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  14. Does anyone have experience with Planted Aquarium Concepts root tabs?
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  18. What is Consuming all my Nitrates!?
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  20. New Tank Questions
  21. New Planted Tank Light Period
  22. Will using moon lights in low tech tanks cause algae?
  23. 90 Gallon Low Tech Setup
  24. Transitioning from hi-tech to lo-tech
  25. Bit lost, Algae and Plant Problems
  26. Cause of my green spot algae
  27. white fungus producing bubbles like pearling- what is that??
  28. 29 Gal Stocking
  29. Plants are just melting away
  30. Transitioning 10g plastic to 29g planted.
  31. Cycling - My pH suddenly dropped
  32. Substrate cleaner
  33. Scarlet Temple in new tank
  34. My Vals are sprouting!!
  35. Improving a 35 gal hex
  36. advice for school tank
  37. Question on Cycling Outdoor Tub
  38. went to see a Juju man
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  40. Want to create Walstad Betta 6gallon
  41. Strange water readings in cycling tank
  42. Questions on setup
  43. Beginner low tech planted tank!
  44. Closed Jar Ecosphere
  45. Did I plant these correctly?
  46. Tetra fin rot in Walstad tank - good water parameters...
  47. Plants are on the way. What to do once they get here?
  48. My white underwater world
  49. Holes in plants, high nitrate.
  50. No filter nano riparium
  51. No filter plant tank
  52. Pale Leaves
  53. Yellow growth across all plants
  54. Small light for my desktop Pico
  55. Is my tank okay? Is it healthy?
  56. Saying hi as I start my first tank
  57. Need help with choosing a tank
  58. Kh and ph problem
  59. New 10g planted tank
  60. Can someone please tell me how to correctly plant this crypt?
  61. Questioning whether to tear down paludarium or not
  62. Transplanting fish into a planted tank? Newbie!
  63. Well Water vs. Water Softener Water
  64. First planted tank advice
  65. 40g Tub/Pond
  66. Substrate for walkway
  67. How many corys can I add to my new tank at once?
  68. Any suggestions on getting rid of black algae
  69. So how am I doing?
  70. Help with stabilizing a 90 liter low tech planted tank
  71. New nano, general and still coming advice
  72. Java Moss and Java Fern turning brown
  73. BBA and dying hornwort/frogbit
  74. Are Phosphate remover sponges considered “chemical filtration”?
  75. No cost low tech 5liter
  76. Coronavirus killed my Fish, what to do now?
  77. Locally purchased RO water has salts added
  78. New RCS! Are my levels ok? 1 month update
  79. No New Growth: What is Missing?
  80. Looking for hardscape
  81. Considering going "Dirted" - help request
  82. Looking for suggestions...
  83. Ada 45p
  84. Walstad substrate
  85. Questions I couldn’t get answers to... take a crack at them?
  86. 29 Gallon tetra tank
  87. Can't grow anything but anubias and java fern - need ideas!
  88. 29g low tech 4 months of growth.
  89. Ready to start a 29 low tech community tank
  90. My 60 gal Low Tech/Excel Tank after 11 months
  91. Fert regime for low tech, 2 gallon bowl
  92. Low Tech/No Filter = No Water Movement?
  93. Fluval Flex 15g
  94. Getting ammonia and nitrite without fish
  95. Planted Aquarium Newbie
  96. Alternatives to moss?
  97. 10 gallon plant/substrate ideas
  98. I could use substrate advice!
  99. low budget co2 and tablets
  100. Algae? Fungus? What on earth is this
  101. Eco Complete? Help?
  102. Am i going to be ok?
  103. Low tech Nano Progress
  104. New Member Here
  105. Overwhelmed by Substrate Options
  106. Water lily container pond
  107. UNS 60s Startup Advice - Ferts
  108. Advice for super slow Monte Carlo growth?
  109. Introduction: 15g
  110. First Planted Tank - How to improve the hardscape?
  111. 20 L or 29g?
  112. My 20G Long and 55
  113. New to hobby with a few questions.
  114. Maintaining Blackwater Tank
  115. why is my e. tenellus not growing?
  116. Tank is disappointing. Could use some advice, parameters, failing plants
  117. Easy Newbie Low Tech Plants
  118. Need advice on growing moss
  119. 3 Gallon Walstad Bowl
  120. Tips for freshly planted tank please!
  121. Java moss looking funny
  122. Keeping nutrients out of water column?
  123. 3.5g, 5.5g, 10g Low Tech Plans
  124. Plants to help fill out middle section.
  125. Bubbly Foam Surrounding Rim of Tank
  126. Cpd with Chili rasbora in 65 g
  127. Parasitic plants?
  128. Help me name that plant
  129. Cycling question- weird water parameters
  130. Are these plants good for "low tech"?
  131. My plants are getting some black "hair"
  132. Top Fin 3.5 Gallon LED lights
  133. Java Fern Industrial Scale Grow Out Tank
  134. Too much light for low tech?
  135. Low tech dirted aquarium struggle
  136. Planning a low tech nano epiphyte forest
  137. Duckweed varieties...?
  138. How do you get Micro Sword to root?
  139. 1 gallon jug
  140. Mini Planted Aquarium
  141. No heater, planted shrimp tank?
  142. Feedback for 1st timer!
  143. Leaves turning yellow
  144. 40 gallon first real planted tank
  145. PH Increasing!
  146. 10 gallon no CO2
  147. KH and GH?
  148. My first try and need help
  149. My first tank
  150. Suppliments
  151. JustAGirl_FL's first planted tank
  152. Cycling help
  153. Filamentous Diatoms or Rhizoclonium?
  154. Showing my Low Tech small + Questions
  155. stocking suggestions for fluval spec v
  156. Too much Java Moss?
  157. DIY Soil Recipes Please Chime In
  158. Is this algae?
  159. Testing new Lithium batteries bought online
  160. New tank advice
  161. Should I start from scratch?
  162. Low tech scape idea
  163. Java Fern Nursery Tank
  164. my first planted tank
  165. All natural jararium
  166. Low tech Nano's
  167. Nerite issue/Tank Imbalance/Help Me Troubleshoot/Urgent-4.5gal Walstad
  168. Dead Nerite/Tank Issues - Please Help! (4.5gal Walstad)
  169. A little different
  170. Plants newish to the hobby for these conditions?
  171. My mini tank
  172. Can 75 gal tank can sit on my steel stand?
  173. very low tech 10g livebearer
  174. My low tech
  175. Plants not growing. Need advice.
  176. SafeTSorb w/no filter
  177. My first successful planted aquarium
  178. Should I bother supplementing with 660 nm?
  179. Ensuring Monte Carlo can survive
  180. Sparsely planted Walstad tank feasibility
  181. suggestions: types of fish for 4.5gal walstad tank
  182. My jungle :D
  183. 4 gallon shrimp vase, uneven bottom
  184. First attempt at a low tech aquascape
  185. Can anubias have to much light
  186. Dwarf hairgrass and Echinodorus problem
  187. Will I be okay will this much sand over the soil? Walstad Method
  188. Dirted low tech questions
  189. My anubia Garden.
  190. Testing cycle - No ammonia detected
  191. If you have a fluval 3.0
  192. Should I adjust light to balance my to co2 levels?
  193. 75 Gal. for my office
  194. Can I dose Co2 into a low tech tank
  195. Help a newbie out?
  196. Can I still use this wood for my 50 gal tank?
  197. Help with melting plants
  198. Starting New Tank Help
  199. Need help on 65 gallon
  200. Plant selection and quantity (need help)
  201. Low tech planted aquarium owners
  202. Walstad Tank Question
  203. Floating plant for closed top tank.
  204. What is causing this? Brown leaf edges. Low on something (but what?)
  205. Please help with light suggestion for 10 gallon Betta tank
  206. New plant health
  207. Rejigging my low-tech
  208. Rescape and plant melt, why?
  209. New tank check in...
  210. Active Substrates and Walstad
  211. Newbie: 40 gallon breeder
  212. Walstad without dirt?!
  213. My Planted Tanks: Progress
  214. Raising the Bottom
  215. Planning to start a low tech planted tank with dirt ....
  216. Walstad Method covered tanks
  217. Lava rock to seed a new tank
  218. Possible Macro Deficiency?
  219. Converting tropical tank to no filter tank
  220. Bio-film or viscosity?
  221. Please help plant a 10 gallon Betta Tank - new addict.
  222. What to do with plant 'secondary' roots over growing out of the sand?
  223. Plants On Top
  224. Improving the low tech planted tank (part 2)
  225. Results in "newly setup" aquarium after changes
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  227. Newbie needs your help!
  228. 5 foot, 100 gallon room divider tank
  229. Cycling a planted tank. Am I kidding myself?
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  231. Large SE Asian Biotype
  232. LED Flood Lights for a Tall Tank
  233. 10 gal shelldwellers
  234. 2nd time around new tank
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  236. Got bitten by the planted tank bug again...
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  238. My experiment with improving the low tech planted tank...
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  240. Catfish upgrade
  241. 54L 15gallon tank
  242. Changing from high tech to low tech?
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  244. 33 Long setup
  245. lowtech fluval spec V betta tank
  246. Looking for some advice - total noob
  247. 18 gallon blackwater tank
  248. Australian Coastal Stream Riparium
  249. Help me start my first real panted tanks!
  250. Dissolving atmospheric CO2 into the water column