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Are you on tight budget or just wanting to know if you need all those products to have fun in the hobby? My rough estimates added up to $393 without shipping or tax. I took out some items though. I think there are some things you posted that are unnecessary. Get the basics, and after your tank cycles, and with time you'll see what else you need, and what you don't.

20 gallon long - $32.99 or $20 if on sale. Or cheaper if you're patient and can find one on craigslist

aquaclear 30 filter - $30 on amazon. Personally I like the Penguin filters more than AC's. Penguin 150 is $16 on amazon and will serve your purpose wonderfully. The Aquaclear is good too, I have both. Can't go wrong with either.

aqueon pro 100 watt heater - I've never used one on any of my tanks, ever. My temps vary from ~76 to 82 year round. In the wild, fish deal with extreme temperature fluctuations on a day to night, summer to winter basis.

Finnex Stingray led light 30", 16 watt - $56 amazon

aquatic fundamentals 29 upright aquarium stand - nice looking tall stand. Worth the $90. I got my stand off someone on craigslist for like $50, and felt it was very overpriced for the condition it was in.

2-3 bags of eco-complete - $70 - this is one area where it might be worth trying to save $ if you're on a strict budget, try to get black diamond blasting sand.

fish net - $2

seachem prime - $12

glass cleaner - I used cut up microfiber cloths. Since I have acrylic, I can't use razor blades, but those are also very very cheap.

intake sponge - Fluval's is $5 on amazon

seachem flourish root tabs -

api master test kit & api gh and kh test kit - ~$30

some 5 gallon buckets - maybe $5 a piece at home depot?

light timer <$15

composite shims(to level the aquarium) - huh? ??

marineland glass canopy - unnecessary

python pro-clean gravel siphon kit - $20?

digital thermometer to read the temperature of water during water changes - $5

possibly easy green fertilizer - ?

long stainless steel curved scissors, curved tweezers, and 15" straight tweezers - $9
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