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Planted !

Spent a couple of hours Friday getting everything in place . The wood’s held down on the ends by the weight of the gravel , and is zip tied to a piece of tile that’s been cut to around 3x12 and had 2 holes drilled for the zip tie to go through . Its’ planted with rose moss ( tied on ) some tiny Anubias , probably nana that broke off some bigger piece along the line , some Buce’s ( one’s ‘Brownie blue’ and one is just some sorta ‘Brownie’) , plus some little bits of Java Fern. All glued on with Locktite 380.

The remainder of the tank has the following :

Crypt. lutea
Crypt. wendti ‘red’ ,both bigger plants and some tissue cultures that I fit in wherever I thought one would grow into .
Anubias nana and nana ’petite’
There’s a couple of bits of Monte Carlo wedged here and there . Don’t think it’ll do well , but there’s no harm in trying , plus it was free.
2 types of Java Fern ; the small type that I’ve had for years , plus a different narrow leaf one I got from a member in a bag of trimmings .Plus a small piece of Bolbitis , just because it was floating around a different tank. Probably from the same trimmings.
Hornwort floating around to keep a check on excess ferts and to cut back on light a bit until things start going .
A bit of Frogbit and riccia , for the same reason .

There are a half a dozen Osmocote caps located near the biggest Crypts. , plus I’ll be starting liquid ferts (KNO3 , K2HPO4 , Microplex ; mixed to provide a 1ml./gallon portion of each as per the RotalaButterfly calculator)next week , and bi-weekly after water changes (every 2 weeks 20% or so).
Been using this for a while now in most of my tanks and it works pretty well .

Filter (2215) has been charged up with precycled media so things should get stable pretty fast . Plus the gravel is from the previous 65 and wasn’t washed out really well so a lot of mulm was brought over that’ll help things along some . The tank water was run through my diatom filter for a few hours after planting . Still ended up with what appears to be a bacterial bloom this morning .

I ‘m not too thrilled as to the amount of flow coming out of the 2215 . Full open the hornwort is spinning around like it’s in a washing machine . Got it throttled back some now , but might switch out to a 2213 in a couple of days .

Light cycle ( Finnex Planted Plus) is 10 hours right now . I’ll see how it goes from there .

Won’t be adding any livestock for a few weeks to allow for any changes in planting .
Probably some shrimp first , and fish a week or 2 later . Some small cories and a dozen or 2 of something else small .

Now just waiting for algae , diatoms , and crypt melt .

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