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: Fertilizers and Water Parameters

  1. How Important is Water Hardness?
  2. Advice on Dwarf Hairgrass melting/not happy
  3. Cycling with Controsoil. Low Ph and 0 kh
  4. Making my own liquid fertilizer
  5. Problems remineralising water using Brightwell Aquatics "NeoTiger KH+/GH+"
  6. Remineralize ro by just adding tap?
  7. Leave out KNO3 ?
  8. pH Question
  9. Nitrogen Cycle Question
  10. Question on filtered tap water
  11. Doing EI per week
  12. Landens aqua soil and ph
  13. Advice for beginning CO2 dosing on a stocked tank
  14. Can I just use an undersink carbon filter or do I need RO?
  15. Charcoal in planted tanks
  16. PH and KH question
  17. Predicting pH
  18. Raising gh without raising ph
  19. EI dosing advice
  20. RO Mix: SO4 and Cl?
  21. KNO3 used as preservative
  22. Dry start method water
  23. High silicate levels in tap water... Can I pretreat?
  24. Equilibrium rith RO water
  25. Deficiency help
  26. Yellow Leaves With Green Tips
  27. How to raise nitrates without raising potassium
  28. My municipal water PH went way up
  29. mixing with rodi water
  30. Planted Community Tank parameters
  31. Gh 8 kh 1 250tds
  32. Balancing fertilizer in new Aquscape
  33. Help me understand Ca/Mg amount vs. ppm
  34. Fertlizer calculation help please
  35. "Dirty water"
  36. GLA Ferrous Gluconate or Seachem Iron?
  37. Does Anyone Measure ORP?
  38. Needing help with nutrients please!
  39. ph drop using co2
  40. How do you know if your nutrient solution is stable?
  41. Is there a nutrient missing?
  42. Flourish excel and moss
  43. Calcium - Magnesium Ratio
  44. Water Treatment Question
  45. Question on Measuring CO2
  46. PH and Buffering Questions
  47. Municipal Water Supply and Odd Readings
  48. Hard water help
  49. Trouble Diagnosing Possible Nutrient Deficiency
  50. CO2 Injection Rate
  51. Dry Fertilizers, Nitrates, and Lighting
  52. CO2 Distribution, Multiple Tanks
  53. Getting Ferts Right Please!
  54. CO2 and pH drop question
  55. pH at 8.2 question
  56. Are Liquid Fertilizers Worth Buying?
  57. Nitrogen
  58. Epsom Salt and CaCl2 - Ratios
  59. Mold On Osmocote Plus?
  60. Timeline of Nitrogen Cycle in an Established Tank
  61. Need help with getting correct gh/kh for plants and shrimp
  62. Dosing guidance.
  63. Phosphate/Phosphorous Relationship
  64. Deficiency Althernanthera Reineckii mini
  65. Magnolia Leaves and or bulbs
  66. Seachem Equilibrium Math
  67. Skipping Water Changes?
  68. Baseline Ph Level For Injecting Co2 Help
  69. Central Texas water Parameters....?
  70. Need help figuring out deficiency
  71. Is this going to lower my TDS
  72. Fertilizer recommendation for newbie
  73. RO/DI water conditioning recommendation please
  74. Foul smelling WC water
  75. continuous vs discrete water changes
  76. Does less potassium if using Equilibrium
  77. Flourish Iron & Comprehensive Brown Tank Watet
  78. Iron chelate
  79. CO2 Bubbles
  80. Has anyone switched from (GH+) water to (KH+/GH+)
  81. Excel questions
  82. Estimating CO2 levels
  83. Unused Expired fertilizer macro nutrients
  84. When to start dosing Fertilizers for new Planted Tank
  85. .GH does in comes in
  86. New to R/O DI ...I need help!
  87. LFS - Good all in one fertilizer
  88. Basic questions about remineralization and pH adjustment
  89. Nitrate level not rising with Flourish Nitrogen
  90. High PH Low GH/KH in Water
  91. A chemistry question
  92. Seachem ferrous gluconate vs. ADA Brighty Iron Fe(III)
  93. plant stems softening, during black and rotting
  94. To cut or not to cut my tap with RO?
  95. Remineralizing RO Water
  96. Nitrates rise by themselves very quickly?!
  97. How do I adapt Zorfox for these new ferts?
  98. What site do you use to send in your water and soil for parameter testing?
  99. Back to CSM+B?
  100. Fact or Fiction on RO Water
  101. RO in Planted Tank- Nitrate?
  102. Should I add CO2?
  103. Water Parameters/fish Chart
  104. Offgassing Question
  105. Mg and Ca ppm levels
  106. Need help to identify deficiency!
  107. Plant leaves turning black/not bba
  108. Plants that turn black
  109. When to actually change water?
  110. Please help me identify my defeciency.
  111. API and the constant 0.25ppm ammonia reading?
  112. Black water question
  113. Dosing tropica fertilizer
  114. Macros Recipe Tweaking
  115. How often do i have to water change?
  116. Macro nutrients
  117. Confused on target EI levels
  118. Iron toxicity in fish scales
  119. Choosing a reverse osmosis system
  120. Pest or potassium
  121. Ammonia in tank and cloudy/milky look after water change
  122. Walstad tank, nitrites won't go to 0.
  123. For all the remineralizers out there
  124. Using ferts to chelate heavy metal questions
  125. What is the list of permanent parameter checkers like a ph pen?
  126. Nitrate meter
  127. What will dissolve my concent. ferts?
  128. Water Parameters
  129. Kh Gh relationship
  130. Excels burn plants?
  131. Needs Something?
  132. Select plants that won't grow
  133. Water changes using DI water (not R/O)
  134. Adding buffer
  135. Signs of Low CO2
  136. Best NO3 tester accuracy
  137. Is THIS why my tank degassed after about an hour?
  138. I am looking for the full range of ferts that are very economical. This seems like a great deal.
  139. Extremely High Ammonia Blue API Test
  140. Need help with high KH, PH and CO2 injection.
  141. Kh
  142. Excel and Flourish in filter media?
  143. Why do tanks bubble more after a water change?
  144. Questions about cutting with RO water
  145. Are water changes necessary if Nitrates are 20ppm or lower?
  146. Dirt as Liquid Fertilizer (Experiment - Complete and with Added Failure)
  147. Testing Kits vs. strips?
  148. Water quality testing?
  149. Relation between nh3 and pH, too high of nh3?
  150. CO2 Lower Than Expected
  151. Dosing Dirt?
  152. Nutrient deficiency, tank unbalanced
  153. Help understanding what might be off/missing
  154. Fertilzer regimen for slow growing plants
  155. Ammonia Readings Won’t Decrease
  156. What should I be testing for now?
  157. Low phosphate even though dosing plenty, green spot algae on stem plants
  158. Could EI dosing be killing my fish
  159. Best way to get calcium?
  160. Nutrient deficiency?
  161. Potassium sulfate = instant plant pearling?
  162. Raising GH with raising phosphates
  163. New Tank Parameters
  164. Too Much of Some Fert? Update with Lab Test Results
  165. EI dosing calculations with 25% water change
  166. When to Fertilize?
  167. K Buildup with EI
  168. Spec v low Ph and soft
  169. PH KH CO2 Relationship
  170. Small, twisted new growth
  171. Dosing for Travel Schedule
  172. Peroxide Dosing for Hair Algae
  173. Alkalinity....should I be worried.
  174. Glycerine as carbon source
  175. Tank got very cloudy after adding red root floaters
  176. What Fe should I get
  177. Tank cycle nitrates before nitrites
  178. good ferts for aponogoton undulatus
  179. Dosing EI and TDS rising regardless of 50% weekly water changes
  180. RO Buddie Resin Cartridge
  181. Leaves curl and lack color
  182. Jebao Dosing pump for autodosing vs. Dry Dosing
  183. What fertilizers?
  184. Ferts raising ph?
  185. Best water testing system or kit?
  186. How to take accurate PH Readings
  187. Silly question?
  188. Do these test results look normal for cycling a tank?
  189. Skeptical about API Ammonia test kit?
  190. Aqua-Noob and his cloudy water
  191. Mono Potassium Phosphate KH2PO4
  192. Thrive + SaltyShrimp: K & Mg Overlap?
  193. Beneficial Bacteria with Water Changes
  194. EI Dosing and tank start up
  195. Which RODI system do you like?
  196. Mulm
  197. Nutrient upper bounds? Reducing EI water changes without encountering toxicity.
  198. Cycling
  199. Fluval G6 - what can it do?
  200. Going back to the gas can, C02 questions
  201. Which Hanna model are you using?
  202. Liquid Fertilizers and Carbon
  203. High tech dry ferts
  204. Red plants only red near surface, and plenty of dust algae
  205. Making sense out of Water Parameters + RODI
  206. Does protein skimmers do anything in freshwater tanks?
  207. Dosing ferts on well water
  208. Thoughts on pH spike- what am I missing
  209. reviews on Nilocg 2 seperate liquid form of ferts(Blue) Macros and (Brown)Micros
  210. Brown Precipitate mystery in top off water
  211. Water Testing Vendor
  212. Which Is The Correct KH Measurement To Use?
  213. Holes & Shedding in Hygro Despite High Potassium
  214. Dtpa
  215. Question about pH
  216. How much K2SO4 when not using any KNO3?
  217. EI: PO4, Fe and K building up off the scales.
  218. Water Parameters for Breeding
  219. CO2 for 20 gallon long
  220. Dry Fertilizers
  221. Am I dosing enough micros?
  222. Consistently low PH
  223. Dry ferts ei combo in Canada
  224. How do you monitor the nutrient levels on your planted tank
  225. GH and TDS Tap water seem off
  226. Why Dose Nitrogen?
  227. Spring Water Conditioner?
  228. CO2 Reactor & Dosing Question
  229. dealing with leaves curling and stunted growth please help. I'm willing to share all info about my 4
  230. Ideal GH for planted tank?
  231. Will ferts go bad?
  232. Is GLA still the place to buy dry ferts?
  233. keeping seachem safe diluted
  234. Please help me figure out my water column fertilizers?
  235. Buffers
  236. DIY CO2 kit
  237. Non-chelated Trace Oxidation
  238. Yellow splotches on older leaves - deficiency?
  239. What determines water hardness as far as fish go?
  240. Plants unhappy/buildup of Fe in water column
  241. Why would nitrate remain near 0 ?
  242. Excel = cloudy water
  243. Sand
  244. Check out the parameters that water bottles in France have on them
  245. Rotala Butterfly Calculator
  246. , Metricide 14 question
  247. Silicates causing algae? How to remove without removing phosphates?
  248. How much merit is there to this?
  249. Nitrogen Cycle: Fresh vs. Salt
  250. Purigen bead leakage