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New 5.5 Gallon Betta Tank

Hi all, this is my first tank in quite some time, and I remember finding forums very helpful back when I had them before, so decided to join up.

I wanted a tank for my beside table, which limited me size-wise, but I've kept lots of betta before (a female sorority and several individual males) so a smaller tank with a betta was just fine by me. Working at a pet store gave me my choice of them too, and while here in New Zealand we don't have the same high quality fish as overseas, there's still the odd gem coming in.

I just bought the boyo home today. I've been feeling sorry for him in his display cube for weeks so I couldn't leave him there to sit on the bottom any longer. He's a dragon veiltail and the photos don't do him justice. Can't wait till his fins get to peak condition; I bet he'll be a wee stunner. He's very active in the tank so I think he's quite happy to have all this space now.

The tank is a Imagitarium Platform 21 (21 litres, so roughly 5.5 gal), which must be a new tank to the market because I canít find any info about it online at all. Its a nice little tank. It's filter is literally silent which I'm not used to. I actually miss the trickling noise, it used to put me to sleep lol. Other than that my only complaint was the heater compartment in the filter was too small for the smallest heater work sells (the top with the dial is too big), but I just filled that compartment with EHEIM Substrat Pro since the filter only came with sponge and a carbon cartridge. The LED lights have a moonlight and normal setting. Not sure how good they'll end up being but don't think they'd be simple to replace aside from getting rid of the top platform that holds them altogether.

It's still cloudy after planting, since I used Flourite Black Sand. It took quite a while and a lot of water changing to get it clear and then planting stirred everything up again, though the photos make the clouding look worse than it actually is. I've got an indian almond leaf in there, which I'm thinking of breaking up into smaller pieces once its waterlogged. Got a few little smooth river stones holding stuff down atm, not sure if they'll be staying. Really happy with my three pieces of driftwood's positioning though!

Plants include; anubias nana (which is small right now and pretty hard to see in the photos), dwarf sagittaria, echinodorus parviflorus and broad leaf java fern, and I think some kind of ludwigia which is sort of just filler stems, don't know if I'll keep them or not. No idea what the other ground plant there in the big bunch is, so a suggestion on what that is would be awesome.

Not sure if its possible to add anything else to this tank? We can't get freshwater shrimp here. I have had MTS before and never had a problem with them, would it be worth getting a couple with the sand? Also wondering if its worth adding Flourish Excel...
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