The Planted Tank Forum - newbieplanter's Album: 1st Tank
1st Tank
This here is the first tank I ever started I've been reading and looking at others tanks, saying dam I hope to have a tank like that someday. A month later this is what I end up with.
More flame moss new and old in my 70gal.
New flame moss acclimating to my 70gal
Hydrocotyle bush taken from my 5gal.
A ton of pennywort taken From my 70gal, this plant I first got from Petco for free. A friend who works there gave it to my wife due to no pkg and she...
Either a crypt or a jungle val. also taken from my 20gal.
Amazon sword taken from my 20gal.
Top of my 70gal tank/pond.
Plant overload! ; )
Apogeton peakin through my amazon frogbit,duck weed mix.
This is the second tank I started cuz as u see I got no space in the first until I rescape.
Well this is what my tank looks like today, needs rescaping but pretty good tho.
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