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Originally Posted by Platy Lover View Post
Hello, I think your equipment is good, but your overstocked. In a 10g there shouldn't be a betta with other fish, you can have a diver have two regular bettas with inverts. The cardinals, zebras, rams, and catfish shouldn't be kept in a 10, all but the rams need 6+. The rams shouldn't be kept together in a 10, I think maybe one ram by it's self is fine in a 10. The MDC shouldn't be with fish or other inverts(I believe they shouldn't be with other inverts). Just so you know your assassin snail will kill your other snails and your rams will kill the shrimp, snails, and maybe the MDC. I suggest you restock or keep the better and give the rest of the fish and the MDC away or keep only the MDC.
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