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Well I couldn't find anything for marco nutrients at work today, so I'll have to keep looking elsewhere. Got some Flourish for micros though.
However, the betta seems to have become lethargic while I was at work. He's sitting at the bottom. He was so active all afternoon and during the night (every time I woke up I could see him swimming around lol), and with the heat today, which did bring his tank temp up a bit, I wonder if he's just hot and tired? It couldn't be ammonia build up already when he's just gone in there... I urged him into moving and he appears to still be able to swim fine. He just came up for an air breath then went back down now too, seeming quite casual. Not rushed and gulping for air. Fins, gills, body, all look fine. He just wants to stay at the bottom, like he's resting. My previous lot rested too but more up on plants. Maybe its a quirk? Will take a sample of my water in the morning in to test with work kit (my personal one is on order) just in case...
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