3
  99. Kh2po4
  100. Calcium Deficiency w/bad Ca:Mg ratio?
  101. Cycle not starting
  102. Cycling tank having high nitrates
  103. PH test strips
  104. High nitrates
  105. Newly Cycled Tank; Changing Filters
  106. I think this link might be a candidate for this sub form's sticky?
  107. PPS-PRO Dosing
  108. Ada Amazonia and Gh booster?
  109. NEW tank Question
  110. I think I figured it out???
  111. NO3:PO4 Generation And Consumption
  112. R/O Water shelf life
  113. Help lowering PH in 125 gallon
  114. UKAPS EI discussion
  115. Using both API Co2 Booster & Seachem Excel
  116. What to dose in Low Light Tank?
  117. Can I determine TDS of Ferts before adding to Water Column?
  118. Need advice on Fert Dosing and General Additives
  119. Fertilizer levels out of whack.
  120. Fertilizing with a mineralised top soil substrate
  121. Heads up? Watch the water!
  122. Cycle done much earlier than expected
  123. Where to buy KNO3?
  124. Is this ?fertilizer? any good for a low tech setup with plants
  125. False Nitrite Readings?
  126. CO2 generator recipe
  127. Seachem Weekly Dosing Chart
  128. Additional filtration needed?
  129. What Nutrient Deficiency Causes This?
  130. New to Liquid fertilizer thing...
  131. CA/ MG thoughts? Questions?
  132. Is tap water good for Ca and Mg????
  133. All Inclusive Plant Fert for Low-tech tank
  134. What's wrong with my AR?
  135. FIghting velvet algae, limited plant growth
  136. TX Holey Rock and ph parameters
  137. Do I need Excel?
  138. Background / Midground plants struggling
  139. Premixed (RO/DI/Tap) Water Treatment Solution
  140. Thrive or Flourish
  141. Can't Get Nitrates Up
  142. Am I reading my NO2 test wrong?
  143. Is PH important?
  144. Tank still cycling but GH and KH dropping
  145. Phosphates
  146. Which specific types of tests to run
  147. UPDATE - Deficiencies! Pls help me understand.
  148. KH Buffer? DIY
  149. kh buffer help
  150. Beneficial bacteria
  151. Potassium To Nitrate Ratio?
  152. Help extremely high Nitrates
  153. Well Water?
  154. Measuring co2 levels. Parameter issue?
  155. Plant deficiency identification : Help please!
  156. Water Parameters Dont Make Sense During Cycling
  157. Cycling or just part of EI dosing?
  158. what exactly do you use to remineralize RO water?
  159. Do I need to dose Calcium
  160. Mixing Excel with Micros for auto-doser
  161. how to mixed potassium with ei method for a 120g?
  162. pH adjustments
  163. Tap has zero GH and KH, aquasoil not cycling
  164. Fishless Cycling with Buffering Substrate 0KH and Low PH
  165. Ph drop in my 20 gal
  166. new to the EI method
  167. How much should i be dosing?
  168. CO2 Level (drop checker)
  169. Shouldn't I be seeing nitrates already?
  170. Importance of equal distribution of CO2?
  171. No ammonia / nitrite new tank used soil
  172. PH correct in 3 test solutions and 2.6 in in tank
  173. Parameter Help
  174. Steal on Eheim pro\other cannisters
  175. Is my tank cycled?
  176. Safe CO2 level for livestock
  177. Fertilizers and Co2: How necessary are they?
  178. Looking for advice
  179. Under Substrate Feeding
  180. nutrient deficiency issues, help!!!
  181. Confused about PPS dosing and NO3 levels
  182. Importance of Water Flow?
  183. Best way to raise kh/gh/ph?
  184. Water analysis
  185. EI + demanding plants
  186. Iron Tablets
  187. Ugh.. cycling help pls
  188. RO vs. Distilled for replacing evaporation
  189. high tds
  190. GH absolutely through the roof 1400+ppm!
  191. Premixing SeaChem Ferts
  192. Weird test results
  193. Test kit shows perfect results with no water change
  194. Persistant Ich, Acid water, potting soil
  195. Whats the best 6.6 PH Buffer
  196. Need Help Acclimating Corys - LFS TDS 950ppm! My tank TDS 187ppm
  197. Fertilizer Absorption
  198. CO2 vs. Dry Ferts
  199. Ammonia with PH 5.9
  200. Seiryu Stone Increasing GH & KH
  201. Confused about PH KH & CO2
  202. PPS Pro dosing
  203. Higher KH to save CO2?
  204. NilocG Help Deciding
  205. Ferts/algae
  206. How's my dosing math?
  207. Aquarium PH Lower than tap?!
  208. How long do fertilizers stay in the water?
  209. Ca and Mg levels from Rotala Calculator
  210. is there any fertilizer that has equal amounts of every nutrient
  211. UPDATE phosphate, Kh/gh test
  212. Effect of iron
  213. Storing/using water softener pillow
  214. RO water and remineralization
  215. Low nitrate
  216. Tds, kh/gh, phosphate
  217. Red Sea Foundation
  218. Water change max
  219. question aobut KH and pH
  220. TDS Dilution - Brain block
  221. Help with Eco-complete and fertilization
  222. What do you think?
  223. Limnophilia aromatica help
  224. 0 ppm nitrates in nano aquarium
  225. 0 Amonia - 0 Nitrites - 0 Nitrates from pet store.
  226. kh higher than my gh??
  227. Tap water phosphates 0.4. Too high?
  228. Used aqua soil rescape water changes
  229. Florida coral rock
  230. Light for jungle Val question
  231. Osmocote plus root tabs safe for cichlids?
  232. Measuring kh
  233. TDS Reading
  234. HIGH ph
  235. Bio-Chem Zorb
  236. pH of 9 in fluval stratum 4.5 gallon
  237. Is this soft, moderate, or hard water?
  238. Do liquid ferts go bad?
  239. Cycling: Ammonia and Nitrites very high
  240. Looking to change Ferts.
  241. Looking for dry ferts to dose nitrates/phosphates/potassium individually
  242. Tank cycling nitrite peak and ammocarb
  243. Nilocg Enhance
  244. Testing tap water hardness, chlorine/chloramines/fluoride?
  245. API Ca+ test kit
  246. How to double (or more) the uses out of your API test kits
  247. Flourish and Water Chemistry
  248. New to EI - hydroponics fertilizers?
  249. Elos Mg test
  250. Switching to thrive but not sure which one