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ludwigia not doing so great anymore

Hey guys in my planted 55 it seemed my ludwigia was BOOMING, alone with my glosso. It seems now though its not doing so hot. A while ago I pulled most the Lud because it was getting to dense and picked the best stems and replanted (the best I could) but since then it seems that the stems are not as thick, parts are dying and its way more sparse than previously.

I have tried my hands at a couple discus so Im keeping my tank a tad warmer but even in my 29 I have ludwigia and the temp is about 80+ degrees and its fine. I dropped some root tabs in the area to see if it helps but can anyone give me a tips or two.

I also had glosso in the area which is dying off pretty fast but Ive learned that glosso doesnt like the higher temps and Im wondering if some encroaching dwarf sag is crowding it out.

I also have small patches of sag dying but again there is new growth there to so Im not sure if its just normal death-regrowth plus some of my clover seems to be taking off.

Im not sure on most of my fert levels, I use dry ferts and drop potassium, phosphorus, iron and nitrogen on the side. Im just trying to find my sweet spot since adding the fish. I was more than likely over ferting previously but I dont want to go like I was right off the bat because Im trying to find the area of ferts plus fish waste where I wont be throwing trates through the roof. Ive recently read that high trates can cause issues like this but they are about 10-15 which seems normal for planted tanks, a little high for discus though but they seem fine in the tank.
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