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Conversation Between furnfins and Mr. Limpet
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  1. Mr. Limpet
    11-21-2019 10:43 PM - permalink
    Mr. Limpet
    Hi Bonnie,
    So far 1 person replied about the Laetacara, but they only want 2, so I still have plenty. They'd make nice tank mates for you emperors, but I can't accurately sex them. My emperors usually spawn when it's going to rain or after a water change. They seem to prefer spawning in the roots of floating water sprite. I haven't seen any fry for some time because their tank is now swarming with dwarf cichlids. I have Apistogramma paulmuelleri & Anomalochromis thomasi breeding in the same community tank, & a good number of the fry are able to grow to maturity. I also have available Nannacara anomala & Pelvicachromis silviae. I picked up a gorgeous pair of A. macmasteri at Monster a few months back, but so far no babies. Glad to hear that your emperors are doing well. I tried using the black ones as dither fish for A. agassizi, but they were so aggressive I sold them on Aquabid.
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