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Kolet66 nanos

Well, I figured since I was going to add the fish this week, if I beat the guy that keeps buying all the endlers to the LFS on Thursday, I'd best do some jazzing. The sad milfoil is now hidden amide moneywort...Anyone's guess if it will survive me. I got the moneywort because I've read it's so easy to grow and, well, the price was right. Hmmm, we shall see what happens. I also had ordered some hornwort...initially the hornwort was going to go in this tank because I wanted something soft and feathery like the original milfoil plan, but the hornwort arrived looking like pea soup. It was a huge mess and I chunked it. So now the moneywort went in here instead into the other tank. I added two wendtiii red and a nice crypt lucen. I also added a crypt balansae which I really really like ( so it will probably promptly croak). The final touch is some stones out of my rock collection. Mostly agates and pet wood. My observation is this Spec V is a good looking tank but it seems to be a dirty tank. I'm not sure why but the gravel has a lot of "junk"and particles that I don't find my other tanks. Id blame it on the eco-complete but that's what I use in them all. The water goes down pretty quick in this tank as well and it requires capping off every other day. If you don't cap off, before you know it the filter compartment is half empty which isn't good for the filter media or for maintaining a good temperature because I have the thermometer tucked back there. Now, as I'm writing this, I can't remember if I added root tabs under those crypts. how can I not remember?? It was only a few hours ago. Hopefully sometime in the next week or two I'll go ahead and take some photos of my other tanks and my vase, maybe even my whiskey barrel ponds and get them on here so I can kind of keep track of how many plants I kill. The good news for all the fishy is I'm an excellent fish parent...and while I have a green thumb...i'm beginning to think it's a landlubber thumb. If there's anyone out there looking at this and you have any thoughts, I'm all ears.

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