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Am I overstocking my 10 gallon? + Algae help?

Hey everyone. I knows decent amount about planted tanks and fish, seeing as I work in a Petco and am frequently working in the aquatics area, but that also leads to temptations in buying fish.

Right now I don't know if my 10 gallon would be considered overstocked or not. I currently have:
4 Male guppies (2 are still young adults. I bred them)
3 Female guppies. (Who I would Definitely say are on the chunky side)
2 Platies (a high-fin Red wag and a Sunset wag)
And 1 Albino Pygmy Cory

I know their full size is usually 1.5 to 2 inches, which makes me think I could be pushing it, but they seem to be doing well and the only thing going on with the tank right now is a bit of a green algae issue that I'm treating (although I can't get it off the plant leaves). I want my fish to be healthy and happy so worst case I could adopt them away...or release them in my pond if I HAD to. Let me know what you guys think.

I'd also love some tips on the algae too. It's a dark green algae that's on the gravel and plant leaves. Hard to get off surfaces, and I DO have a Marimo moss ball in the tank.

Thanks for the help!
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