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Question 180g hardware/ stocking list suggestions


Decided to come back to freshwater from reef tank for a while. Last time I had a 120g planted tank with discus and few other fish, not quite sure what I would like to do this time

Biggest consideration I have to keep in mind is that eventually I will be moving, so having a large bed of substrate for plants may be out of question for now. In fact I may want to stay away from too many plants, just something easy that will be ok without CO2 and with possibly low light (for now I'm thinking of using couple of LED flood lights that I currently use to grow macro algae in the reef).

Hardware wise I have 180g glass tank, 120g glass sump. Water overflows using small box with 2 1" drains.

Return pump pushes something like 1000gph.

I have a few powerheads, but will likely just keep Maxspect Gyre XF150, it creates a nice flow and not too intrusive in the tank. Fish will basically feel like they are in a river type of flow.

Aside from that I have things like Apex controller with ph/orp/temp probes, 3 power bars, 2 Apex DOS dosers (I guess I could keep this to automate dosing of chemicals related to plants in the future, allows me to dose up to 4 different things), 8 bulb ATI T5 fixture (although I'd rather not use that, again, will likely just use few LED flood lights at start and maybe make some DIY LED unit later if I feel like I need more light for plants), several 300 watt heaters with ranco controller. Two reactors (if these not used in freshwater much, this is basically canister you fill with something and push water through it I use it currently with activated carbon, will probably continue with that).

For filtration I really only have a skimmer atm in the reef, but that will not work in freshwater quite as well lol, so I'm open to filtration suggestions. I do have a lot of filter socks I could use at a minimum. Would like to avoid any canisters etc.

So to sump up, 180g tank drains into 120g sump. Sump has enough heaters to keep things warm. I can add filter socks for mechanical filtration and run reactor with carbon for chemical filtration. Rest of the "filtration" will be done with water changes. I can potentially have few things dosed, not sure if plant chemicals are very stable when mixed in water to be dosed this way, should I just sell the dosers? And for lights flood LEDs to start and some DIY cree LED fixture later.

What substrate would you suggest? I plan to look for some rocks and wood to add and some basic easy to keep plants (no CO2 or high light).

Any thoughts on fish that you would want to put in 180g tank? I can do discus again, but would like to try something new perhaps! Was looking at koi, although not sure how good of a choice that is for a 180g tank. If nothing else that would mean I'd have like 1-2 fish in the whole tank >.> Would like to see a bit more movement, although nothing too tiny perhaps.

Thanks! Will add more as I think of it

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