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10 Gallon club.
57 8
5 0
For devoted fans of the maddening 'Inept Depth' 55G aquarium: It's 4-feet wide, and just 12-inches front-to-back!
50 6
Anyone who owns (or will own) and ADA 60-F
1 0
All who have successfull or not experiance with sump tanks,aquarium Pit(drilled aquariums)
2 1
A freshwater planted tank enthusiast club serving the Central Florida area and surrounding regions. Meeting are roughly every month and activities include sales, swaps, and general discussion of livestock, setups, tanks, lighting, DIY, plants, methods, and chemical parameters.
46 1
We are a local, non-profit group of Planted Tank Hobbyists that was founded in December of 2005 to support and grow the hobby in the state of Arizona. To this end, we host one of the largest local planted tank forums in the United States, arrange monthly meetings in and around Phoenix (as well as Tucson), organize auctions and raffles and secure special discounts and benefits for AAPE members with local and national companies. If you live in the Phoenix area or are just passing through, please feel free to join us at one of our monthly meetings. You are always welcome no matter what your level of expertise. For more information, please take some time and explore our forums, photos, and articles on this website. Also, feel free to register and participate in our online community - no matter where you are from!
17 0
This group is for all those who just love bettas and wanna talk about them. No matter how big or small, how cool or simple your tank is, whether you have one or hundreds of bettas, as long as you love bettas then this is the group for you
46 5
Any TPT members living in the California Bay Area. PM ZooTycoonMaster for an invite. Members, feel free to post any pictures of LFS's tanks or your tanks.
26 1
well i thought i would just create this group so that it would be easyer to communitae with Central and northern NYers to socialize. so if your from the area please join since we seem to be few and far between up hear.
17 4
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