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Originally Posted by Dmartin View Post
There has been no signs of agression and the betta is a female many hidint spots for shrimp so rams nor mdc cant get them
Maybe not yet, but either way it's overstocked. No crayfish should be kept with fish, I'm not sure if the crayfish attack shrimp or not so I can only say I think they would. It's good that you have a lot of hiding spots, but a betta should only be kept with other fish in a 20g, 29g for a sorority(I know you don't have a sorority, just saying). I believe Rams need a bigger tank than 29 to be kept together if they aren't a pair. Let me ask though, if you had 6 zebras, 6 cardinals, and 6 cory cats in a 10g would you think that to be overstocked? That's the number they need. In a 10 you really only have the options of nano fish, shrimp, MDC, bettas, guppies, platies, and a few shell dwelling cichlids. Im sure there are a few more out there though. I hope I didn't come off rude, because sometimes I know I can since it can be difficult to only do text when you can't see or hear the other person. I just wanted to give you my opinion of your tank, but did forget to say that your tank looks beautiful.
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