Planted Tank Guide

The Planted Tank Guide

The Planted Tank is proud to present the all inclusive, always evolving Planted Tank Guide! Designed for both the novice to intermediate aquarist, this guide contains over fifty pages of high quality information extensively researched and painstakingly put together in an easily digestable, enjoyable format. We've meticulously researched and compiled the vast amounts of information available from years and years of enthusiast's experience saving you weeks, maybe even months worth of work.

The Planted Tank Guide walks the reader through the core competencies and components no planted tank owner should be without. From start to finish this all encompassing guide is designed to be both a getting started manual and a reference manual all in one. It can be hard finding the information you need without some help, let the Planted Tank be your Guide!

A Living Book

The Planted Tank Guide is not a one time deal. It will be updated with the most recent information and strategies available. Best of all these updates are free to all members that purchased the book. Simply access the guide normally to see the updates. We value feedback back from our readers. See a mistake? Let us know and we will fix it. Want to see something else in the Guide? Let us know!

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Table of Contents and Introduction

Algae Section


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