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should I upgrade my 10g tank lighting?

So first off, i'm still really new to all of this, both the forum and planted tanks. I started my tank about 6 months ago and am still kind of fumbling through all of this. I'm running a 60watt CFL 6500k bulb as well as a marineland strip LED light. specifically this one

I've been able to grow water sprite, anubias nana, crypt wendtii, amazon sword and dwarf hairgrass pretty easily. At least they grow healthy (my swords need better nutrients but general growth wise they're good). These are all not really "high light" plants though outside of the hairgrass. The hairgrass grows well with height and health, but is veerrryyy slow about sending out runners. I'm not sure if this is a light issue or because I haven't gotten the co2 set up on the tank. When i did get co2 set up for like a week, I saw all the plants practically explode over night, so I think maybe my lighting is okay but I'm really not sure.

The reason I'm asking is because I want to really get a good carpet going and the move onto growing proper red plants and some tougher plants. I want to make sure that at least my lighting is spot on so I can focus on ferts and co2 and the such. I was looking at maybe this light

If you can't see the link, it's the finnex fugeray planted+ 20 inch.

I've read good things about it, but wasn't sure if it would really be an improvement on what I already have? And would there be any shadowed spots on a normal 10g? I run the two lights I have because one light alone there's shadows and doesn't seem to provide enough light. I'm in college, so I don't have a whole lot of money but if there's something that's more expensive that will ABSOLUTELY be like, the perfect light i'd be more than willing to save up for it, so give me your ideas.

Sorry if this is kind of vague I hope somebody can give me more advice because I keep spinning in circles with everything I read on the internet. I really appreciate any advice you can give me!
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