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Originally Posted by marks_01 View Post
Very cool. Saw video. Some questions for you if you don't mind. My setup (not including all the custom work) isn't too awfully different from yours but I'm not doing nearly as well with growing my plants. (I'm a newbie)

1. Did you grow all of that with just one Finnex LED fixture? Can you describe the lighting in more detail? Which one, what size, how long do you run it each day, etc.

2. I see you have PLENTY of CO2. Do you plan to turn that down when you add fish? (You said you were adding fish, right?)

3. Which fertilizers do you use?

Thanks, and keep up the awesome work and inspiration to the rest of us!
this is my light
I grew this carpet, yes with the one light. When I convert my 29 to a marine though I might take that light and try it on this one together. I think my old fluval led has more of a spectrum range to be honest.
I run it right now about 6 hours a day. I might bump it up an hour though.

I used to use flourish comprehensive ferts with some stand alones like extra iron, potassium, etc. I Have a horrible habit of not measuring anything though. I Have switched to dry ferts from the suggestion of some on this forum. Didnt notice much of a bump in growth honestly but it is MUCH cheaper. I wont turn this co2 down once fish are added. Im not running it extremely high. Ive run this much in my 29 with no ill effects, though have turned it down to balance the tank.
I tend to just balance things by watching them. If the fish seem stressed or hang at the bottom or top gasping then you know your CO2 is too high. Im going to be moving my fish from my 29 over and adding a few more into this. I am trying to decide over some possible schooling fish. Neons are now to small and basically just expensive food (plus they are just to fragile) and some others like rainbows are honestly too big for my taste.
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