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Talking Dry-Start Method Plants

Hi! I’m almost ready to plant a 125g. The lighting is (2) 36” Finnex Planted+ 24/7 LEDs. The substrate will be as follows:
1.5” top soil
dusting of peat moss & mulm from established tank
topped with 1.5” Safe-T-Sorb (clay w/ high cec)

I’ll be doing a DSM for 8 weeks to mineralize the soil, cycle the tank, and establish carpeting plants. I believe that most of the plants listed below can be planted in a DSM except the Blyxa japonica. My questions to those who might know are:

1. Since all of the plants have been grown submerged, if I put them unnecessarily in the DSM, they’ll have to adapt to being emerged for 8 weeks and then back to being submerged. Is this too much for them? Except for groundcovers/mosses, should I just leave them in their temporary plant tank (pic attached)?

2. If I do leave some in the plant tank, should them be dosed in the interim? I plan on eventually dosing the flooded 125g at the suggested EI for mineralized substrate (measurements are per 20g, dosing once per week):
1/4tsp GH booster
1/4tsp KNO3
1/8tsp KHSPO4

I could plant the root feeders in the plant tank if needs be. That might be an argument for putting them all in the DSM, I suppose.

And lastly, should I remove the air stone in the plant tank? I’m thinking probably.

Thank you for any and all advice!

*Plant List*
Fissidens fontanus
Callicostella sp pancuraji

Eleocharis acicularis - dwarf hair grass (DHG)
Blyxa Japonica
Glosso elatindoides
Micranthemum tweedei/umbrosom “Monte Carlo”
Hemianthus micranthemoides/glomeratos - baby tears (HM)

var. petite nana
var. nana
var. coffeefolia
var. nancon

Echinodorus Parviflorus
Echinodorus unknown variety

Cryptocoryne wendtii “green”
Cryptocoryne red metallic affinis
Cryptocoryne lucens

Bucephalandra sp Velvet Leaf 4

water wisteria
Ranunculus aquatics (crowfoot/buttercup)
Rotala rotundifolia
Hygrophilia ‘lo gro’

Downoi/Pogostemon helferi
Java fern
Needle leaf Java fern
Dwarf sagittaria
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