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I agree with everyone else, the crayfish has got to go! Regarding the fish I think better choices would be the female betta alone or with some white clouds. (Many believe white clouds need cooler water to live long lives, but I have not had that experience at all.) The other fish can all go in the 55g, but I wouldn't put the betta in with the fish you listed based on personal experience. Bettas are not active swimmers like your other fish, and will be stressed by all the movement around them. Most likely the shrimp will be eaten by the betta, and possibly the other fish in a small tank. Even in my 55g I can't keep shrimp with fish because they get eaten. I've been told to get a large shrimp colony going before adding fish, so as the fish eat them, there are more being born. But I think the very best situation is for shrimp to be in a shrimp only tank.

It can be difficult to stock tanks without really knowing the fish well. So I would always defer to the more experienced fish keepers, and definitely take their advice. I can always tell if a fish store clerk/owner knows their stuff by asking for latin species names of fish. If they can easily identify a fish by the latin name (without looking at a tag!!!) then I am fairly certain they are a good Study, and will be able to guide my decisions. Also, keeping fish from the same areas like only S. American species, or Asia, etc., is a good rule to go by. Once you gain more experience and know how to care for the different species, you can then begin to mix and match. You have some very different fish that require different care and environment.

Have fun! Most members here are a well of knowledge, and can help you have successful setups. I trust them.
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