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1. The power supply for the beamswork is DC15V 6A. Does it matter whether I plug the power into the jack or hook it up to the terminals?
PS hooks to the TC-420..Easiest way to power the tc
2. Is there a way to use the timer plug to control the lights?
Not that "I'm" aware of
3. I can turn the switch to have both color lights on or just blue on. Can I set up the TC420 to control both channels?
Def possible BUT it depends (and most likely not positive) on what the Beamswork uses as "common"...
more than likely you need to reverse the TC-420.. Like w/ the Finnex:
This was used to drive the RGB channels seperately for a Plantd plus.

finnex used neg as "ground".. so the added MOSFETs reversed this...

I could guess that the "brown" is plus. The switch goes between white and blue.. so tapping off those 2 white wires should be the "channels".. but like I said positive..
TC-420 wants those to be negative..

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