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Originally Posted by KayakJimW View Post
Lookin' good. I like all the red, and especially like the crypts in the back that peek over the rocks. That will be so cool once it establishes and grows in. All the javas, anubias, and buces are well placed too.

If I may offer one point of critique? I really like the valley you've created with your hardscape. However, having the larger crypts planted in front obscures it. I believe if that area of foreground (right of center) was more open, it would give your aquascape a lot more depth. Basically just by pushing those few crypts back and to the left or right just inches would reveal a path down through the valley. Just a thought, it looks great either way and will look even better once everything settles in and takes off. Cool tank.
Thanks ! Your suggestion re: opening up the center by moving the bigger crypts to the sides and back is well taken . It's probably what I would have done if I was working with my old 65 as was planned . The extra depth front to back would have easily enabled me to create an open area , sort of like a flood plain ,unplanted , filled with something like Colorado Sand , funnelling back to the space between the rock faces , with the tree root snaking across it from left to right . Just couldn't make it work to my liking in the 45 , though . So I went for a planting that I hope will eventually give me a wall of green in the background . There's smaller Lutea plus a couple of tissue culture Wendti in the back and climbing the rock walls to the left and right . Not a whole lot of substrate depth in these areas , so I went with smaller plants in the hope they'd shoot out roots advantageously as they grew . Don't know if this will work or not . Find out if they take in a few weeks , I guess . If they don't , I'll plant a wall ( or as much of a wall as I have plants for ) of Vallisineria in their place .
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