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: Fertilizers and Water Parameters

  1. Verifying I don't need to add fertilizer...
  2. Substrate dosing question
  3. jbl proscape test kit any good??
  4. Cycle questions
  5. Problem putting Magnesium in EI macro mix
  6. In need of some fertilizer advice
  7. R/O Systems
  8. Dosing schedule and prime questions
  9. Dosing Nitrate when your water source is already high in Nitrate
  10. Filtering chloramine
  11. Plants could be better but what’s wrong
  12. Food and water cloudiness - the saga continues!
  13. Calcium on rocks
  14. Nitrogen cycle stuck?
  15. Heavy metals in aquarium? Best way to remove?
  16. Storing RO water help please.
  17. Quick question
  18. How to calculate fertilizer ppm ?
  19. New tank with ADA Aquasoil and ferts
  20. High phosphate & low nitrate: lighting related?
  21. Nitrate spike
  22. Remineralizing RO water
  23. pH Theory from a Biologist
  24. Fishless cycle
  25. Dwarf Baby Tears Fertilizing Questions
  26. easylife nitro dosing
  27. Low Tech, Soft Water: Flourish or Equilibrium?
  28. New 20G Planted tank, fertilizer questions
  29. Seachem equalibrium and the affects on pH
  30. Crystal Pure Salt product
  31. Co2 and ph controller during cycling a tank
  32. Chlorine test recommendation
  33. High Tech Shrimp Tank (RODI / Remineralization)
  34. Re mineralizing RO Water
  35. Fluvial stratum or RODI
  36. Potassium, Potassium, Potassium
  37. Dosage amounts for eco complete tank?
  38. RO/DI High pH after Remineralization.
  39. effects of aquasoil on phosphate levels
  40. Extremely high GH. Tap water is super hard
  41. All-in-one Fertilizer comparison
  42. Kent Blackwater Expert
  43. Needles
  44. advice on my dosing
  45. GH and seachem equilibrium
  46. Well... I'm stumped. Fish are not stressed?
  47. Ammonia showing up even in treated water?
  48. Major deficiency problem, please help!
  49. Dosing Seachem Iron....help!
  50. Dosing with Aquavitro
  51. How much salt?
  52. Dry ferts recipe
  53. plants wilting
  54. EI Dosing on my 180G tank - reducing chemicals required
  55. What deficiency is this?
  56. Orchid Food and aquariums.
  57. KH too low?
  58. Cycling with Fish
  59. Water temps of a planted tank
  60. 500 galllon co2 and fertilizing
  61. Easy fert dosing?
  62. Does Seachem Flourish go bad?
  63. Seachem Stability And Tds?
  64. Need help with Nitrates
  65. Water testing
  66. What happens if you have a good balance of light, co2, ferts and...
  67. Cycling 75 gallon without fish - week 3 [ammonia]
  68. Hanna CO2 Test kit
  69. A silly question about water evaporation
  70. EI Fertilizer - Dilute With Water?
  71. Macro / Micro Dosing With Osmocote And Seachem Flourish
  72. RO or tap water?
  73. How to automate E.I. dosing?
  74. Maybe stupid question
  75. Nitrate at 5PPM, too low for planted tank?
  76. Rotala Calculator EI question
  77. Root tab placement
  78. DIY root tabs
  79. High PH help!
  80. Seachem Stability
  81. potassium defficiency
  82. Plant deficiency
  83. Co2 Pressure Drop & Leakage?
  84. Measuring dissolved oxygen in aquarium
  85. How to increase phosphate levels
  86. DIY Root tabs dissolves too soon?
  87. Ferrous sulfate
  88. Consistently High Nitrate
  89. Water Testing Questions, Feedback requested for next steps
  90. Mature Tank-Nitrates Out Of Control!
  91. What are the factors that promote or inhibit photosynthesis?
  92. First time doing co2. Tips please.
  93. K2SO4 diy liquid fert is green?
  94. Kh and gh super high, what does it mean??
  95. Oxygenation in Planted Tank
  96. Thrive and the KH level
  97. Which of these EI fertilizers seems better for a beginner?
  98. Planed only tank with no substrate fertilizer
  99. Consistent dosing?
  100. MgSO4 Dose Timing
  101. Testing Water Params
  102. Low kH and gH question
  103. False ammonia readings???
  104. Consistently Low pH
  105. Ratio of CaSO4 and MgSO4
  106. How to raise KH without changing PH
  107. pH Drop- Review of Levels and CO2 Concentration
  108. Nitrates are 0, is that an issue for the plants?
  109. High nitrites
  110. Green Leaf Aquariums E.I. dosing
  111. Questions about pH
  112. Slime in planted tank
  113. Low Nitrate, can I skip a water change?
  114. API ammonia test - inaccuracies
  115. iron dosing
  116. Low Phosphate and High Nitrates
  117. Help with ferts, mostly phosphates.
  118. Can't Get Nitrates Up in Planted Tank!!!
  119. Should I be upping my KH if I want to start CO2?
  120. EasyLife Ferro EDTA or DTPA or Gluconate
  121. sholud i Increse my Kh ??
  122. Testing: JBL CombiSet vs. ProScan vs. EasyTest
  123. Calcium and test kits
  124. Dosing Micro and Macro Confusion!
  125. wanting to build my own csm+b
  126. EI Dosing and Algae
  127. Dry fert recipe
  128. Having Ammonia, No Nitrite With Nitrate. Does My Cycling Is Almost Over?
  129. Nitrous oxide injection
  130. NEw to planted tanks
  131. Nitrates
  132. UV light and chelated ferts?
  133. Film and Bubble forming on water surface
  134. Proper KH, GH, and PH level for a planted tank?
  135. Rolling My Own Micros
  136. Seachem Iron
  137. Brass valves in a freshwater tank
  138. Help! Melting Plants!
  139. Tank Didn’t Cycle
  140. Fertilizer Solution for Garden
  141. Nitrogen cycle
  142. EDTA iron after CO2 on from CSM+B
  143. Testing for Calcium
  144. Why do we need carbonate hardness in NA?
  145. Nitrate
  146. Spot Dosing Iron (Red Plants)
  147. Using Purigen during cycle
  148. Kh and Gh
  149. Making sense of readings
  150. Question on Micro
  151. Baffled!
  152. Ammonia/Phosphate filter pads
  153. Question about TDS reading
  154. Can nitrate stall the cycle when fish-less cycling?
  155. Help plant deffincys galore
  156. Water change during fishless cycle
  157. tap water and testing
  158. Filter cleaning
  159. Ideal water condition for Marimo only tank?
  160. Tank Slow Growth After 1 Month - Using Ferts and CO2
  161. Seachem micro and macros
  162. Using Brita Filter for aquarium
  163. PH climbing - what to do?
  164. I don't understand Nitrites
  165. Aquarium Salts
  166. Continuous CO2 Injection
  167. Has anyone used this ?
  168. Fertilizer quantities to prepare stock solution
  169. Nitrogen Cycle
  170. Help with Flourish Nitrogen
  171. Anyone dosing Nilocg liquid EI ferts?
  172. Thrive VS Flourish
  173. Help new tank ph drop, ammonia present, c
  174. New API nitrate test kit
  175. Ammonia in Tap Water and Cycling
  176. PH Buffered at 8.2 with Relatively Low Hardness
  177. Fluval G6 Nitrate exchange cart. a test
  178. ph level in planted tanks
  179. Testing pH less than 6
  180. ADA additives mixed into soil - okay?
  181. Fertilizer Dosing Help
  182. What to add to rodi water?
  183. High ammonia and pH tap water
  184. How to dose Nitrate (KN03)
  185. Ideal Phosphate levels?
  186. How to hit my Ph level, cities level is all over.
  187. EI Dosing and Tweaking
  188. The Great Nitrate #2 Shake Debate
  189. DIY Macro Root Tabs
  190. Azoo Nature Gro Liquid? Anyone ever tried it? Know anything?
  191. Fertilizing Amazon Swords
  192. Can liquid fertiliser cause ammonia spike?
  193. My cycle is wierd
  194. Calcium and Magnesium deficiency
  195. Dosing Nitrates
  196. Potassium Dosing Based On Nitrate?
  197. PH changes with local water supply?
  198. Why did my Kh drop significantly?
  199. Testing with api
  200. Tetra EasyStrips and Seachem Nitrogen
  201. epsom salt dosage
  202. RO water tank?
  203. Bad Nitrate Test Kit?
  204. adding nitrogen?
  205. CO2 and PH Fluctuations
  206. TDS reading
  207. N or K deficiency?
  208. Aquaponics Iron vs Seachem Iron?
  209. What information can I make use of from my regional water report?
  210. Please Help! Low pH in new Pressurized System
  211. Lucky bamboo with unknown fertiliser
  212. Raising GH in Tank
  213. Red natural Clay powder
  214. Dosing method
  215. Ammonia in tap
  216. Ferts and Filters
  217. What to Dose? Nutrient Deficiency
  218. Tds
  219. Organic
  220. Tap Water has 0 Hardness
  221. high ph in QT
  222. MGSO4 vs MGSO4.7H2O
  223. Substrate PH change. Cycle lost. Now I'm dealing with ammonium.
  224. Is my tank cycled?
  225. Left Prime bottle open over night
  226. fishless cycle
  227. Parameters OK to start cycling?
  228. Iron/Magnesium deficiency
  229. TDS RO water and remineralization help
  230. Is there a downside to immediately dosing with EI?
  231. CO2 PH and Flow
  232. Testing my KH and GH Red cherry shrimp planted tank.
  233. Can I mix PPS Macros without KNO3
  234. Need a bit of help: Gh kh and pH are low
  235. Iron test. will it register iron oxide(rust) ?
  236. Whats the prefered test kit/s? For parameters.
  237. Reset button on tank parameters (mainly nutrients)
  238. trace/micro
  239. 0 ppm nitrates after first thrive all in one fert dosing
  240. Help me with dosing.
  241. Please help me....Keep it simple please!
  242. Slow release co2 24/7....thoughts?
  243. Thrive
  244. CO2 and KH
  245. Fertilizer with shrimp?
  246. Water testing...
  247. Help with deficiencies please
  248. Happi's Recipe with Micro/Macro and Everything
  249. New Paintball CO2 Set Up - Help!
  250. Ideal Parameters for Lush Green