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Trying to start a group for Military hobbyists. seeing as were constantly moving and trying to get rid of Plants, Tanks and Fish, so I figured I'd start a thread to see If I could make life easier. We'll see how this goes I know I cant be the only Military guy who enjoys Plants and Fish
14 1
For planted tanks in Texas
32 2
For people who are obsessed with keeping and breeding shrimp.
103 2
A group dedicated to the discussion of all variations of mollies, specific name Poecilia vivipara, and also conversations including, but not limited to, complimentary plants, complimentary fish, care, sickness, treatment of sickness, water parameters, and so much more. Mollies are a livebearing and highly popular species, it only makes sense to have a group dedicated to these wonderful little interactive fish!
7 1
For All Young Aquarists.
47 4
well i thought i would just create this group so that it would be easyer to communitae with Central and northern NYers to socialize. so if your from the area please join since we seem to be few and far between up hear.
17 4
Anyone who owns (or will own) and ADA 60-F
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a group for people whole love those addicting little water bugs
35 3
First time shrimper? Dedicated to everything shrimp! Share any fascinating stories, pictures and facts based on first-hand experience. Books and research are great tools but often times it is through experience that knowledge is obtained!
14 1
10 Gallon club.
57 8
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