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56K 2.5 gallon nano 1st planted!

I've been wandering around this site for awhile and all of you inspired me to start a planted tank. I would have posted a journal but I was afraid I would fail. So I'll give the abridged version of what would have been my journal! I have a 2.5 gallon mini bow but I didn't like the slightly kiddish look of the purple top and stand. So my dad and I made an acrylic clear cover for the top of the aquarium. I'm running a red sea deco art nano filter, a heater that I forgot the name off, and a desk lamp with 25 watts. The temp. is a constant 78 degrees and the light stays on 10 hours a day. (has been reduced to 7 because of algae) I dose excel and flourish and have DIY CO2 set up.The substrate is flourite. The only plants in there are HC and dwarf hair grass. I grew them both immersed for 20 days so that the HC especially could root itself. When I filled the aquarium barely anything came up. Now all the plants are exploding!

This is the tank 3 days after set up when i finally finished planting all of the HC.

I covered it to keep the moisture in and sprayed it with some fertz that I already had.

The I started to have problems with my HC yellowing and dieing.

So I submerged the tank and added the DIY acrylic cover(Dec. 11)

And here the HC and hair grass have started to fill in. The HC is much healthier looking and greener.(Dec. 19)

Sorry for the bad pictures, I'm not quite as talented as many of you! As for fauna there is nothing in there yet. As soon as this blizzard here on the East Coast is over I would like to order 1 or 2 dario dario and maybe some shrimp but your suggestions are welcome! Now that I have showed you my tank please give me your criticism! I think it looks plain and I would like to add something, maybe get rid of the cave. Also I seem to be developing green algae on the back glass and some in the gravel! I'm thinking the light may be to close to the back of the glass but I don't know. I will be buying a new lamp soon, maybe the 27 Watt Home depot one. Thanks for looking!
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