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So here’s what I’ve got to work with :

Aqueon 45 gallon tank w/ glass cover

Finnex Planted Plus 36” ( from old 65 )

Eggcrate light diffuser cut to fit inside tank bottom

Lots of lava rock (think 150 lbs . or so)

Eheim 2215 (from my old 65 , thing’s been running near 15 years , must be broken in by now)

Black ½” acrylic pipe for inlet /spraybar

½” pvc & fittings for substrate filter pickup

150 watt Jaeger heater ( probably won’t use immediately)

Maybe a UV sterilizer down the road .

fiberglass screen / craft mesh

Probably black sign vinyl to cover back and sides .

Substrate ….. haven’t decided . Either Black Diamond 20/40 over Eco-complete ; or the fine gravel I had in the 65 . Both will work ,and I’ve got both around , so guess it just depends on how I feel when I’m putting the thing together. Whatever I use , there’ll be lava bits and/or pea gravel for backfill behind the rockwork .

No CO2 , low light EI twice monthly after 20% or so water changes . I want this thing to be low tech/maintenance , and to run for several years once it becomes stable ( say 5 or so ) without any heroics on my part . This fert/water change scheme works pretty good for my other tanks so might as well carry it over to here .

Plants : I’ve got a few different Buces , some Anubias , one or 2 or 3 types of crypts , hornwort , lots of small java fern , java moss ,other mosses , frogbit , riccia , bolbitis , vallisineria . All this has been accumulated over the last 9 months to a year or so from fish club auctions , forum members ( you know who you are , many thanks , again) local shops , and Petco/Petsmart tube/tissue cultures . So I’ve got lots of low light plants . Nothing bleeding edge exotic or real demanding , which is fine .

Livestock : Really haven’t decided yet . Won’t be putting livestock in for a while , maybe 4-6 weeks after setup . I’ve got a couple of different lampeyes , some Furcata rainbows , and some other stuff that might work well . I plan on having 1 or 2 species only , plus some small corys ( hastatus , habrosus , pygmaeus) , and CRS .
Not a particularly high bioload , and stuff that will self propagate , if possible .

Changing the stand a bit now to adapt it to the narrower tank . Should have some pix right after Christmas .
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