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Conversation Between chicken.nublet and timelord03
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  1. chicken.nublet
    05-05-2020 09:03 AM - permalink
    Thanks for the kind words!

    It is a 30cm cube so I guess it's 7 gallons? I do have a small hang on back filter actually.

    It really doesn't look that nice at all, it was a mess just a while ago and I had to replace all of the stems. There is also some BGA on the bottom front glass that appears to be spreading slowly... I'm hoping that goes away as plant health improves but not confident at all...

    For ferts I just recently started using this since it was very highly rated and made by someone who knows his stuff:

    I used to use Tropica but thought I would try his product out. For now I am dosing 3 times a week and I'm told the pump bottle doses about 1.5ml per pump (although I haven't actually measured it).

  2. timelord03
    05-04-2020 05:19 PM - permalink
    i really like your nano cube setup! i am new to this website, and did not see your previous journal, and was wondering how many gallons is your tank? it doesn't look as if you are using any filters or pumps, so are you just doing more frequent water changes to keep it looking that nice?

    also, what ferts are you using, and what is your schedule?
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