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Yup. ^^ My well water has soft water so I was digging through old topics here to figure out if my plants would be happy if I switched to changing with my well water. Here's what I wrote in my "tank journal" (a real paper journal I tape things into and scribble in).

Most try for for GH=KH.

General consensus of the Planted Tank "Gurus"-
KH not important.
GH good @3-4 (can even be less).
pH meh.
I was specifically looking just at fish and plants though. I have done some side research for shrimp. The 'gurus' seem to have no real problem with shrimp in these parameters (though I'm not sure they keep shrimp as more than cleaners in their 'scapes). And shrimp-keepers seem to not agree on such things. So I'll try it out and see what happens.

Most useful topic I found in my research:

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