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10g FW tank
My first time with a planted tank. It's one of those starter kits from TOPFIN. Awesome Christmas gift from my girlfriend! I have since upgraded the lid and lighting. Went to 36W 10k/Flora T5 dual bulb fixture and a glass hood. Been running since late March.
Inhabitants include:
1 male betta fish (delta or halfmoon)
1 oto (1 died)
4 ghost shrimp
5 nerite snails (2 olive, 1 red spot, 1 zebra, 1 O-ring)

2 Anubias lanceolata
6 Cryptocoryne wendtii
1 Windelov fern
1 Narrow Leaf Java fern
1 Nymphaea Lily (looks like green)
My CO2 system
Lily after 2-3 weeks
Tank as of 5/23/11
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