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Any way to increase microfauna in tank?

I currently have a 29 Biocube being set up. Planted tank, no fish at the moment because it wasn't properly cycled. There's a bunch of plants in there, and I've noticed some tiny critters.
There are pond snails, of course, just a few of them.
Three or so MTS that I tossed in to sift the sand.
A bunch of teensy freshwater limpets, which are pretty cool.
Some wormy-critters on the glass that I'm pretty sure are those little vinegar-eel things that come from dead leaves when they're underwater, since there's a handful of oak leaves in the filter to add just a slight tint to the water. The longest one is about a third of an inch long, but most are one or two millimeters long.
A few adult female cyclops that I identified because they're carrying eggs.
A bunch of jerky white swimming dots that I'm pretty sure are baby cyclops.
The tank is going to play host to:
Various microrasboras, including chilis
Possibly celestial pearl danios
Pygmy cories
Possibly a sparkling gourami and/or a badis. Haven't decided yet.
Forktail blue-eye rainbows, probably 3 or 4 with just one male. Hoping these'll breed for me. They stay small and they're peaceful, so I don't think they'll bother anything. I've seen them interact with chili rasboras who were half an inch long and really skinny, and they really didn't seem to care about the chilis, even when the chilis decided to follow the male all over the place because they were apparently interested in his black-tipped tail.
One cute baby halfbeak who's only staying in there until he gets a bit larger. He's less than an inch long and so skinny I'm afraid something will eat him if I put him in the main tank! As soon as he gets a bit larger, he'll go to the main tank, since he'd probably eat the microfish if I put him in there as an adult.

I'm planning to see if I can get one or more of these species to breed for me, so microfauna is good. Is there a way I can encourage them to breed more for me? Especially the cyclops... They look like absolute perfect microfish baby food if anything is!

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I'm planning on re-stocking my 29 gallon in the near future and am planning on a very similar stocking: chili rash, rcs, amano, pygmy cory, maybe spotted blue eye or sparkling gourami.
what a coincidence! have you thought about how much of each type you will keep? (rough guestimate obviously)

interested to see others answer your question
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I just learned that the worms aren't vinegar eels like I thought. They're detritus worms, which are basically underwater versions of teensy earthworms.

I don't know for certain, but I'm going for something like this;
3-4 forktail blue eyes
*Sparkling gourami
*Scarlet badis (May only have one of those two, I'm trying to decide if the gourami would bother the forktails. Definitely going with a badis... They're so sweet!)
Approximately 40 microrasbora-type fish. I may have celestial pearl danios, not sure.
About 20 cories. These will be dwarf and pygmy cories, possibly just pygmies.
10 or so adult cherry shrimp for starters. I plan to just let the shrimp breed all they want for me, I won't bother with genetics. If they start getting crowded and I can't sell them, I'll just put some of the big ones in my 65.
I know it's a large number of fish, but since these fellows are just so tinsy and the tank's going to be heavily planted, it should work.

Ooh, amano shrimp? I hadn't considered those. Maybe I'll put one in... The tank's small enough that I'd probably see it often, and having a shrimp as the biggest thing in the tank would be neat. As far as I know, amanos are totally harmless to pretty much everything... Correct?
I know that amanos can run on land. I had one decide to make like a cockroach and run right up out of my net! They're hard to catch when they do that, too.

Make sure you find some way to tone down the pump in the filter... It was pushing the fish around. I finally arranged some plastic sticks and string to flatten out the tubing for the pump so that it limits the flow somewhat.
You'll also want to make sure you won't end up with fish getting in the filter. I just put a piece of filter cartrige mesh in the overflow bit between the 1st and 2nd compartments, so things can go into the first compartment and swim around, but they won't get stranded in the half-dry environment of the 2nd compartment. They can easily swim out of the 1st compartment, the flow isn't quite fast enough to trap them and I figure that if they're all hiding in there I have a problem.
I already have a male/female pair of the blue-eyes. They aren't the spotted sort, but I think the only real difference is color and finnage. I know you want more females than males, but my LFS was only selling them in pairs, I'm getting more females soon. I like them...
They weren't all that shy when I first put them in, even though there wasn't much plant life at the time, and they've been nice and active. I should note one thing; if you try to catch them in a net, they dive for the plants and try to burrow underneath them. It's hard to find them when they do that!

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