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Found a nice fungal growth on the tree root today . Just what the world needs ..Ö but itíll go away on itsí own . Just interesting that it occurred on a piece of wood that was treated with penetrating epoxy . Second time Iíve seen this on epoxied wood , figured the plastic resin would not be conducive to fungal growth . But apparently that's not the case .

Just for laughs I did ammonia/nitrate/nitrite tests today . A couple of days back I had an ammonia spike and itís been slowly going down since . The prescence of a nitrate reading in addition to the other 2 was a bit surprising ; but I think itís just a combination of using cycled media , plus used substrate with lots of organics (mulm) .

Thinking about sticking a heater in the tank temporarily to keep temps. up a bit , 75 or so , as itís supposed to get pretty chilly here . Usually I donít run heaters , too many tanks , plus the stuff I keep will tolerate temps in the high 60ís no problem so long as the temperature change is gradual .
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