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This really hurt losing ALL my shrimp

I recently started my 20 gallon high tech tank. I watched lots, and I do mean, lots of youtube videos, did some research. And finally, thought I was ready to get into high tech world. I did DSM to get the Dwarf Hair Grass and Monte Carlo carpeting and all that. So far so good.
I flooded the tank, added pressurized CO2. This is my first time, but all the information from internet helped.

Initially, I was running about 3 BPS and then slowly, dialed it back to 1 BPS. So far, my plants were doing not bad. Specially, for someone doing it first time, with all the heavy demanding plants, red plants, they were doing not too bad.

I started getting algae. I wasnt really worried. I had the CO2 come on around 2, and the light at 3, then they get turned off at 9 and 10 pm, respectively. No worries, just handle it. I got a Nerite snail. A Bristlenose pleco.

Finally, once I realized that so far, everything is going well, maybe its time to add some Shrimp. I added about 30 Crystal Red shrimp. And then wait about a month, and add 20 Red Cherry shrimp. So far, they were doing great. I think I lost somehow, about 2/3 CRS, not sure why. I did test my water and it was fine. 0 Ammonia, 0 Nitrite, and 20-30 Nitrate. Rest of the shrimp were fine.

Eventually, my CO2 ran out. Swapped it with a brand new one on Friday evening.

I set it up so that I can connect the line from my cylinder, to the bubble counter with check valve, which connects to one of those inline diffuser. It was working fine, except now, the gas was not going through my bubble counter. I was not able to see any activity in the water there. So, I took another line, and connect that directly to the cylinder and the other end in the water, and I can see that there were bubbles. So it had to be the bubble counter.

Anyway, I connected back everything and kept trying. I was not get it to working for the love of god. So, finally, I decided to order one of those not so efficient diffuser, and use that while I figure out how to get the existing system to work.

At this point, all the connections have been turned off, or so I thought. I checked and the meter was reading as, tank pressure - about 50 kg/cm2 or little over 500 PSI, and the other dial was at close to 5 kg/cm2 or 80 PSI.

I was testing things out as nothing was working so far. In my last cylinder, it was about 35 PSI for the second dial. I didnt really think of it too much because I figured, needle valve is turned all the way to off at the time, and its not working anyway. Again, so I thought.

Long story short, I come home on Saturday afternoon, and find that my tank dials both are at 0, light as feather, and EVERY single critter in my tank are dead.

The only thing survived was that Nerite snail, which my guess is that it was out of the tank water at the time.

At some point, the CO2 started pumping massive dose, and that gassed them all. This sucks!!!!!!!

So, whats next for me? Well, I am going to get a new cylinder, then remove that snail to my second tank. I got lucky with him once. No need to risk it. I will try to figure out how to get everything stable. I will use cylinders couple more time, and if I see still stable connection and gas exchange, only then, will I consider anything animal in there again.

So for next 3-4 months, it will be plants only tank.

Rant ends.

If you have enough patience to read through all this, first, thank you!!!!!!! Second, if you have any advice, wisdom to share, please do so. Things I could have done better, things I should have, feel free to mention. At this point, any advice will be helpful.
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First off. Sorry. That absoluey sucks. Secondly, it has happened to many a folk so dont get discouraged, though I know it is easy to.
Honestly my thought here is something is amiss with the system, other than the bubble counter. I don't see really how that could fail, so are you sure your solenoid was coming on when you were trialing? Stick solenoid that activates whilst you are away could wreak havoc. I'm not great with co2 systems really, but this just seems something wrong with the regulator. I wish I could help more with it all. Maybe post a picture of your set up. How you had it, what you changed, etc as to help others. Details on your co2 system.
Advice for next time.
If you cant prove your co2 is 100% running up to par, turn it off until you can monitor it for the whole day. As you have experienced, the failure of co2 can cause devastation for all our inhabitants.

Side note.
Crystal's and Cherries do need different parameters, so depending on your setup and water params, the hardier cherries could survive but CRS are more sensitive. So something could have been out of whack for them and that's why the 2/3 died off prior to this.

Sorry again
Keep going for it mate and good luck!
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Yeah sorry to hear, that's rough.

The other poster is right, the parameters are different, from temp, pH, to even TDS levels for CRS (Caridina), and Cherry (Neocaridina)

What's your temp, TDS, kH, and gH?

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Can't help on the CO2 part, sorry.

As asked, do you know the pH (before lights/CO2 vs after?), temp, GH and KH?
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You said you got a new (refill I'm assuming) co2 tank with 500 psi on it? typically when I see 500 psi on my tank it's usually just about empty. Are you running a single stage regulator? Maybe you just experienced an EOTD.

Either way, I would question a newly filled tank that is only showing 500 psi, I typically see 800-1000 when I get a refill.
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Sorry to hear about that.

They're not cheap but a pH controller might be the way to go.
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Thank you guys for your inputs.

Update : So, I got me a new cylinder, and what do you know, my bubble counter is working just fine. So yeah, at the moment, it is pumping about 1 BPS in the tank. It currently does not hold anything. I moved the snail to my other tank. I do see bunch of smaller snails. They hitchhiked somehow in the past. They can be there. Thats fine with me.

I will wait for some time before I add any shrimp.

Guys, I do understand that those two are not same, but I saw many videos where they kept them together and they bred. So I thought I would give it a shot. They were doing good in my tank also, except those initial 2/3 loss. I do not know the water parameter at the moment, as I did a massive water change after I found out about my disaster. I will have to look into it.

Bandit1200, I am not sure whats the deal with that. I have to check what do I have on the last cylinder. I am in Herndon Virginia, and I have this store called Roberts Oxygen. Thats where I get it from.

Jbubba001, I will look into it.
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Find out the water params first. Yes, they can live together but it's more of the hardier Neocaridina adapting to the Caridina water params.

Can you also check the Temperature?

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Aquacave has the pin point on sale right now.
I actually just bought one, my last controller went about 12 or 13 years and then it croaked.
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Very very sorry about your loss. Losing everything in the tank is the worst and every aquarium hobbyist goes though at some point.
In high tech tanks there is high risk as well when equipment failure happens and one would be very very lucky if able to detect it and remedy the failure without impact to pets.
Chin up, long way to go into the hobby...
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IF you only have a lowly single stage regulator, then when the tank pressure goes down, the regulator output pressure goes up.
Use a ph meter and solenoid valve.
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