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The furious tank

I am a member of Method's Classroom. I have a 10 gallon tank with black diamond substrate. I pick this because substrate because it looks very nice and my fish really seem to like it. The lights I have are 6700 K T8 bulbs and they hang 18 inches above my tank. I have an aqueon quit flow 10 filter and it rarely messes up or breaks. I have 3 different types of plants. I have water lettuce,java fern, vallisneria, and japanese pennywood. These are very good looking plants and look great in my tank. I also have java fern on two hardscapes,one java fern is on a wood hardscape and the other is on like a rock hardscape. I have one type of fish right now which is a corydoras catfish. They are very good looking and they wont eat any other fish that I put in there. In the future I hope to have some more fish like a platy or a guppy.
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