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: Fertilizers and Water Parameters

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  1. Recommended Root Tabs
  2. Beginner learning fertilizer. Is this the right plan?
  3. Water tests for planted aquariums
  4. Phosphate fixing plants
  5. Ph crashes...
  6. Help with dosing fertilizers; first timer
  7. What should I dose?
  8. Can someone help to make a all in one ultimate ferlizer
  9. KH and PH
  10. Fishless Cycle - What to do after completed
  11. Leaves getting smaller and more needle like
  12. How to lower pH while kH is 0?
  13. what form of Iron would you suggest in my case?
  14. What chemicals are on the Seachem Ammonia Alert?
  15. need help with Cobalt Sulfate
  16. Prime vs Amquel
  17. Is there something wrong with my API pH Liquid Test Kit?
  18. Seachem Equilibrium dosing- for total tank volume or just the amount for wc?
  19. Iron gluconate 98% VS Fe Gluconate ( 12.46% ) please advice
  20. Activated carbon or no?
  21. Somebody help, my pH is trying to ruin me!
  22. Nitrates Always 0! (Established Tank) How To Add Nitrates?
  23. Problem making Nitrate Reference Solution
  24. Air pump on Distilled water
  25. Cycling With UV Failure?
  26. Placment of DIY Osmocote Plus Root Tabs
  27. Safe Nitrate Levels
  28. Didn't check my pH for a while...OUCH.
  29. Best Cycling Solution
  30. How Can I Lower KH Naturally?
  31. Overdosing seachem excel???
  32. Vinegar as preservative for micro solution
  33. How much do you dose?
  34. Any Benefit to Using RO Water
  35. Fertilator and EI dosing ppm numbers
  36. CSM+B and other ?
  37. What do I do at the end of my cycle?
  38. CO2 Question
  39. After Cycle, Before Fish
  40. Questions about dosing Excel
  41. Pps
  42. Root Tab Question
  43. Allelopathy in aquatic plants?
  44. spec III cycling and fert help pls
  45. Water is at 180 gh when it used to be 40
  46. 50% water changes for EI dosing
  47. Having some high Nitrates
  48. Silica sand raising pH?
  49. Tank Diagnosis: Excessive phospates/potassium deficency?
  50. Community pH-gH-kH Testing Questions
  51. Need guidance for my High Tech 150 GAL
  52. Fertilizing a 65 Gal low-medium light tank
  53. Glutaraldehyde and autodosing
  54. ?about Salty Shrimp kh/gh+
  55. Cycling tank help please!!
  56. Rising PH?
  57. co2 drop checker
  58. Dry fert dosing 29gal no co2 planted+ 24/7
  59. Right Dosing Amounts?
  60. Diluting Flourish Comprehensive
  61. nuke options to get rid of snails in fishless planted tank
  62. Very high nitrates
  63. When you want to minimize water changes without killing plants or fish...
  64. What do I need for Monte Carlo?
  65. When is The Tank Cycled
  66. Lowering KH
  67. Setting up a new tank, Planted community.
  68. Fertilizer help
  69. Amazon Sword Deficiency
  70. Confirmed Toxicity?
  71. kh question for planted/discus
  72. Co2 ph kh
  73. Potash in the planted tank
  74. Nitrates in municipal water supply?
  75. Another deficiency/toxicity story
  76. advice on pH jump after Salty Shrimp gH/kH+
  77. Help please...Deficiency or Toxicity?
  78. First timer water questions
  79. Fert Dosing for Low Tech tank?
  80. Cycling and purigen
  81. Confused by Seachem Phosphate Test Result
  82. Why did my pH drop?
  83. first time with root tabs
  84. just an idea and want to know your input
  85. Going with dry ferts
  86. Auto Dosing for EI
  87. Cycling question
  88. Experience with DIY clay root tabs
  89. Plant Deficiencies Help
  90. viable to raise CO2 by eliminating surface agitation?
  91. Unit of Measurement for GH and KH
  92. ?sUnderstanding TDS
  93. Hardness
  94. Do plants require additional potassium after trimming?
  95. The 1 point pH drop
  96. Old Metricide/Excel?
  97. Ro/di to eliminate variables?
  98. High nitrites and hair algae while cycling
  99. Do chloramines and PH raising chemicals pass through RO membranes?
  100. Unable to perform water changes during vacation - EI dosing
  101. Looking for some insight
  102. How much daily dose of excel do I need for a 2.6g and 5g tank?
  103. Sea Magic Dry Soluble Seaweed Extract Fertilizer
  104. 4l of flourish comprehensive, how to properly store it?
  105. How much Flourish should I use?
  106. Phosphate Solution Correct?
  107. Fishless cycling question
  108. High PH problems need help!!
  109. seachem excel dosing schedule
  110. I am going to stop dosing my tank for a while
  111. ferts for a beginner
  112. What deficiency am I suffering from? (Pics inside)
  113. API Phosphate Kit Accuracy
  114. Root Tab
  115. High Water Hardness in tank (low in tap water)
  116. Fertilizing. Too much info confusion.
  117. Kent Marine RO/DI Unit
  118. Switching to RO water, ph buffer q
  119. setting/stabilizing water params
  120. is there a single parameter that causes plants to stop pearling
  121. Low Iron
  122. BG Algae, Good parameters, looking for fedback
  123. Using ferts, then stopping?
  124. Does Feeding Provide Enough PO4?
  125. High nutrients promote algae growth and are toxic to aquatic life
  126. Is Carbonate Hardness (KH) Necessary In CO2-Injected Tanks?
  127. Nitrate levels getting high
  128. Making changes to dosing regime, wait period
  129. Plant List. What to use?
  130. Must have ferts?
  131. Am I Dosing enough?
  132. Can't figure out API pH test results, newbie
  133. Before Nutrient Calculators
  134. How to remove Chlorine without chemicals?
  135. Cloudy white water, what gives?!
  136. Yet another deficiency topic -
  137. Water Report
  138. How much K2S04 if not dosing KN03
  139. Do I need to dose MgSO4?
  140. How to go from dry ferts to liquid auto dose?
  141. I'm clueless when it comes to ferts...
  142. Switching from PPS to EI
  143. Weird CO2 Idea
  144. Understanding NPK's
  145. Best Way to Cycle
  146. DIY worm casting root tabs
  147. Brightwell Aquatics MicroBacter 7
  148. Flourish overdose?
  149. Staurogyne repens deficiency help
  150. Micro Fert Options
  151. Potassium nitrate with a stocked tank
  152. ADA Fert questions
  153. Fert question
  154. Preserving micro or all-in-one fert solutions
  155. whats your CO2 bps rate?
  156. Roach poo mix in topsoil
  157. Best CO2 Diffuser
  158. EI dosing?
  159. Cardinal Tetra turned pale after putting in Flourish Tabs
  160. CO2 levels question
  161. Cycling, AS
  162. Is this seachem flourish chart equivalent to EI
  163. Fert Deficiency?
  164. Nitrate tests- Seachem vs API?
  165. EI vs ADA liquid ferts
  166. PPS-Pro Questions
  167. Nutrient Deficiency... Potassium or Magnesium?
  168. Using Flourish Nitrogen with EI, Testing nitrate level
  169. Will I still be able to track the cycle?
  170. Do we really need so many water changes?
  171. Plants not doing great, need fert advice
  172. Nitrogen cycle at pH below 6
  173. Dosig Excel?
  174. Plant issues, what do I need to test for?
  175. How to use Excel correctly?
  176. Liquid hydroponics ferts in aquaria?
  177. Should I be dosing iron?
  178. Need help with a different type of trace
  179. So my ferts molded
  180. What should I look for in a testing kit
  181. Essential products for a newbie
  182. Ph drop while cycling?
  183. EI ferts dosing
  184. O+ tabs reaction time
  185. Large plants are dying a slow horrible death. Please help!
  186. Aquarium Salt and Hardness? Help!
  187. 1st time using API GH/KH tests HELP?
  188. Minimum substrate depth for using fert tabs?
  189. Making seachem equilibrium solution
  190. EI- Extra Water Change
  191. Serious Water Issues - TDS 2200
  192. Need some help understanding PPS and dosing
  193. Nutrafin CO2 isn't working?
  194. GH/kh for plants
  195. Stop Dosing Phosphates?
  196. Let's talk about cycling a tank
  197. Plants are dying fast please help!
  198. Bacterial bloom help
  199. Where to order EI dry ferts?
  200. Seachem Equalibrium HELP!!!
  201. Remineralizing RO water
  202. Help me create a dosing routine?
  203. PO4 getting sucked up faster
  204. Adjusting PPS Pro....?
  205. when to modify EI dosing
  206. Switching/Stopping Micros: Please Help Me
  207. Water hardness
  208. Help for adding fertilizers to my planted tank.
  209. Hydroponic store dry ferts.. purchase or not?
  210. Flourish Tabs/Fertilizer and "Lobsters"
  211. TDS cycles of concentration
  212. High PO4?
  213. Safe to 'add' nitrates to a tank using wastewater from other fish tanks?
  214. Anyone using Prodibio BioKit Fresh?
  215. RO/DI water likely mistake
  216. Auto dosing liquid ferts
  217. Is adding potassium chloride safe?
  218. Starting to dose fert... how often?
  219. Is my tank going through another cycle?
  220. Co2 injecting with no fish.
  221. EI Target Question
  222. Confused about mixing EI solutions
  223. NO3 + K2O dosing
  224. Potassium test kits and dosing levels?
  225. What would happen if i put the following in my tank?
  226. Osmacote plus
  227. GH Fluctuations
  228. CO2 and water temperature
  229. dosing EI
  230. What type of dry iron fert is best to use?
  231. Liquid Ferts concentrations
  232. Drop checker funky colours
  233. Deficiency or toxicity?
  234. Havent seen much growth lately, want to dose flourish
  235. Cost of Wet vs, Dry Ferts
  236. Do macro solutions go bad or expire?!
  237. What is the difference between E.I. fertilization and PPS-PRO fertilization?
  238. What is the difference between API and Flourish root tabs
  239. Biological/ physiological responses and interactions of macros and trace elements
  240. Cycling Question Ammonia Products?
  241. Dosing Dry Ferts using Automatic Feeders
  242. Will Plants stop consuming nitrates if trace elements are not there?
  243. GH boost confusion
  244. Root tabs in DSM
  245. TDS survey
  246. Black dots on new growth of Rotala Colorata
  247. Does the nitrite stage of a cycle get skipped or minimized with seeded biomax?
  248. RO Water Low-Tech Planted tank fertilization advice needed!!!
  249. Appropriate nitrate levels?
  250. Reliability of old API test kits