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: Fertilizers and Water Parameters

  1. Challenges in trying to maintain KH
  2. Ozone lowering ORP values
  3. There is stuff in my Fertilizers bottles!!!
  4. Nutrient Balance
  5. Does measuring TDS give more accurate water hardness range?
  6. Quickly lower nitrates, GH, and raise KH?
  7. Algone.. What is it? and
  8. Do I need Flourish Excel?
  9. Nitrates Needed For Marine Garden
  10. Measuring buffer capacity of water?
  11. Tds meter help
  12. Cycling with fish...parameters are off out of nowhere. Help!
  13. dosing EI but still get algae
  14. Nitrate is too high
  15. Help diy root tabs
  16. Slow release fertilizer
  17. Plants growing outward, not upward and stunted
  18. Water Change
  19. Starting EI
  20. PH crash. Fish in. Help.
  21. 2+ months in, super high nitrate. Help me sort this out.
  22. Equilibrium turned water brown
  23. RO questions
  24. PPS fertilizer
  25. HELP - White stuff in carpet plants?
  26. Kindly advice me fert dosing
  27. High nitrates
  28. DIY Dry Ferts. Auto Dosing. Help with mix. (First Time)
  29. Help learning to dose dry ferts
  30. New to DIY ferts, just a question or two.
  31. Photo degredation and chelate break down?
  32. Missing Nutrient??
  33. Auto dosing dry ferts?
  34. Seachem equilibrium continues to confuse me
  35. CO2 for Noobies
  36. Accurate Nitrate test?
  37. Hard Water That Tests Soft, Extremely Low Ph
  38. Water Parameter Question(s)
  39. Need help understanding deficiencies
  40. High phosphate demand and random stunting
  41. Want to try dry dosing
  42. Nitrates really high
  43. Mosquitos from my tank.
  44. liquid carbon
  45. DIY ADA ferts?
  46. Same Products, Better Value!
  47. Need help understanding phosphates
  48. Should I be worried about my nitrates?
  49. Help with Ferts.. Micro/Macro? Do I need them?
  50. Dosing non co2 tank help
  51. Excel Water Column Life
  52. Overnight drooping leaves
  53. Just set up co2...now what?
  54. MgSO4 in Macro\Micro
  55. Fertilize Dirt in Natural Planted Tank. Alternative to Osmocote+?
  56. Biological filtration
  57. Macro uptake rate ratios
  58. Tropica Speciallised Fert Yay or Nay?
  59. Fishless Cycle - nitrites high after WC
  60. Potassium Nitrates(KNO3)
  61. Anyone else ever see a plant growth spurt when Excel dosing missed?
  62. Metricide dosing for 40B
  63. 0 Ammonia 1ppm Nitrite 20ppm Nitrate
  64. Fertilisers for a dirted tank
  65. How big of a difference is osmocote vs osmocote plus?
  66. How to make a Nitrate/Phosphate free fertilizer
  67. EI dosing co2 injection question
  68. Help in understanding KH and GH test results
  69. Low tech heavy planted dosing?
  70. API Leaf Zone
  71. What water parameters do *you* test?
  72. Is this mold?
  73. New to dosing ferts, can someone help me review?
  74. Need Help to make Excel
  75. Curling margins on limno rugosa
  76. Zeolite for canister filter
  77. Help ID Deficiency Please
  78. KH/GH continuously rising
  79. Encouraging Root Growth?
  80. All In One Fertilizer?
  81. Water chemistry help; Need ideas
  82. Fert Mixing Question... 17 teaspoons KNO3 in 500 ml?
  83. Low phosphates
  84. Salifert nitrate
  85. Lazy planted tank. Fertlizer or not?
  86. Alkaline Buffer vs Baking Soda?
  87. Potassium chloride questions
  88. Flourish Root tabs Ammonia spike?
  89. High kH a bad thing?
  90. MgSO4 and CaSO4 dosing help.
  91. Trying to figure out if I have deficiency
  92. Using PH Down
  93. I feel that 20ppm is an unreasonable amount of nitrate for tap water.
  94. Looking for advice...
  95. Best All In One Liquid Fertilizer?
  96. Which plant deficiency is this?
  97. Cutting tap water with RODI or remineralize?
  98. Holiday arrangement for EI
  99. Best time to fertilize?
  100. Favorite sources of Macronutrients
  101. Favorite sources of Macronutrients
  102. Thrive.. really all in one or...
  103. Looking for advice on water
  104. Fert help
  105. EI Dosing Deficiency
  106. Fertilizers and activated carbon?
  107. Ph keeps dropping, what am I not seeing?
  108. is easy green low on anything?
  109. Aeration and easy carbo
  110. How much RO/DI?
  111. DTPA /CSM+B ei dosing question
  112. Having issues reading nitrate
  113. Root tabs
  114. EI Dosing Accuracy
  115. Help new guy understand Ph adjustment
  116. caracterization of seiyru stone on water parameters
  117. Water Test - It looks BAD
  118. Small rock raising PH? Mistaken Ohko
  119. EI Dosing Questions
  120. API test kit issue
  121. Importance of chlorine?
  122. Mold in PO4 solution
  123. Macro Solution Turning Brown
  124. New lightly planted tank
  125. Defiency ID
  126. Co2 and kh
  127. Amonia 0, nitrate 0, nitrite 0
  128. Custom EDTA/DTPA Trace/Fe Recipe
  129. So how much is enough and why?
  130. Water hardness and co2
  131. Need expert water preparation advise
  132. Raising KH
  133. GLA EI ferts
  134. Cycling 5g with live plants?
  135. Peter's S.T.E.M (Micro)
  136. NilocG Thrive+ vs EI Based Dry Fert Dosing vs Aquavitro??
  137. Gh & kh
  138. GH value creeping up
  139. Getting ready for pressurized CO2
  140. RO/DI only, how to prepare?
  141. Which fertiliser?
  142. equilibrium+ shimp mineral
  143. How do I use Seachem for EI dosing?
  144. If I am dosing EI, do I still need root tans?
  145. Dosing GH Booster or Just MgSO4?
  146. Using Plantex CSM +B, do I need to add Iron?
  147. Frightening dGH. Sad plants. Happy fish. Take action?
  148. Need help with my Glossostigma carpet
  149. Unstable pH throughout tanks
  150. Excel - syringe vs cap?
  151. red clay and Osmocote Plus
  152. Nitrogen Consumption Rate Higher With Excel?
  153. EI Dosing and levels
  154. test tube agitator/spinner?
  155. Question on fishless cycle
  156. Fishless Cycle Issues
  157. Very High Tap Water pH
  158. How to deal with fish waste in blackwater biotope aquarium?
  159. Deficiency in plants and new fertilizer recommendations?
  160. Nitrates with no nitrites or ammonia
  161. Can't get rid of low-levels of ammonia
  162. Taylor pH Test (for pools)
  163. Low PH and slower cycle?
  164. I think I screwed up when cycling my shrimp tank...😫
  165. Topping off water change with tap water
  166. Super Fast Fishless Re-Cycle
  167. Thoughts on EI
  168. E.I. clarification request between these two suppliers?
  169. Getting Seachem Equilibrium to dissolve
  170. Ammonia NH3 vs NH4
  171. Day 1 ferts?
  172. Dosing method
  173. 20 gal EI/seachem dosing calendar
  174. How to dose for bucephalandra
  175. API GH & KH Test Kit -- counting the drops
  176. Nutrient deficiency?
  177. Ferrous Gluconate
  178. obtaining proper gH
  179. Remineralising RO water and keeping a low Ph
  180. Boosting nitrates with shrimp
  181. Did I kill my bacteria?
  182. Ferts New Tank
  183. New tank smells like Sulfur
  184. Planted Tank with Nutrient Imbalance
  185. High pH, hard H2O, CO2 Help
  186. Irritating fishless cycle
  187. API CO2 booster
  188. Can't use tap water
  189. Guess I'm buying a new softener
  190. Kh 8 gh 13 ph 7.4
  191. Added a Water Softener, GH/KH/pH Concerns
  192. not enough co2
  193. How to Dose thrive all In one liquid
  194. Ammonium Sulfate experiment
  195. Ammonia Readings
  196. Increasing Flow
  197. Just ordered ferts
  198. Which micro mix to use
  199. RO/DI water remineralization
  200. Flourish Excel Safety? Effectiveness? (when used with shrimp)
  201. Iron Dosing Options
  202. Stupid questions about EI
  203. Minimum KH to maintain stable pH?
  204. Benefits of RO including C02 levels / changing to RO
  205. high tech ferts question
  206. Basic EI dosing recipe?
  207. New on macro/micro fertilizing
  208. feel like my head will explode
  209. Priming RO Water?
  210. ammonia problem in new nano tank
  211. Dechlonirator in Distilled or RO water
  212. Cheap Chinese root & co2 tabs
  213. CSM+B new dosing Vs Older one
  214. A problem not often mentioned?
  215. My tank started cycling in 2 days with soil
  216. Calculator of fertilizing routine + water change
  217. High pH problems
  218. Eliminating Chloramine and Chlorine
  219. River water for a planted shrimp tank?
  220. GH Measurement problem. Please Help.
  221. Herbicides in drinking water
  222. Newbie with ph/kh problems
  223. Seachem NPK way too lean for high tech?
  224. Water Softener & KH
  225. Remineralizing
  226. Dosing Non C02 Dirted Tank
  227. Anyone ever use Thrive?
  228. Suggested Ferts for Shrimp Tank
  229. new member needs help with Ca and Mg
  230. Oops - GH/KH questions
  231. MgSO4 (Espom Salt) Dosing
  232. Question about water hardness.
  233. Interpreting API 5 in 1 Test Strips
  234. Pps-p
  235. Seachem Equilibrium , Over time
  236. How to lower ph naturally.
  237. Flourish mix from scratch
  238. Cloudy Bloom?
  239. 0 Nitrate help
  240. Is this iron deficiency?
  241. Plants looking funny
  242. Calculating co2 via kh pH.
  243. Flourish Causes Hair Algae Bloom
  244. High Kh no gH
  245. Cycling and water change?
  246. Trace reduction
  247. Seachem Purigen Regeneration
  248. ADA Aquasoil Planted Tank KH/GH 0
  249. Zero Everything
  250. High TDS