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One of my goals on this is to have the absolute minimum amount of plumbing visible . I’ve seen too many really nice tanks that are littered up with nice green Eheim pipes , heater , circulators , drop checkers , diffusers , and the like . There’ll only be inlet and outlet/spray bars , all of black acrylic , plus a piece for the spray bar/outlet pipe transition made from ½” cpvc fittings and painted black . Both the inlet and outlet are in the far left rear of the tank where the rockwork will conceal as much as possible .

The filter inlet will draw from beneath the substrate and behind the rocks .
I’m just counting on the filter for biological filtration of the water column. I’ve got a siphon hose for visible junk .

The substrate part of the inlet assembly consists of a 90 degree tee fitting with a mounting flange that’ll give the vertical pipe a bit of support . Probably I should have used a flanged 90 ell , but originally had planned a somewhat different layout that would have picked up water from both ends . Anyway , one end of the tee was cut back and blocked with some JB Weld . So now it’s an ell .

The horizontal run has been drilled 7/32 on about 1½" spacing . There’s 3 rows of holes spaced very roughly equally around the circumference of the pipe . A pipe cap corks up the far end and forces flow through the smaller holes . There’s way more holes than I need ( working out the math , I only need 5 to equal the area of the inside diameter of the pipe), but some will get blocked by gravel when I set it up .

The vertical pipe had to be drilled out to fit the filter’s inlet pipe, which is ½” . I drilled it a bit bigger ( 17/32 ) to allow easy removal from the substrate section , if necessary . The visible part gets painted black .

The spraybar is the same ½” black tubing as the other 2 pipes . It’ll be drilled with a 7/64 drill , 9 holes . I have no idea where the original 2215 spraybar went , so I extrapolated the drill size , and number of holes from a 2213 bar , which is #43 or so. Seeing as the 2215 theoretically flows 163 gph vs. the 2213’s 116 , or 1.4 x the smaller filter ; I needed to increase the area of the spraybar holes by that amount.A bit of math and some research yielded a 7/64 drill bit as being 1.4 or so bigger in area than a #43.

The spraybar connects to the discharge tube via 2 ½” cpvc spigot and slip elbows joined by a small bit of cpvc pipe , and painted black . The 3 pieces are just pressed together , not glued , so I’ve got a bit of play to align stuff right . The spigot ends have been opened up a bit with a Dremel to allow the spraybar and outlet pipe to press fit into the fittings.

Seeing as I’m using light grid to distribute loads from the stones , and pulling filter water from under and behind the rockwork , I’m considering cutting reliefs into the bottom of the grid to enable flow between the cells , and then capping the grid with some fiberglass window screen . I’d used this on my 65 and it worked pretty well . When I broke the tank down , the sub screen area was pretty clear of mulm , but had lots of roots in it .

Any thoughts on using something like this in my current build?
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