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A typical one bulb T8 fluorescent aquarium light should give you low to low medium light on a 29 gallon tank. In other words, it gives you all of the light you can use on a non-CO2 tank without running into constant algae problems. Doubling that, by using a two bulb light would really cause problems if you don't use CO2, adjusted to the optimum setting. If you don't like the appearance of the tank, from the reddish or magenta color, just switch to a 6500K regular fluorescent bulb.

"Liquid CO2" (Excel, API CO2 Booster, Metricide, etc.) supplies some carbon for the plants, but isn't anything near equivalent to CO2. Right now I'm using Metricide and DIY CO2 both, and the benefit to the plants is obvious. I don't get a lot of CO2 into the water, but, with CO2, any amount above what the atmosphere supplies is a big help to the plants. The problem with DIY CO2 is that it is very hard to keep the same amount in the water every time the lights are on, and that encourages BBA to start growing. But, with the Metricide that problem doesn't occur. If you don't want to spend a lot of money at one time, I very much recommend that combination. You will spend a lot more in total, over the years, if you do this, but you will not have to spend a lot to set it up.

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