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For those interested in Rainbow fish, here are some pictures and a little description of the species seen in the video.

Goyder River Rainbow (Melanotaenia trifasciata). There are many varieties of Trifasciata’s. They are also referred to as Banded Rainbow fish, as they all have a dark band running through them. I keep Running Creek, Goyder River, and Wonga Creek. They are named for where they came from. This one is a one-year-old Goyder River. He under 3”, and is showing very good color for still being kind of a baby. Unfortunately, Goyder River’s are one of the most overbred Rainbows. Many from fish farms are just a drab gold color with a faint stripe. Very much worth getting good stock, and fully grown adult males are spectacular.

Running Creek Rainbow (Melanotaenia trifasciata). The most common yellow Rainbow is the M. Hebertaxelrodi. The Running Creek is also yellow, but gets much larger than the axelrodi. You generally won’t find them in your local LFS, so you don’t see them every day. For a smaller tank, I would stick with the axelrodi, as the Running Creek is the largest trifasciata I have kept. This one is about 9 years old.

Boesemani Rainbow (Melanotaenia Boesemani). Probably what most people associate with Rainbow Fish, and also the most difficult to get good stock. There is a world of difference between a washed out overbred Boesemani and good stock from a breeder. I have seen them a combination of pale gray/light yellow, to a vibrant dark blue/orange. Some are even almost red. This guy is also about 9 years old. Boesemani don’t get nearly as large as Lacustris or most trifasiatsa’s.

Turquoise Rainbow (Lake Kutubu) (Melanotaenia Lacustris) These Rainbows really change shape over the years, and do get quite large. As you can see, they get taller as they age, and the color gets to be much deeper blue. This guy is also in the nine-year range.

Millennium Rainbow (Glossolepis Pseudoincisus) There are two red rainbows pretty commonly available, the Millennium and the Irian (Glossolepis Incisus). The Millennium stays smaller (Irian gets quite large), has a smaller scale pattern, and at maturity is a brighter red color. I prefer the adult color of the Millennium, but they are both great. This one is about 5 years old.

Orange Albino Millennium Rainbow (Glossolepis Pseudoincisus). This is a variation of the Millennium above. As a juvenile, it has a beautiful orange color. However, I understand it will mature to a mostly red color, but slightly different than the regular variety. First time I have had them. Fairly new in the hobby, but you can find them now. This one’s still a baby, a little over six months old and less than 3”.


Bleheri Rainbow (Chilatherina bleheri). You don’t see these in the stores too often, pretty much have to get from breeder. This guy is a baby, and only a little over 2”. For that size, already showing some nice colors. I kept some of these years ago, and they are just beautiful when full grown. He’s got a long way to go.

Wapoga River Rainbow (Chilatherina alleni). You won’t find these at your LFS. A few people breed them, and that’s where you need to get them. I like them because they stay small, and are a nice addition to my mostly large species. They are also very fast and active. This is a two year old, about full grown at 3”.

Neon Rainbow (Melanotaenia Praecox). These are by far the weakest of all the common Rainbow strains. While Rainbows in general are long lived, the Praexcox can wither away for no perceived reason at all. With this batch I purchased 6 two years ago, and am down to 3. It just happens. Well known in the hobby. There are some promising newer strains of Praecox (Pagai) with new blood lines, but I haven’t owned them yet.

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