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Conversation Between nemosreef and MlDukes
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  1. nemosreef
    06-03-2010 03:13 AM - permalink
    I am not sure realy what the dimensions of the edge tank is. Here is the thing. With that amount of light even on just a 10gal. tank you would be limited on the types of corals that you can keep. If you stay with certain types of coral such as zooanthids, Mushrooms, and leather corals you should be able to have a very successful tank. But again you are pretty much limited to those types of corals. This being said that is not realy a bad thing because those corals come in many different sizes shapes and colors. You might be able to keep some LPS corals but it would be risky.
  2. MlDukes
    06-03-2010 12:59 AM - permalink
    Thanks for leaving the comment about my new lighting!! After i bought them I realised i know nothing about lighting requirements for corals, other than they need 10000K+ and actinics... jumped on these cause i saw that vid of a very successful Edge reef running the exact same 2x13w fixtures. So my question to you is: Is 26w in the opening of an edge a good amount of light for healthy coral?
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